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9: Even gobs have part time jobs

IcedTea: First Chapter of Arc 3!!!


9: Compared to other wns, the dungeon in this one is probably the most complicated dungeon…..i suck at economics

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 22

I was Introduced to a Part-time Job


≪Rusty/Gob Part-timer Applicant’s Perspective≫

「Gegigyao! (What the hell is with this brat?!?)」

「Gegyoo! (What a cheeky f**ker!)」

The adult goblins that suddenly appeared insulted me….this was the 30th time already.

After I beat them up a bit, they’ll cry “eeeeek” and run away. Really, what splendid small fry. ….Though they are the same race as me. Tohohoho…

Though, now that I think about it, Master’s order are strange.

This morning, after seeing off Saron-anego and Arishia who were sending the kids back home, and about the same time the three of us, teacher and students, were about to go home…

「Ah, at a dungeon near this Raitsu Village, I think I will have you take up a part-time job there. This is a test from me.」

…Is what she said.

She said I’d understand if I went, so thus, I’ve been diving into this dungeon for the last half day.  Pushing forward while beating up the goblins, I’m now 3 floors underground. There are less goblin bastards now, but in exchange, you’ll be seeing more kobolds and orcs.

I’m thinking of eating those guys when I get hungry.

There are no disguises, so if I meet any human adventurers, we might end up having to kill one another, but if possible, I don’t want to eat humans. Before, I took a sample of the adventurers I had killed….it was pretty delicious. It would be dangerous if it became a habit, so since then, I haven’t eaten any human meat.

And while I was considering this, I had arrived at a boss-like room before I was aware of it.

It’s probaby just a small fry boss…..though, when I took a peek, there was a big orc wearing armor and two normal orcs. They wielded battle axes.

Yes, I killed them quickly.

Ah, just kidding. I half-killed them. I can just take their magic stones out, but for a while now, I’ve had the feeling that someone was watching me. He will probably appear with the pretext of contacting me as also being a monster.  

「Well, that was splendid!」

….See…it came.

Looking back was a horse head that was neatly bowing, but below the neck, it had a human-shaped body wearing a tuxedo. Furthermore, his whole body had a slender, fine figure of a man.

Ah, this guy also has it….was my first impression. (IcedTea: Not specified….either a mistake in the raws or left out on purpose.)

And, this guy is way stronger than me….was my second impression.

「You may call me by the name of Mezzrow. Inexperienced I may be, but I am still the Dungeon Master of this Labyrinth. If it is fine with you, may I ask you for your name?」(9: Mezzrow from Mezz Mezzrow, I googled it.)

「Ah, yes. Just a goblin with a name Rusty.」

「Oo!! Magnificent!」

「Eh? What is?」

「Stuff like using honorifics upon the first meeting, and moreover, being humble about oneself. Even though you are still young, your level of intelligence is high. And to add on to that, this unique feel from your magic essence. From that gentle personality and that refined body, it looks like you have acquired a good teacher.」


Awesome! In an instant, he totally got everything about me correct.

This gentleman with a horse head is frightening. Those observing eyes, suited for this scene of carnage….I wonder how far he has gone.

And so, my opposition/wariness towards him totally disappeared.

Since he approached me nicely, I’ll need to be even more polite with my words.

「Everything is as you have said. As a matter of fact, by order of my Master, I was told to take a part-time job here. I thought there would be someone employing adventurers, but…… is it you who are employing on the monsters’ side?」

Yeah, I stupidly went and said everything real bluntly.

Well, after all, awkwards tricks and secrets weren’t really gonna work on this guy.

The courteous smile from Mezzrow changed to a natural smile.

「Yes we are. My dungeon is always recruiting part-timers. Then again, being able to train an excellent talent like that of Rusty-kun is a delightful thing. Please don’t reject our offer to hire you! Obviously, we will be arranging a daily wage for you.」(IcedTea: Sorry, had to change the language quite a bit to get the correct meaning.)

「O-okay…..I look forward to working with you.」

「Well then, let us immediately start you on the employee training!」


「Ah….no, it’s a part-timer employment training course. Sadly, there are a lot of monsters with low intelligence…..monsters like Rusty-kun with high intelligence will need to go through a high-level training course.」

「Isn’t that just making me out to be a management candidate……」

「It’s a “j-u-s-t-i-n-c-a-s-e” part-timer training. Well then, I will be personally training you, so please do your best to keep up. Also the daily pay will be calculated by hours, so don’t worry.」

Ah. Somehow that conversation just now…now I think I kinda understand what type of person he is.

For some reason, it’s quite scary to have signed a contract with this guy.

Let’s make sure he remembers that I will only be working for a week.


「……..And so, this dungeon has 50 layers and is classified as a mid-scale dungeon. As for the distribution of goods–as explained earlier–by using the teleportation magic circle, we obtain a direct transactions from the Demon Country’s Capital City Alkabern.」

「Yes, teacher! For that many goods, what kind of items are they?」

「A good question. The goods sent from Alkabern are jewels for the treasure chests, weapons, potions, rations, criminal slaves and periodic laborers. What we send back from here are the equipment taken from the dead adventurers, gold and silver coins, any currency from this foreign country, any rescued near-death former adventurer slaves, and the returning laborers.」

「Umm….so are the monsters going to be enough? If they got killed by the adventurers, I think we would not have enough of them….」

「In this dungeon, there’s established a tentative livestock and residence ward. The majority of the goblins, kobolds and orcs are constantly reproducing. Plus, I can regulate them with my mind. And since the Demon Country’s crime rate is high, we don’t lack criminal slaves. Rather, you should let the adventurers deal with them, as their bodies are material we can exchange them for weapons and magic tools. Then we have those cocky human adventurers whom we can acquire equipments and foreign goods from. It makes for an extremely excellent and efficient economic system.」(9: damn dungeon are businesses now, i suck at economics)

This is bad. The studying is becoming really interesting.

Before this, Master had lectured us on economics by accident, but regarding the Demon Country, she said that someday, we would understand–it was intriguing. I’m sure that someday, she will send me there.

It seems that even among human society, most of them don’t know about dungeons with this kind of system management. It seems that the rumor about dungeon cores sucking magic essence from the earth pulse is true, since it’s true that a dungeon with plenty of magic essence makes monsters reproduce quickly. You would never have thought that the excess magic essence from the dungeon supports the economics of the Demon Country by having this exchange of goods. Even for the human society, this offers an unending supply of laborers, building up production.

The dungeon master’s job is to keep this WIN–WIN relationship regulated.

It seems that with just Mezzrow-san, regulation of this difficulty doesn’t really concern the life of adventurers themselves, but there are always those constantly reckless adventurers who take challenges beyond their capabilities, causing them to die. If you compare it to Japan, it’s probably like being in the the pachinko business. (IcedTea: Gambling of sorts…google it.)

In everything, knowing when to quit, ending your disadvantages, and strong mentality and intelligence are essential.

Having satisfied my thirst for knowledge, I took a deep breath.

It seems that Mezzrow has found a good place to stop lecturing….

「Now then, let’s end the rough lecture here. After the meal break, I plan on having you begin your primary job.」


「Yes. For now, I’ll have you fight adventurers as a mid-boss. Of course, so that the level of ability is suitable for you, you’ll have to let me regulate it.」


On a face of that horse, a demonic smile appeared. (rrelentless: that will haunt me, a horse face doing a demonic smile.)




Mezzrow-shi and I were transferred to a room with a lot of stored weapons. It seems to be this dungeon’s armory.

「Now then, first of all, let me ask you a question. Rusty-kun, do you have your main weapon?」

「Eh….no, as a tool, I pretty much just use a hatchet, but as a weapon, I use my claws and tail. After all, my body is already strong enough as a base.」

「Fuu…..yare, yare…..you’re much more of a musclehead than I thought, Rusty-kun.」

Mezzrow-shi covered his shoulders as if making a fool out of me.

Even I would be irritated with that.

「My ambition is to become a magician. Something like a weapon-…」

「Can you still say the same when you’re gonna die?」


「A monster that is the king of the mountain–those kinds of monsters sure do take pride in their own strength. Really…how worthless. Those with that tiny pride in them only have tiny power in their bodies. Monsters who had tough bodies…..I’ve seen them defeated by strategies and weapons thought up by humans, you know. Selling off their bodies, being exposed to those low-lives, being turned into alcohol, being sneered at―――― can’t you say that this is the end of those prideful ones?」

「Guu….but still, if I just live quietly and peacefully-….」

「There is no reason not to kill a goblin.」

「I-I’ll turn the tables on humans using magic-….」

「Goblins are pest, food, trash――――many monsters recognized them as that. It’s common sense in the Demon Country common sense. “Someday, I’ll become a great magician?” Really…what a splendid thing. However, can you declare that tomorrow, you won’t be killed? Are you going to let your tiny pride destroy your very best endeavours? Are you the same muscle-brain as an ogre? Can you see reality? Will someone even listen to a goblin that talks about justice and morals? 」 (9: monster society and human society…)

Uu..uguguguguuu…..d-dammit…..I can’t even argue back…..

He is being courteous, but he is absolutely right. Stating the facts in order, and being insulted intellectually….I’m on the verge of dying.

But still, this horse headed gentlemen―――doesn’t seem to know any forgiveness and mercy.

「Your blind belief of the teachings of your master, Grand Magus Reivell….aren’t you misunderstanding her?」

「Uuguuuu!?!!」(9: KO)

H-how brutal….taking out Master’s name….that’s cheating……

Having been dealt the killing blow, my heart easily crumbled.

The heck, it’s already in a million pieces.

「…..Ee…guu…higu….I’m very sorry. I have…been too conceited~~So please……forgive me…..*wheeze*….please drill me…in the way to use weapons…..」

My mental resistance is lower than I thought.

Also I was brought to see reality.

This horse-headed gentleman, Mezzrow-shi――――is genuinely an authentic demon.



  1. Thanks for the chapter! Again! :P


    “Though, now that I think about it, Master’s order are strange.” ‘orders’ should be plural.

    “Ah, yes. Just a goblin with a name Rusty.” a –> the

    “The courteous smile from Mezzrow changed to a natural smile.” Not an error, just…how the fuck can you tell what kind of smile he has? He has a horse’s head! Not known for their revealing smiles… 8|

    Well, it made more sense this time, though, so good work all around. :D

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