Gob Tensei Chapter 18 All Preparations Done

new chap
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9: Saron anego!!!


9: changes:
knight troupe -> chivalry

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 18
All Preparations Done

≪Saron/Wild legal loli’s perspective≫

I went to the adventurers’ guild early this morning and gathered rumours and requests related to the Sacred Church. Arishia is going to resign from the chivalry with a reasonable excuse and vacate the inn according to the plans.

I visited several brokers and investigated the security of the Barnam residence, movements of human trafficking, and rumors about the fetishes of the priests. Afterwards, I told people like the arms shop owners and regular adventurer costumers about leaving the town soon and said my farewells. It was a small workshop that was barely scraping by, but even so, there were emotional moments.

Once it was noon, I went to the bar, ordered alcohol and some side-dishes, and then reviewed the information and thoughts about the plan. If possible, I would like it if we don’t have to show our faces, but….naive ideas like that have very low chances of success. In the worst case, we have to kill everyone in our way. Instead of worrying about myself, it is hard to imagine Arishia being able to do so. At that time, that carefree gob bastard peeked into the bar.

「Ah, found you. Saron-san, may I eat lunch with you?」

「Rather than lunch, it’s more like drinking. Kids should go home.」

The bartender was surprised at the boy-like person wearing a hood, but probably thought that he was a dwarf like me and silently poured him alcohol. The gob bastard, receiving the alcohol, drank it in one gulp and tilted his head.

「Yuck, this lukewarm ale feels kinda lacking….」

「Hmph, as if a goblin can understand an alcohol’s flavor.」

「Hehe,  I’m still a 3 year old,  okay. I’ll learn more and more things after this, okay ‘ssu.」

「Don’t get easily cheated and take of your hood, ok ? While there are a lot of demi-humans here, obviously, it would be pointless to help a goblin here.」

「I know, I know. Saron-san, you sure are good at looking after people.」


He is a perverted goblin who likes little girls, but he saved Arishia from danger and came here to rescue the kids with his reasons being that there were little girls there, so he needs to save them. He is a pervert having an unknown kind of perverted logic.

Though, if he didn’t treat me like a little girl, I would’ve been be glad to treat him to a drink.

「What about the elf girl?」

「Sheri disguised herself as a human and went sightseeing around the town.」

「…so, choosing a time where those two aren’t here–you have something to talk about, right?」

「Yeah! A piece of welcoming news and one good plan….」

「….Hou? Tell me then.」

The welcoming news was that the kids were in the underground basement of the Barnam residence.  From yesterday night ‘til dawn, he had hidden himself and by the smell and presences, he was able to locate where the place should be. As expected of a wild monster. (9: shouldn’t it be “as expected of a wild pervert” XD)

And there was one more; hearing the plan made me surprised.

「How ‘bout it? With this ane-…Saron-san’s distress should be gone…」

I held the bottle in my hand and filled Rusty’s mug with alcohol. (9: Saron stops calling him Gob bastard….)

「Call me whatever you like.」

「Hai, anego. Thanks a lot.」

「…..We’ll appreciate that, but are you fine with that?」

「It’s just about having the right person at the right place, ‘ssu. Making Arishia a murderer is still impossible, right? Even looking at it from my perspective, she seems like a soft-hearted younger sister. Anego too, having her as a younger sister sure is hard….」

「Pukkuku…..even with Arishia acting like that, she is 19, you know. It sure is pitiful to have a 3-year-old goblin treating her like a younger sister. Kukkuku….ahahahahahaha!」

「Though, that blockhead’s look makes her cute.」

「Hahaha…you sure know your stuff!」

Alcohol before a job sure is quite tasty. Since there is a comrade who will drink this alcohol with you, the future of this job shouldn’t be too bad.



  1. Thx for chap
    ” and by the smell and presences, he was able to locate where the place should be.”
    Lol as expected of a loli follower , he was able to sense them


  2. man ş never read this just cus of synopsys didnt pick my interest but damn this s freaking hilarous tx for tl ill be a follower :D


  3. Dwarves are so easy, if your dinking with them and still standing, you are alright in thier eyes. Lol, good by pass hatred.


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