Gob Ch28

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9: yep, you probably know what might happen

IcedTea: A satisfying conclusion.

9:  Rusty calls Riin ‘Saint-sama’ in his mind, but calls her by her name when talking to her. Riin speaks politely but not so in her mind

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 28
The Helper is a Cheat

≪Rusty/The Goblin who Appeared Right on Time’s Perspective≫

That was close!

When I saw that Riin was aiming her dagger at her throat, I understood that this was really a close call.

The face of the Saint-sama was dyed red as she looked to me, her eyes about to cry. (9: what Riin is basically doing is a puppy eye thing, try googling this うるうる and look at the images)

It looks like she was really happy that she was saved. (IcedTea: Duh…..)


However, the fight is just beginning.

The Hero raised his body and stood up as if nothing had happened to him.

But, the eyes he looked at me with were filled with perverse madness.

「Hyahahahahahaha I finally found you  I finally found youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!」


「Becuase of you! I, I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass-!」


*gaki* *gan* *gishi!* (an sfx of a sword and an axe hitting one another)

*gan* *giin* *chiin* *kiiin!*  (another sfx of an axe and a sword hitting one another)


Really, I’m glad that I brought along a Great War Axe with me.

With the Hero using Body Reinforcement Magic, he also has the same level of strength as I do.

While I was unable to handle his sword skills, if I also use Body Reinforcement, it seems that I could at least blow him away. But still the Hero doesn’t have a single injury…


I used Body Reinforcement and knocked away the Hero who is mad with hatred, and as the distance opened, I fired a [Fire Bullet] at him.

But, before it hit the Hero’s face, it suddenly vanished.

「The Hero’s equipment has an Enchanted effect that halves magic effects of intermediate level magic or lower. And today, he wore his helmet which he didn’t wear last time. His face is no longer a weak point….」

「I’m gonna kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill you!」

This is bad! He has started using his {Martial Skills}. (9: Martial skills are basically the physical counterpart of Magic Skills.)

The wounds on my body started to increase. He keeps moving from place to place; I can’t keep up with him. (9: its basically something like https://typeandrew.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/fast.gif except that the hero is attacking the same time and rusty can’t one punch him, the only same thing is that they are both bald)

Though, thanks to the wide surface area of the War Axe, I was somehow able to endure through it.

But, the impatient Hero opened up a bit of distance and starting chanting.

「You must not give him distance! The Hero has a mastery of Advanced level Fire and Thunder Magic!」

「Damn it! Just how high-spec are you!」

「[Element Enchant -Thunder Sword-]! …….May you break to pieces!」

Geh, crap.

I totally shouldn’t touch that! But then again, evading is–

I decided in an instant and fired a [Whip Shot] at the base of the sword.

The shockwave that hit it deflected the hit, but even though my tail didn’t touch it, a painful numbness run through it.


Damn it, I don’t know if this will work, but I have no choice-

「[Element Enchant -Flame Axe-]!」

「What the hell!?」

The flame-clad War Axe received the sword of thunder.

I won the gamble — I didn’t get shocked!

But at the same time, his sword didn’t melt. It looks like his magic power repelled it.

I directly released Flame magic from my claws.

The fights I had with Galba-jiisan really helped me in this part.

……..But, I am already cornered. I don’t have any techniques that will work on him. 

The only thing I can think of that may win against him with is brute strength…..I have no choice but use pinning techniques on him…


「Riin, go run away! I can at least buy some time!」

「I refuse! If I am not here, you are going to die to the next spell!」


The Hero muttered a chant.

This close range—what the hell is planning?

「[Advanced Flame-type Magic -Exploding Hellflame-!」

This mad Hero.

An Advanced Area Attack Magic right on top of our heads——–

*dododoggaaaaaaan!!!!* (an sfx of the exploding hell flame exploding or just imagine a lot of grenades exploding)


「F**k….How annoyingly stubborn! You guys, die already!」

The Hero’s anger has reached the climax.

The blast had no effect on his body, but his equipment is more than half burnt. Most of that armor can’t be used anymore. It sure is a nice feeling.


Inside the Barriers that were able to bear the Hellfire, I ask the Saint-sama Riin, who stick on my back, a question.

「Even though he is a Hero, he has a limited Magic power, right?」

「The Hero’s magic power is about the same as an Advanced level magician, but…..The National Treasure {Subspace Storage -Item Box-} has a large amount of MP Potions inside of it.」

「Kuh….Excluding his personality, how much of a Hero is this guy!」

Right in front of the weakening me, the Hero stretched his right hand and thrust it into a dark sphere that suddenly appeared.

From the hole, he took out was a round flask with a pink liquid inside it and gulped it down.

Damn it, what a show off.

Even though Riin’s magic power is on the verge of running out.


「Fumu…getting close is going to be annoying. But with the barrier about to disappear, I’ll erase you with extravagantly! May the 2 of you have fun turning to cinders」

With a warped smile, magic power was released from the Hero, and then it molded into countless flame balls around him.

I embraced the small shoulders of Riin. I wonder if I can evade all those flame balls while carrying her?

「Ummm, Rusty-kun-」

「Denied. Aren’t we already bet our lives on one another?」


Huh? Saint-sama, why do you seem so happy? We are really in a big pinch right now, you know!

But still, the saying that power wells up from a cute girl’s smile, it seems that it was the truth.

It’s only a bit, but I was able to regain some composure in my heart.


That’s right.

If I use [Whip Shot], then I might be able to do some air acrobatics and avoid the balls.

The burden might be too much on Saint-sama, but it’s fine for her to faint from it. I will absolutely not let go of her.

I’m not afraid of being hit.

As long as she is safe, I feel like I would be able to win by the mood….


*zudododododo* (a sfx of a water arrow hitting a some flaming balls that was dangling in the air)

「Wh-what the hell!?」

Water arrows soared from who knows where, one by one annihilates the flaming balls.

This ability, with both peerlessness and precise control, could it be…..

I felt a presence. (9: he felt the boobs in the air)

Suddenly, right in front of me, a beautiful elf girl wearing a tricorne, a robe and holding a staff appeared.

Oh, it’s Master. A single child mother.

No matter how you look at it, a naturally flavoured and peerless beautiful girl.

And then, from Master’s back, *pyokori*(a sfx of a loli jumping out of somewhere) jumping out, Loli-sama was also here.

「Rus-kun, how were you? It has been 2 weeks, and there was letters, so we came to fetch you♡」

「Eh, that much time has passed? Mezzrow-shi…after this, I will…」

Loli-sama in a daunting pose, and cheekily said:

「Be proud! You have the “Being saved from a pinch by a Pretty Girl” Ability」 (9: One of the plot armor skills of an MC, get all of them and you will become god.)

「What the heck is with that? It looks like an ability that all men in the world would be jealous of……」


But still, this kind of tragedy, this world is pretty much filled with it. I think it’s just a question of seeing or pretending not to see.

However Loli-sama, calling yourself a pretty girl….you waiting for a tsukkomi? But I have no objections!

For someone like me, I would like to shout out “pretty little girls”. Of course it will be added with “extraordinariness”.


「Who the hell are you people!?」

Oh, were you still there? Compared to those two, the Hero’s existence value is really small.

Anyhow, while we were chatting, the Hero has been attacking with a lot of attack magic.

But with a swing of Master Reivell’s staff, the magic was cancelled.

The hero is on the verge of crying.


「Now then, since the flow of battle has changed, shall we head to the conclusion…」

「Eh, Rusty-kun?」

Saint-sama, not being able to follow well, was in a bit of a panic.

Well, it’s not impossible since she doesn’t know how out of common sense Master is.


「Master, that guy has Physical Attack Invulnerability as a Divine Protection, what do you need to do to defeat him?」

「Nnn~…there are a lot of ways, you know. Something like using Water Magic to cover his face, using a Tornado Flame around him for oxygen deprivation, using Ice Magic and eternally sealing him in a block of ice, or using Gravity Magic to forcefully crush him…」(9:Savage! Reivell-tan is savage, especially the last one)

In a moment the Hero’s face went pale.

It was a face of incredulous expressions.

And then, for those who won’t admit the difference in strength, they would usually resort to the skills that they are best at.  

As I thought, the Hero drew out his sword, and came running towards master.

Stupid guy. Master Reivell may be the overprotective type, but she is very strict in her own way.  

At the very least, she is not the kind of person would take over her student’s fight. If he had believed in his instinct and ran away, he might have survived. But agitated by my remarks, he chose the worst way.

「I hate rude people. {Chastity Gravity Bracelet -Gravity Ring-}」

From Master’s finger, four dark bracelets that looked like chakrams flew out and settled onto the Hero’s wrists and ankles. At that moment, his limbs were spread wide as if his body were being pulled back and smashed into the ground .

「What in the world is this magic!?」

You don’t need to know. After all, I totally don’t know what it is either.

However, it looks like the Hero knows something I don’t.

「This magical superiority, an unknown Magus Magic, and then big breasted elf……

yo-you are….the highest candidate for the next Demonlord, Reivell Alkain!」(rrelentless: got to love how the big breasted elf part helps identify her.)


Eh? What in the world is this? Next Demonlord candidate? It’s first time i’m hearing this, you know.

Well, Master is strong enough to be someone like that.

However, seeing a bit of Master’s sorrowful face when she turned back, my heart suddenly cooled down.

「Don’t f**king open your mouth, you shitty Hero! The one sending you to your end will be me.」


「Mezzrow-shi, please give me “that”. And also tell Galba-san that “I will be having a endurance test on the Hero’s Divine Protection, so come and see.” 」



At the same time, the presence disappeared from our backs and an extra large War Hammer was stuck in the ground beside me.

An extra-large hammer with a length many times my height and with spikes on the flat part.

It’s currently the greatest power I can wield. A hammer that helped me a lot during the deathmatch-like fights I had with Rick-kun and the others, my partner.

Naturally, the hammer that time had no spikes and I only used only the flat part to strike them.


「Right now, I will make your divine protection stark naked. I’ll use this Extra-large War Hammer to strike at your stomach, measuring your physical invulnerability and endurance power. I’m assuming that the magic power left in you is about half of an Advanced Level magician’s. Is the power source of the divine protection infinite, or does it use your magic power as a source? Maybe it’s just a super high-grade Unique Magic. If you endure until I run out of strength to swing this hammer, I’ll gladly let you go. So that’s why, please go all out…….」

「…..F**k this crap…」

I raised the War Hammer from the ground and stepped forwards as I accelerated it downward.

And striked with my all.

*dokoooon!* (a sfx of an extra-large hammer hitting a shitty hero and making cracks on the ground)

The stone pavement below the Hero’s body got smashed up, but this guy is only breathing hard.

「Just as I thought, you’re tough. The gallery is very interested, so I will be picking up the pace!」

Master Reivell and Galbe-jiisan were intensely observing us.

Yeah. After all, these people had an extraordinary thirst for knowledge.

Mezzrow-shi is enjoying the situation of this annoying Hero. After all, a lot of his subordinates in the dungeon got killed by him.

Loli-sama took out a needle and a leather string from her sewing set and started stitching up the robe of Saint-sama that was torned. It’s quite regretful, but I have already scorched that pink nipple into my brain. To me, a flat chest is a status. (IcedTea: Here here!)


With  fixed strength and rhythm, after the 16th smashing, the Hero finally started to vomit out blood.

Honestly, I was relieved that the Divine Protection wasn’t infinite.

「……..The next one will be the final one. Do you have any last words?」

「I’m gonna kill you! I’m gonna kill and kill and kill you! Even if i became an undead I will kill you!」

「………Geez, what a template answer.」

The reason I spoke to him was to get this reply from him. If it’s this guy, he would definitley become an undead and attack me again.

With no hesitation, this will be the final strike.

I used Body Reinforcement to boost myself, bringing out my greatest strike.

So that he won’t revive as an undead……it will be towards the Hero’s head.

*gobashaa!* (an sfx of an extra-large hammer smashing a shitty hero’s head like a watermelon)

The head that exploded like a watermelon, with no shadow of its previous form, was left as a bloodstain on the ground.



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    1. I think it was a wise calculation, you know that Rusty is “lolicon but no touch” and he also love big boobs too, but elf take very loooooooooooooong time to get mature, then loli-elf-sama try keep them (other girl with short time grow up) apart from Rusty-kun. Ultil herself become adult.

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