Gob Ch27

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The next release will be Manowa–after a couple of chapters, the combat part of the arc will finally show itself. And of course, Gob is coming to some sort of showdown.

Lastly, I don’t really want to lecture about it, but I think I should mention it just to get it over with. Lazy 9 does not condone any objectifying of women, especially of this kind. Rape is not pure; you can see how weak the victim must feel, how psychologically damaging it can be.

But, yuri is pure. Love yuri! Free yuri glasses for everyone!!!!

RAW: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8969cg/28/

9: Change: Ryin → Riin.

*Hero refers to that shitty asshole (hehe). Saint refers to girls given to the hero by the Church. Usually can use light, healing, or barrier magic.

9: Just a note Riin speaks politely but not quite so in her mind.

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 27
Being the Saint is Painful


≪Riin/The Unlucky Saint’s Perspective≫

「Heey! Whaat’s the matter with you, f**king gobliiins!! Hurry up and call out your boss!!」




In his bursts of anger, many lives have fallen into his hands.

They may be goblins, but in this situation, I somewhat feel pity for them.


The Hero, in his flaming vengeance, has been continuing his massacre from last night until now.

However, I understand this situation.

Right now, we are trapped in a maze with no exits, and it is likely that this was done on purpose by the Dungeon Master.

With my ability, we would be able to escape, but right now, he won’t even pretend to listen to me.


The day after the day of tragedy, the Hero was searching for the female adventurers in frenzy.

Really, what a predictable action.

But afterwards, the rumours continued to spread through the guild and the town.

While being showered in sneers and abuse, the Hero snapped and murdered tens of adventurers and citizens of the town, and then shut himself inside the inn for a week.

Naturally, there wasn’t anyone who dared to arrest him for his violence in the town.

Though, for me, this is all a bed of thorns where I don’t even feel alive……


「*pant* *pant*……Still can’t find that straight. Hey, Useless! You better have drawn that map properly!」

「I do not have anymore money to buy an implement to draw up maps. Because of a certain someone’s fault, even eating is becoming a troubling matter….」

I unintentionally raised an insult, probably.

After saying it, the blood in my face disappeared.

「Hou…you sure became feisty…..」


My body shrunk back from fear of his recent violence.

On the blood-smeared face of the Hero, a clearly differentiated glare of sadism shone.  

「Now that I think about it, I haven’t f**ked a woman in a while. Ya may be filthy, but you are a woman, right?」


With an vulgar face, the Hero crept towards me and grabbed onto the collar of my robes.

The robe that should’ve been relatively sturdy..was torn up easily.


I desperately shook off the Hero’s hands, raked the torn-up robe and started running, but because of my trembling, my legs immediately tangled and I fell.

How shameful. A thin body with bones clearly showing and a flat chest…..

It’s nothing if not vexing. He’s looking at my chest, sneering at it as if scorning me….

「Fuahahahaha…..I don’t have any interest in kids, but it’s the duty of a master to teach a cheeky servant a lesson right? I’ll go along with you until your hostility is torn to pieces!」


As a master, you say.

So cocky for someone who hasn’t done anything master-like at all!

Even though for me, you being my master is only a shameful matter.

―――――I’d rather die than get used for pleasure by this bastard!


「Advanced Light Magic: Triple Sacred Barrier [Triple Sanctuary]」


A threefold barrier of light deployed around me.

「……Ttsk…oi, the hell does this mean? Isn’t the Saint of the Church supposed to become the girl of the Hero!?」

「The current Heroes have exhausted their credibility entirely. I would rather die than to be toyed with by you. And plus, there are more current Saints than just me.」

Mustering up my courage, I glared at the Hero.

At least before my death, I’d like to insult this idiot Hero.

「Messing with me!…. Just raping you is not enough! I will torture you cruelly and painfully, and then put on a slave collar on you!!」

A huge flame appeared in the right palm of the Hero, and he smashed it towards the barrier of light.

*gobaaaaaaaaaaaan!* (a sfx of a sound of a huge fire hitting a barrier of light /lol\)

The shock passed through the triple barrier, but if it’s just that much, then it won’t be enough to tear through it.

However, since the barrier is made through my limited magic power, with time, my magic power will run out, and if attacked, the strength will dissipate.

I took out a dagger from my bag and gazed at it.

When the second barrier is torn through, I vow to plunge it into my heart.

After taking many blows from the Hero’s magic and his holy sword, the first barrier vanished.


I’m cornered, but for some reason, I felt comparatively calm as I remembered that precious time. The time when he was asked for my name….Goblin-kun looked so happy.

「Hee~, Riin-chan, is it? Just like your appearance, it’s a lovely name, isn’t it? The name is Rusty. In the near future, I’ll beat the hell out of that shitty Hero and release you!!!」

With a shy grin, he bolted with all his might, as if he were just some normal boy.


「Rusty-kun, sorry. It looks like I made that promise impossible….」

The second barrier had become really brittle, and it seems that one more blow will make it disappear.

I point the dagger to my throat. Even in the moment that the Hero takes his final blow towards the barrier, I will keep on glaring at him.



…..Wait a minute? That’s not the Hero’s voice, right……?



A crash resounded on the other side of the barrier as an ikemen was blown away just like a dead branch in a storm. (9: Ikemen shall die and yuri shall conquer the world!!!!!!)

「Riin, you did really well!」


On the other side of the dissipating second barrier, a goblin boy wielding a huge battle axe smiled reassuringly.


I wonder why…the heart inside my chest which has been unfeeling for so long is pounding like an alarm bell.

9: will rusty finally get a harem member or will be once again be ntr’d by a certain loli elf (though i know what will happen fuufufufufufu)

IcedTea: Leggo Rusty!!!!! Rusty deserves this girl’s love in my opinion. And that girl deserves some love after all that shit. A true knight in shining armor type story here.



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  2. Thanks for the chapter ^^
    I like this Riin more and more, after the first incident I was thinking she was just a doll which discover some meaning to life but she has a profound sight of life and is pretty interesting (she wants to protect her dignity) ;)
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  3. Too bad, this is the second woman he saves from…wait, third he saves from rape, and the power and beauty of his master will probably seduce her away to her daughter too. The NTR is just too powerful in that loli’s camp…

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  4. Gob chapters are really nice~ thank you, Tea-chan, 9 and Mllhild!

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