Gob Ch25

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9: Even gobs have part time jobs


9:  Note: these are just my own interpretation and the author did not say any of this:

mini-boss – low-leveled boss in the dungeon

mid-boss – mid-leveled boss

grand boss – high-leveled boss

*btw the literal translations would be, small boss, medium boss, and big boss.

If any of you guys think of a better way to call them, just tell me. (comment.)


Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 25

Hot Blooded Training Arc?


Author’s Note: I don’t really feel that the subtitle meets up with the content, soI was thinking of changing it…..but when I try to, I just can’t change it for some reason.


≪Rusty/A Part-timer Trainee Waiting for His Death’s Perspective≫

The 3rd Morning.

Uuuum……my stomach feels heavy.

The greatsword on my back feels too heavy.

Mezzrow-shi across of me seems like he’s really enjoying this.

「Now, let’s be full of vigor today too! Yesterday, we have etched into your mind and body the importance of weapons, so today, our plans is to have experts in our dungeon to teach you the use of each type of weapon.」


「Nn? Rusty-kun, what’s the matter? If you’re not fired up…..it’s not a joke: you will die, you know?」

「………Letting me eat that from this morning…..that surely made me lose spirit….」

「Hahaha…. Please forgive me. I wouldn’t have imagined that Rusty-kun didn’t have any experience in cannibalism. But you just have to get used to it. Didn’t you say it was delicious and you were enjoying it at the start. A goblin brain soup……fuu…yare, yare……Rusty-kun, you have a good head, but your mentality is a bit weak. It’s like a human’s. Well, because of that, you are worth training….」

「Me too…. It’s quite surprising. The last time I ate something and vomited was when I ate that poisonous mushroom. Maybe I’m disqualified as a goblin…」

「……… You might not be a goblin.」

「Eh?… Just now what….」

「It was nothing. Now, the instructor is waiting for you. Let’s hurry up and meet him.」




garan garraaan *metallic sfx*

The greatsword that I held in both of my hands made a sound as it fell.


「Is there any problem?」

「Why is the master who is supposed to instruct me in a cage? And furthermore, it’s growling like a frenzied beast…」

「Heh, he’s a formerly high-ranked adventurer who was a greatsword user, but just the other day, he was caught in our trap and became possessed by a mad spirit. Right now his class has been changed into a splendid Berserker」

「Hey, wouldn’t that make him unable to instruct me….」

「Eh? Can’t he do it in a life-or-death match? Actual combat, after all, is the supreme training. The essence of using a greatsword–please study it carefully.」

「Hahahahahaha…… It went right as I thought it would. Dammit!」

I was stamping my feet on the ground while feeling mortified.

Recently, I think that the fluctuations in my emotions have been increasing.


A certain kill blows from the greatsword brought fear upon my body…it’s hard to put into words.

My life span is shortening….gradually shortening.

In the end, I was able to beat the teacher. I used my magic; it was a really hard fight.

So let me say this:

An evil-spirit-type Berserker is a monster (kaibutsu). It was way more scared than any half-assed undead….

Humans’ latent strength is scary. *shivers*




The 3rd Afternoon

「Aahh~my wounds are fully healed, but I feel like the fatigue from that life-or-death match in the morning is still there. The heck–I’m here for the part-time job, right? Why did it become like some sort of hot-blooded training arc?」

「Well, that’s my hobby, after all….., but it seems like you’re tired, so don’t you wanna try being a mid-boss?  Fortunately, ever since that happened incident, we haven’t caught the sight of the Hero, either…」(IcedTea: Up a level from the type he was before….)

「A hobby…. Isn’t it bad to mix up private and business matters!? Saying that you’re a just and upright dungeon master—it’s a contradiction, you know!」

「Let’s not retort on such small things.」

「Guugu…… Fine, I understand. It feels much better to beat up some adventurers so I’ll take it…….By the way, who was arranged for my instructor? 」

「A renowned swordmaster from the far east, Mitsurigi-san. He was known as “Godspeed” since in just a wink, he could slice off a hand or leg. On a certain battlefield, he killing a thousand people, causing him to receive the curse of the undead….」

「*shivering a lot*………That person is a sadist. It’s scary! I don’t want a hot blooded training arc, no no no no no no no!! I want to go home!! Master, pleaase H-e-l-p m-mee!!」

Rolling around on the ground, I waved my hands in an act of refusal.

「Fufufu….a splendid facade of a spoiled brat. However, your acting was excessive, earning you a demerit. Now then, time does not wait for anyone, so let’s go quickly. Being beaten to death by a full party of adventurers is a good experience.」


Taking hold of my leg, the horseehead demon Mezrrow-shi dragged me along the ground.

「Gyaa! I-it’s a mid-boss right? I don’t want a position that position–it’s just one step away from grand bosses, isn’t it! After all, my life plan was to be in easy mode!」

「Fufufu, to be able to see through my actions….we sure do get along. It looks like we will bev friends for a very long time.」

「You don’t have any friends, right!? I oppose power harassment! I demand an improvement in the working department!」




Let’s see…..what the heck does this mean?


This is the 40th floor, a mid-boss room on a stronger side.

I had resolved myself to fight a life-or-death battle against 6 high-ranking adventurers, but the reaction I got from them was something I’d never expect:


「A-are you f**king kidding me? Why the hell did this guy appear here!?」

「Calm down! This guy’s probably a unique boss. It’s a random hidden boss that can appear no matter what the floor it is.」

「Kuu…it would be honorable to lose and then killed! But…..」

「I don’t want to be gay-raped by a goblin and live in disgrace, noooooooooooooo!!」(IcedTea: What’s the difference between gay-rape and normal rape……….isn’t it just rape regardless of sex?)


Who the hell’s gonna gay-rape youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

I-is this the result of repulsing that Hero the other day?

It’s good if you remember that those lady adventurers were able to run away, but it was more than what I expected…..plainly speaking, it hurts me a lot. Hey, I’m not a homo! So please, you don’t have to be that scared of me. (IcedTea: Not that being homosexual is wrong….tho, being mistakened as a straight when you are gay or vice versa is probably not a pleasant feeling……at least it isn’t for Rusty….)

「……….. We are retreating here. I will be guarding our rear!」(9: He will guard your rears!!) (IcedTea: I am dying……great comment, 9.)

「Leader……kuu, we’re sorry!」

「I will honor you….」

「No matter what happens, keep on living!」


「We will come back and save you for sure!」


Ah….okay, okay. You guys sure are passionate. Just what are those guys planning there?

These bastards….Do they seriously think that I will doing something pink with that hair-faced old guy? (IcedTea: I have never heard sexual relations described as “doing something pink”……I find it hilarious.)

In truth, those guys are just scared of me because I have the strength to repulse the Hero, right?

Yeah, it’s probably that, I’m sure.

Hey, you horse-headed demon over there! Don’t laugh while clutching your stomach! Isn’t it bad for a dungeon master to be here!?

No….just get killed by them!


After that, there were many adventurers who came, but no one fought with me.

It seems that my grief was noticed, but neither Mezzrow-shi nor Galba-jiisan called me.


What am I doing now, you ask?

I’m practicing my swings right in front of the armory.

If it’s right now, I can even fight with Mitsurugi-san.

If it’s about that incident, I want be enraged so I can mend my broken heart.



  1. Gooooooooob!!!!!!! …was my reaction when I saw this chapter in my feed. I’m a little embarrassed now… :P

    But yeah, while I miss the elves, this was a hilarious and uplifting chapter. Thanks for bringing us this gem, as always. :D

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I know right. Whenever I see a new chapter of something I really like reading like TNC over on Gravity, I’m screaming LEGGOOOO in my head. Also, I’m seeing you in the comments everywhere nowadays…..
      Well, thanks for reading!


        1. I understand completely lol but in a way, you’re doing homeworks by “studying” others’ works ;) it’s bad to rush, anyway… (or so I tell myself xD )


  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Well, he is feared.

    The heroes are afraid that he’ll take they’re anal virginity. Maybe they should send in a all female party.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I would definitely run…..more than just painful, being stabbed in the butt would be so traumatizing….at some point, I really sympathize with the Hero, even though he just seems like the biggest asshole……


  3. And the legend of the most feared goblin is born. Maybe with all his spare time he can learn to use three-swords style with the use of his tail.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I swear to god, if rusty doesnt become one of those all weapons experts and a magic tank by the end of this novel, I’m going to be disappointed.


      1. The title says that his stats loss to Sheri, but that could just mean individual fields. I’m thinking he’d be a Jack of all trades, master of none, though oftentimes better than master of one by the end

        Liked by 1 person

    1. i dunno. 9’s been sorta MIA for a while. I really love Kansu (thats why I joined the team), but the chapters are really long and hard to translate. Plus, Gob is much more attractive to translate, with the comedy and short chapters. So hopefully he will surprise us, but no guarantees.


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