Gob Tensei Chapter 16 Legal Lolis are Justice

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9: Please do not confuse a pedophile and a lolicon gentlemen; they may have the same roots, but the way they do stuff is totally different.

IcedTea: I as fellow lolicon, I think I get what 9 is saying, but at the same time, I don’t…….

9: haha what a coincidence me too….orz

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I, the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 16
Legal Lolis are Justice

≪Rusty/Gesugob’s perspective≫

We departed the village to head for the town just before noon, and the next evening, we arrived at the town gate. Normally it would have taken 2 days, but because we had to catch up with the children that were sent to the town, Loli-sama pretty much forced us to overdo it. Well, even though I asked her “Should I carry you?” and “Do you want a piggy-back ride?”, and then “Please make me your horse!” –I was kinda begging for that the last part–but, all of it was splendidly rejected.

And at that time, for some reason, Arishia became angry at my pedophilia and passionately told me about how it cannot reproduce and, moreover, cannot be forgiven morally. I kindly persuaded her. Certainly, some people like those rotten priests deserve to die, but my mind, heart, and soul have reached a higher level of nobility. YES lolita! NO touch!  If this way of thinking and the worshipping of lolis are propagated, the sex crimes should decrease more than by unreasonably denying: I told her. While listening to my noble speech, Arishia’s eyes died and Sheri began comforting her.

By the way, while on the way, I’ve been consciously aware of the surroundings, but other than when Master becomes a hugging pillow, I totally can’t sense her presence. Master, you’re too merciless! The wall is too high, your pupil is going to break.

Walking for several minutes after passing through the town gate, we reserved a room at an inn along the main street. Right after the inn, we went from the main street to a side road, and advanced through the zigzag alleys. There were almost no lights, just the flickering of the fires from people cooking in the evening.

「So, we’re here. This is the workshop of my friend, Saron.」

「Hee….the heck, it’s small!」

「So, just a normal house.」

「Rusty, don’t say that towards the person, ok……she will mind it a lot.」

「Is it the fact that the shop is small? Well, if her skills are good, then she shouldn’t mind. Your friend sure is a small-minded person.」

「Idio- why are you repeating it!? You–are you doing it on purpose?」

Arishia, who is trying to hold back her shouts, looked quite interesting.

「Nahaha, I’m just trying to make fun of what you said. Well, if the owner really is small, then I won’t be laugh abou–」


*bagyaaaaaaaa* (sfx of something hitting a perverted goblin)

Breaking through the wooden door, a bold club flew and directly hit my head.


I rolled over the ground while blood-stained. It hit me and smashed my ears, so it freakin’ hurts a lot.

Arishia and Loli-sama only said that I reaped what I sowed, while dropping me cold stares.

「Geez, who was it? Who is the bastard that wants to get hit by me for insulting me right at this bad…time…..you!」(9: was stuck on the last word of this line)

「H-hey….Saron. ‘been six days since we last met was it?」

At the next moment, a small shadow jump towards Arishia’s chest.

「You stupid idioooooot! I’ve been worrying: where the hell you’ve been! I was really worried, you know!!」


At that time, I, who was in pain, finally stood up.

I’ll have to make sure that this bastard who gave me such a powerful surprise attack eats my [Whip Shot], and I’ll beat him up till he cries. When I looked at the person though…..I was dumbfounded for a short while. I couldn’t help but shout it out.

「A wild loli appeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!」 (9: not a pokemon reference ok, its just a wild-type lolimon)

「Eek….wh-what the hell is with this guy? Arishia, do you know that guy?」

Yes, the one who was in a passionate hug with Arishia and was sticking out her head was a close-to-black brunette with a wildly cut hair style, a girl about 10 yrs old. A lightly tan, cocoa-colored skin, a leather jacket, a leather hot pants, and, in her hands, timble gloves. The best part of her was the eyes full of energy; it was impressive.

「Why, hello there, what’s your name, little lady? I’m a goblin bastard named Rusty.」

「Goblin bastard?」

When I tried taking off my hood, Arishia stopped me. Ah, that’s right. It would be bad in this place. In place of the wild loli, who was suspicious of me,Arishia introduced her, displeased for some reason.

「Her name is Saron. She is a dwarf blacksmith and an side-job adventurer. She should already be an adult, so don’t treat her like a kid.」



「Legal Loli apppeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaared!!」

That was a scream from my soul. My tears couldn’t stop. I’ve had several disappointing theories about female dwarves, such as having beards or being fat, but it seems that, in this world, it is a hit. Something like an adult looking like a loli, for certain reasons, isn’t this race a bigger yes than even the elves for me? Afterall, this loli is a loli that I can legally touch. Of course, if they don’t consent, I won’t do anything. It’s sad, but I am a gentleman after all. But still, I’m happy that this world was more kind to me than I thought… Let’s express this feeling to the world through shouting.


DOKOON!! *The sound of something hitting a gesugob*


Stuck as is from getting hit by an uppercut, I was held up to the sky by Saron.

「Shut the hell up! Think about how you’re disturbing the neighbors!」


Of course….the dwarves have strong arms after all. Wild loli……so awesome…..

My consciousness quickly blacked out.


「…….I see, so you guys are here to save the kids. Geez, you guys are too carefree.」

「It probably like an extracurricular training thing.」

「I see….I (“ore” used here instead of one of the other bajillion ways to say I in japanese, like “watashi” or “boku”) have been an adventurer for 10 years, but it’s my first time seeing kids like you guys.」

“Ore” girl appppeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaared!! (9: Ore is mainly used by guys, but sometimes girls with strong/manly personality use it.)

Even though I mumbled it out of a gagged mouth, no one looked at me.

「Arishia, going to Barnam’s residence means fighting those guys. Also, the Knight Troupe would come as reinforcements. Plus, you would need to kill everyone who is holding a weapon. And again, even if you succeed, you would have to leave the Knight Troupe. After all, you won’t know when his retainers could assassinate you in your sleep. Do you have the resolve to do this?」

「I do!」

「OK, I will work with you guys. Leave the info gathering to me. We will start the operation tomorrow night,  alright? Until then, I will investigate the location of the kids and the defensive outlines for the Barnam residence. And after that….I, too, will join with you guys. If you refuse, then I won’t cooperate.」

It seems that Arishia had guessed that this would happen, and is staring strongly at Saron.

「How ‘bout you, Saron? Are you fine with this? If we do this poorly, you will also become a criminal, you know?」

「It’s way better than having a friend die. Also, I’m getting tired of working as a blacksmith here with no hope of promotion. Also, even if I become a criminal, there is still the option of living in the Demon Lord’s territory. In that place, with just one fight, you could die, but as a blacksmith and as an adventurer, you can take as many jobs as you want. 」

「U-umm…then, at that time, would you like to join my party?」

「Sure…and when that happens, you’ll have to call me Sis♡」

Oooo! Arishia-san, and even Loli-sama, blushed. So awesome! Saron-san, you’re too manly. Even though she is small and cute, she is an aneki you can count on. The reason she is able to get along with Arishia is probably because she can’t leave someone so like Arishia, who is so reckless, alone. And you can get easily charmed by her.  But she treats Arishia like a little sister. For some reason, she has the presence of a great person.

Afterwards, I wasn’t able to say a single words to Saron and got carried by Arishia-san back to the inn. You guys……you’re too cruel.
It should’ve been fine to at least remove the gag!



  1. Thanks for the chapter. It probably would have been easier to disguise Rusty as a dog that a human. Then again, he probably would have enjoyed that too much.

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    1. Right in the lolicon hand book on the front cover it says NO TOUCH as rule number one, well that and a lolicon is more into the idea of a Loli than the Loli them self which is why a lolicons prefered fapping material is hentai since anything else may cause harm to the loli.

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  2. … Maybe it’s the fact that lolicons can deal with their urges using 2D? Or the fact that they avoid sex crimes? Or the fact that they do not take there attractions too far on the generally young gullible and suggestible young ones? Those seem like pretty big differences between what I hear about lolicons and what I hear about paedophiles.

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  3. Why thi novel so disgusting and bored? I don’t see something can make the story so awesome the MC is just loli lover and naive but i tell you the truth The plot is very nice and cool only thing that makes this novel to be ugly is naivety MC and his love for loli


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