Gob Tensei Chapter 10 My Beloved Daughter is a Technician

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9: what’s wrong with massaging?

Ren: IT’S HERE!!!!!

IcedTea: This was really hard to edit. I couldn’t do it while anyone else was around or they would give me weird looks……..


Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 10
My Beloved Daughter is a Technician

≪Megami-sama/Reivell’s perspective≫


I did the buttons on my pajama that were around my chest. The moment my cute Sheri entered the bed, it looked like she had already fallen asleep. I encouraged Rus-kun to stay the night here many times, but he said that he has something he absolutely must do, so he returned to the forest. I wonder what he plans to do for the night? (9: *grin* i guess you guys know what this is) When I asked Sheri, her eyes became glassy as if she had lost all of her emotions:  

「Kaa-sama, you don’t need to know.」she said to me. My daughter is becoming something like an adult, which is sad….though after saying that, it’s a bit more like regret.

Now that I think about it, Sheri said she wanted new shoes. That girl doesn’t really say she wants things, so I’ll be happy to buy her one, but are the shoes she have tight? That shoe was a memento from my dead husband that he left for the girl; it’s enchanted with size regulation and speed magic: it’s a magic tool. When I told her that, for some reason, she went blank with amazement and then just slipped to the bed as is. I guess she’s just tired from the various things that happened in the past few days.



(the technician master is here!)(WARNING ERO  CONTENT)

I opened my eyes lightly from the shaking–Sheri was straddling me on top of my stomach. Up until earlier, though, she was burying her face in my chest…….



「……Sheri, what’s the matter?」

「It’s really annoying that can’t sleep. Please comfort me. Also, I want your breasts.」 (9: oppai can mean to suck breast, mostly used by baby kids or perverted adults)


I was surprised. To want my breasts–the last time must’ve been since she was 10 yrs old.
Of course, both then and now, breast milk won’t come out, you know.

「What’s vexing you?」

「My own imprudence…maybe. An attack from the emotions that can only birth regret.」

「……Those sure are profound words.」

I don’t really understand, but it looks like my daughter has learnt a good lesson.(9: oi!!) (Ren: “learnt a good lesson”… (*_*) ) I was worried whether I should pamper her a bit more longer or give her a severe disciplining, but maybe because of what happened lately, this girl may have some growth.(9: yeah, she grew *grin*)
Though, wanting my breasts still make her look like a child.

「Geez….you spoiled child. Only today, ok?」


I undid the buttons on my pajama, then exposed my left breast. It seems that because she can hear my heartbeat, Sheri often prefered my left-side breast in the past.

However, not knowing what Sheri was thinking, she put both of her hands around my collar and stripped my pajamas off around my shoulder. (9: oh yeah fun fun time!!)

「Kya! She-Sheri. This is…a bit embarrassing」

「I’m your daughter, so it’s all right. Rus said it–Mother’s breast have a very splendid form. He said that normally, with this weight, it would sag and destroy the form.」


Both of her tiny hands are moving around, rubbing them up and down–they were being completely played around. While I was taking care of the dishes, the topic of breasts must’ve had flourished between her and Rus-kun. It looks like these two are more than friends……it’s more like they are bad influences–it suits them more than friends.

「To preserve this breast to such an extent is proof that you must’ve been training, he said. Thank you, Mother.」(Ren: train your pectoralis dorsalialis anasgiubgsiuasibn and you’ll have a very nice body. I know my medical stuff too)

「Nn….Wha…What is?」

「You trained so that you can protect me, right? That’s why I want to thank you. Rus said that you should get a breast massage. He said that it will feel very good.」 (9: her body didn’t got stained but her mind did) (Ren: but this stain is nice. I like it) (IcedTea…………………)

From what Rus-kun said, his words are taught by Raiza-san, so isn’t the “feel very good” meaning different from what she…….knows?
And then, she tried to verify it by putting it into practice.

「’Nnnnn ah-n….」

My left nipple is being sucked. She doesn’t have any shyness, so her tongue-techniques are amazing. And on my right nipple, she moves it in circles, pressing and touching it in a stroking motion, pinching it and pulling it…….(9: please take me as your disciple!!) (Ren: o.O’  ………) (IcedTea…………..)
I was holding back my voice with my mouth; I was desperately trying to not leak out any voices. It would be simple to shake her off, but I don’t want her heart to be hurt from any misunderstanding.

Until the massage is done, I was only able to earnestly bear with it. However, after several ten minutes….a serious problem appeared.

「Mother, my body is somewhat burning….」


Drowsily, my beloved daughter said something dreadful before my eyes.
Kya~a! This is very bad.

I still don’t want to teach my daughter about sex education. I want to her to continue being pure. And more than that…..My heart isn’t ready yet. Having no one to consult with, I have to raised her by my own knowledge. I may have a stupidly large amount of magic power, but as a parent, I don’t have any skills to use against the “great barrier”. Honestly, I thought that it would be fine to leave it as is for just 20 more years. (Ren: abstaining for 20 years… )

Above my stomach, my daughter’s lower part was squirming. It was already so cute that it makes me want ascend to heaven, but touching her would be dangerous It’s miserable, but escaping this is one of my best moves. Shutting your eyes and ears is too much, but I know how to behave like a sly adult.

「Oh my, maybe it’s a bit cold…..you can play with my breast, so when you get sleepy, be sure to sleep immediately, okay?」


Showing a merciful god’s heart was a failure. The act earlier was added with sweet chewing, the young sex drive kept tampering with me. (Ren: She’s being called sex drive……..)

「Fukun, nn nnn! Unnnnnnn!」

「Nnchu….Mother is kinda cute♡」


I was writhing with shyness and frantically trying stop my mouth. A 16 year period of not having the pleasure of sex. Honestly, compared to my dead, indifferent husband, my daughter is a much better technician. (IcedTea: New Class: [Sex Technician])
One day…..letting that girl know why I convulsed so many times would be dangerous.

The next morning, we bathed in water as if nothing happened—–I must absolutely change my underwear. I don’t know if I can keep looking at my daughter’s face without blushing…..I don’t have any more confidence.

Author notes : It may be extreme yuri, but it’s not lesbian. This is important. (IcedTea: Meaning that there is no romantic love here. No incest either. Just some over-the-top familial affection, girl-to-girl and heart-to-heart, and a lot of unintended consequences.)

Ren: well then, this chapter would’ve came out many days earlier but i got lazy near the end and then forgot about this. hehe…… Gomenasai!!  Orz


  1. I would just like to comment that you people are wrong in assuming what Rusty is doing. He could be sword training, or pimping up his limbs, or or or …….
    who am i kidding even the little girl known what he is doing.

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