HTG: ch 3 HikiNEET Vs Thief Couple


I was Reincarnated as a Thief Girl and my Mission is to Harass the Demon Lord and the Hero.
Tozoku shoujo ni tensei shita ore no shimei wa yuusha to maou ni iyagarasena no!

Volume: A Thief girl will do whatever she wants

HikiNEET Vs Thief Couple

The neighborhood couple, Kevin and Alicia, took good care of Ellis.
They managed Angus’ funeral, and invited Ellis over for dinner every day.
Alicia treated Ellis like her own child, holding her hand when they go to town or contact the Thieves Guild.
Yes, they were too kind.
At this rate, the 8 year old Ellis would definitely be adopted.
Except she’s actually a 30 year old HikiNEET.


Ellis-Eiji started to feel suspicious.
Things felt really uncomfortable.
Even though they are neighbors, there isn’t a person alive who has such good intentions.
The walks with Alicia still serve their purpose.
Alicia believed that Ellis had lost her memories, so she answered anything Ellis asked.
The currency in this world is called Rill. Judging from market price, at least for food and clothing, 1 rill equals roughly 1 yen.
She also confirmed that she can read the language in this world. The signs on a storefront or guild papers, all were easily understood.
She also got to know the relationship between the Thieves Guild and the Adventurer Guild.
A thief works 100% with the Thieves Guild, and those who choose to work as a thief and adventure register as a [Thief Adventurer].
The difference between Thief Adventurers and thieves are that the former don’t receive daily wages from the guild. Moreover, they are obligated to pay 10% of the rewards from their adventures to the guild.
For general thieves, the labor contract is tied with the guild like a salaryman. The Thief Adventurers have to pay a membership fee sort of like a franchise contract. (TL: why is the author using business terms when the MC is an HIkiNEET!!!)
The thieves who become adventurers are not allowed to go back to being regular thieves.
Choosing to be in a management position isn’t a bad choice, since there are no fees, it’s a good way to earn money from the guild. (TL: OTL 幹部候補生はそんな馬鹿な選択はしないし、そうでないものは一方的にギルドの収入となるから。)
Ellis thought about it.

I want to stay as far away from Kevin and Alicia. However, she was in an Infiltration Unit with her deceased father. She can’t go against guild orders.
The one giving her the worst feeling is Kevin, he’s the leader of the Intelligence Unit.

“First of all, I need to look for something useful to protect me.”

Ellis-Eiji started searching every nook and cranny in her house. This is when she started to realize her ability as a thief.
She found a bunch of hidden doors, and unlocked all of her father’s treasure chests.
She found her father’s diary as well as the diary of her past self. She read it carefully, taking in the experiences of her father and her old self.
She noticed a faint glimmering light that came from an earring.
She picked it up and words suddenly surfaced in her mind, and the faint light disappeared.
[Earring of Intelligence. Ability: Target a person. You can hear what they are saying at a distance. Range: 1000 bit. MP Required: 3 Command Word: 【Strain my Ears】]
It would be weird if an 8 year old wore an earring.
In her left hand, Ellis held her favorite Katyusha and in her right hand was the [Earring of Intelligence]. She then recited: [Magic Tool Duplication][Katyusha of Intelligence. Ability: Target a person. You can hear what they are saying at a distance. Range: 1000 bit. MP Required: 3 Command Word: 【Strain my Ears】]
It seems that 1 bit = 10 cm. (9: those who are lazy to calculate its 10000 cm or 100 meters)
Ellis wore the Katyusha on her head.

“Kevin-san, Alicia-san, Konichiwa”

They both smiled and Kevin waved Ellis over.

The wife is better at talking, but the husband was more suspicious.

That day, Ellis stayed with them until midday. As she left, she set Kevin as the target for her Intelligence ability.

“Stop being so noisy, wait just a bit longer”

Perhaps on the other side it was Alicia shouting.

“I know, but even so, won’t it be bad if I put her to use while she’s mourning?”

“After all, she is just an 8 year old brat. If this goes on, we’ll start getting emotionally attached to her.”

“Well, let’s give it a little bit more time. That Angus bastard, since I’m going to make Ellis my subordinate, I will have her search that guys’ house.”

“It’s totally fine, if that 8 year old blonde doll joins the Intelligence unit, she would be remarkable. All the others think so too.”

“Then, if I sell her off to the nobles as their adopted daughter, she could infiltrate the upper class. Then all kinds of information will fall into my hands.”

“We’ll be able to easily make back the million Rill we spent to kill that guy.”

“That guy taking Ellis with her was beyond our expectations. Isn’t it fine though? She survived in the end.”

Ellis smiled. She won’t sympathize, since she knew that they were just trash.
She has no proof of it though.If that’s the case, she has to betray their expectations by slowly revealing what they were planning.
Ellis ended her Intelligence ability, then, just before it started getting dark, she headed out.

Ellis went towards the Adventurer Guild.
She more or less knew what Kevin and Alicia were about. Now she needs to do something.
What can just one 8 year old girl do? All she can do is smile, and if she does that poorly, they’ll start to get suspicious.
With that knowledge, Ellis started to search for a suitable [Guardian].
Someone that can act for her.

Ellis entered the Adventurer’s Guild and went full speed towards the reception desk, where a woman was working.

“Frau-san, hello”

“Ah, Ellis. I’m glad to see you are doing fine.”

Due to Thief Guild requests, her father came to help adventurers many times. That’s why Ellis and Frau were acquaintances.
Frau’s age was around 18. An intellectual face, she is skilled with handling the rowdy set of adventurers. With her red eyes, pink skin, and flame like hair she gives off a passionate impression. A gentle “Is something wrong?” leaks out, and the difference between her appearance and her voice causes them to fall madly in love with her and become docile. Rumors say she is the daughter of the Guild Master.
Ellis-Eiji heard that when she was walking around with Alicia. Frau is a pretty hot topic.(MrPop: Get it? Flame like hair? Hot Topic? Right!? I’ll show myself out…)
The guild has a good, natural atmosphere, as Ellis looks around.
It was mostly filled with dirty old men. There were a few handsome guys, but they hold no meaning to the sleazebag inside Ellis.
Oh, that girl gives a good impression.
Standing on one side of the guild, was a girl wearing a typical swordswoman outfit.
She gave the alibi “She might be an acquaintance” to Frau, and walked towards the female swordsman.

Judging off her looks, she seemed to be about 16. With green, shaggy hair, and the same color green long, slitted eyes. She was looking for something on the Guild Notice Board, often sighing.
Ellis, with a big smile, started speaking to her.

“Onee-san, is there something wrong?”

The girl looked down at Ellis. From her perspective, it was like looking at a cute doll. She looked at Ellis with tender eyes.

“Just a little bit, cute little girl.” (9: sounds better in jp “kawaii oujo-san)

The girl only said this much,
Ellis saw her turning her gaze towards a certain quest.. It was a Treasure Hunt Quest. The HikiNEET had seen through the meaning of that sigh from earlier.

“Do you want to take up that Treasure Hunt quest?”

Ellis asked her, and then she continued.

“I am Ellis, I may look like this, but I’m a member of the Thieves Guild, you know?”

She showed the girl proof that she was a Thieves Guild member.

“I’m surprised, Oujo-chan. So you’re a full fledged thief?”

The girl replied and then continued on.

“Ah, I apologize. I am Reeve. A swordswoman in training.”

Oh, I caught her attention. After all, I am a girl with a 10 year or so age gap with her.

“I saw Swordswoman-san sigh at the treasure hunt quest. You lack a proper thief, right?”

“As expected from Oujo-chan. Ellis-chan was it?”

Ellis and Reeve sat at an open table and started to discuss.

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  1. If you’re derpy like me, you won’t know what a Katyusha is; apparently it’s essentially a decorative headband. Like headband + bow or frills or something.


    1. If you are derpy like me on the other hand, then you know what a katyusha is but have never heard of these headband things and just assumed that she strapped a missile launcher, or perhaps a whole truck loaded with many missile launchers to her head. Obviously a little girl walking around with tonnes of self-propelled artillery delicately balanced upon her head is slightly suspicious. Although, to be certain, I would not quickly guess that she is actually using it to magically eavesdrop…

      All that said, Run Away Reeve! Run as though your life depended upon it!

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  2. Thanks for the chapters.

    The managed Angus’ funeral, and invited Ellis over for dinner every day.”
    “The” should be “they”.

    “I know, but even so, won’t it be bad if I per her to use while she’s mourning?”
    “per” should be “put”.

    See what happens if you let Xant link you videos.


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