Gob Tensei Chapter 17: I ended up doing IT right in front of others

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9: Thigh lovers be happy!!!

9: Maybe I should start reading r-18 novels so that i could provide more sexy and clear description

IcedTea: I don’t think that is your number 1 reason for wanting to read r-18 novels………
Also, HOLY CRAP, this chapter is the most ridiculous piece of Gob I have yet to read (in my humble opinion). Editing this in first person was hard as f**k. I was definitely sweating by the end.
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Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 17
I ended up doing IT right in front of others
download(ero-yuri contents)

≪Reivell/Sheri’s Hugging Pillow’s perspective≫

Sheri and Arishia rented two rooms on the 2nd floor of the inn.

Today, Sheri had a passing grade. She was able to use her illusion magic skillfully to support Rus-kun. But on the other hand, Rus-kun was baited too easily and quickly pulled out his head from his hood. No matter how much Saron-san is in his strike-zone, if you shout that much, you’ll just end up being hated. (IcedTea: Sucks to be a goblin.)
And moreover….Arishia-san seemed a bit pitiful.

「Kaa-sama, please come out.」


I released my Recognition Obstruction technique and showed myself.

「Haaa…it sure is amazing as ever. I can’t even sense you….」

「Fufuu, there are a lot of tricks to it.」

There are various techniques which have been combined in a complex way. Well, I originally learned a lot of thief skills after all.

As much as possible, I would like it if no one knew that I was here. Even if my acquaintances here know about it, the danger to these children would seriously increase. From this matter now, these children will greatly benefit and learn a lot of things. The things here and there in a human town, party combat, the importance of trusting one’s comrades, the filthy side of humans and their slyness…..almost of it are lessons that I can’t teach them. If possible, I don’t want to make Sheri a murderer, but that is something that she has to decide on her own. As for me, the personal hugging pillow, let me just watch over them.

Taking off my robe, I entered Sheri’s bed wearing a short-length lingerie . (9: she was wearing it from the start) 
Earlier, I had casted purification magic on my whole body, so my body is now clean.


I held Sheri closer, then tightly hugged her. Aaaaa…..happiness. I’m supplementing something that I am lacking. As a matter of fact, I also have the habit of being unable to sleep with a different pillow. Being my daughter’s personal hugging pillow is the best job of all.

………haha, there are times when I’ve thought of that.

「U-umm….Sheri, why are you coiling around my legs?」

「Mufufu~ because kaa-sama’s legs are so smooth~」

It’s cute that my daughter is rubbing her cheeks against my thighs, but for some reason, that seems like a bad omen…….

Now that I think about it, I’m not carrying any other negligees, since it would be unnecessary baggage. Both me and daughter are wearing negligees, so obviously, our thighs are exposed.

「Umm….Arishia-san is also there, so please hold back from–」

「It’s fine. After all, it’s just a thigh massage.」(9: massage….what a great word) (IcedTea: yea)


Yes, it’s out, the omen struck home. This girl’s ‘massaging’ means no holding back. Is she really that sensitive to this? She is expertly good at finding sexual spots. She is only thinking about me, so I don’t want to reject her, but as a mother, my pride is….

「You’re my personal hugging pillow, so I will take care of you plenty. I love you very much♡」

I’m deeply moved by her kindness, but… her affection is heavy (burdensome). But still……un, a woman must be brave!

i vaguely feel that this won’t end well, but I have decided that I would bear with it. What is a mother that is scared of her daughter’s skinship? It’s just thighs. If you compare it to breasts, then it’s nothing at all……………..

…….but I was made to realize that my courage was just a bluff.

「Fuu….nnnn! Nn-kwunn….」(Iced: As you may have guess, these are supposed to be moaning noises.)

My hair became a mess, and I am just barely able to cover my mouth. Sheri’s massage started from the left leg; she brushes it, then rubs it; and after that, she started licking the backside of my knee. After that moment, I was a helpless, tiny, cute animal. To be clear, it would be fine to say that electricity ran through my body, and that feeling became various and numerous waves that started to overwhelm me. The inner part of my thighs was licked so persistently like a puppy that my nerves began chasing after the movements of her tiny tongue. My body shook from pleasure–it won’t listen to reason anymore. When she started licking the base of my thighs, I nearly jumped from it. I was able to endure it, however. I was really, really working hard.

Taking a glimpse at the other bed, I saw Arishia who had a reddened face and was looking at us very intently. Doing such shameful acts in front of others, I will absolutely and determinedly refuse to do it. But the arrogant chibi demonlord won’t even consider this feeble, tiny, cute animal’s circumstances or state. (IcedTea: Love that description: arrogant chibi demonlord.) 
The chibi demonlord switched to the right side and did the same thing, but she found a delicate pleasure spot and lingered there. Getting tortured by raging pleasure, I held my legs with my ankles locked: I wasn’t able to escape from it.


Using both of my hands, I covered my mouth. I can hardly even breathe. Mixed in with my gasping breaths, I unknowingly leaked weird (also translates to perverted) voices. Being tormented by the ever increasing pleasure, when she started licking the base of my right leg mercilessly, I finally reached my climax. My mind blanked into pure white, and I began convulsing….. Honestly saying it, in that moment, I forgot my shyness and my pride as a mother, I only trembled from the joy of a woman. For me, who doesn’t know how to comfort myself, I’m probably more weak to pleasure than others. (IcedTea: Um, duh? If you’re gonna get turned on by your own daughter….)

Before I even noticed it, the chibi demonlord had gone to sleep while coiling around my legs. And then I noticed that in the neighboring bed, Arishia-san had stayed the same, looking at us intently.


My faced fired up with serious embarrassment. Because I was covering my face and writhing, the chibi demonlord’s head moved slightly. And at that moment, a wet sound squished against the head of the chibi demonlord, and I broke through various controls. (Sheri’s face moved against her wet thigh, proving that she was truly turned on.)

「…..Fuguu……ehh….hikumm…..eee……higiu…….fuuuun…….fueeeen……」*she is sobbing*

Covering my face, I was only able to sob. There was no sadness nor anger. Just pure embarrassment. Doing such silly things in front of others, generally speaking, it’s really embarrassing.

Towards me who is sobbing like a child, Arishia was completely bewildered. Before long though, she stood up and put a blanket over me, covering my head.

When she went back to bed, I heard a tiny murmur.

「Elves are amazing…..」 (9: favorite phrase of the chapter) (IcedTea: Gob Tensei’s motto.)


  1. I somehow agree. Elves are amazing… But…this elf is just one of a kind since there are so little elves have those gigantic pair of mountains (‘cept eroge)…. But letting her own daughter doing such shameful acts to her..how much of a doting parent are you lol

    Thanks for the chapter~~


  2. I get the feeling the MC is never actually going to get anywhere with them… tragically sad.

    The mother and daughter are epic tier and practically in an incest relationship that he’ll never be apart of.


  3. I want to see all the beauties of the world falling before the techniques of Chibi Demonlord!
    I would like to see the Chibi Demonlord being the passive at least once!
    I want to see the reaction of the Chibi Demonlord when learning the definition of masturbation, and realize that what rusty does for himself is what he did with his mother is practically the same!

    Thanks for the chapter


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