Gob Ch29

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9: Loli-sama always make Gob tensei complete, Loli-sama BANZAI!!

IcedTea: Best gurl is Saint-sama, tho…….

Saint = Riin

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 29
The Saint has Fallen

≪Rusty’s Perspective≫

After dealing the final shot against the hero, I put away the extra large War Hammer and turned back.


And the Saint leapt into my chest.

I felt really happy while I brushed the hair of the crying Saint.

Scorched red hair, thin shoulders from malnourishment, and a literally torn, ragged robe―――――She really went through some immense suffering.

Sending her to the Church in this state is a definite no. This girl seems to have the “Misfortune” attribute.
Then in this state, she will probably be employed by the dungeon. If so….

「Umm, Mezzrow-shi-」

*hyu* (an sfx on of an arrow flying)….*stabs*


Loli-sama’s arrow stabbed into my butt cheek.

「Sheri! You — what the hell are you doing!?」

「Just now, you were about to say something really inconsiderate, weren’t you! She’s not like you–you can’t make her live with monsters in such place!」

「Y-you…Are sure you’re not a telepath!?」

With chills running down my spine, I was ignored by Loli-sama.

Finally, she said the following words.

「Riin-chan, if you would want to, would you like to come with us? Our neighbors, who just moved in, are just a party of female adventurers. If you want to live by yourself, then I will introduce them to you.」

「For a girl that has tried her best until she became someone like you, I believe you have done your duty. If you want to be with the monster――at Rusty’s side, then you need to be bolder and stronger…」

Loli-sama’s words seemed to incite something that has sunk deeply into the Saint’s thoughts.

I became somewhat scared and turned silent. After all, Loli-sama, right now, is much more of a demon than even Mezzrow-shi. She is planning something for sure. (9: Rusty, watch out. She might be planning to add Riin to her harem.) (rrelentless: I would rage if she converted her with her skills.) (IcedTea: Riin is best girl. Don’t let Loli-sama take her away!!)


Before long, Saint Riin seemed to make up her mind about something, extracted herself from my hands, and went towards the Hero’s corpse. She squatted on the right-hand side of the Hero and recited a chant….the Hero’s wrist started to shine.
And when she came back to me again, in her hands was the silver bracelet of the Hero.

「Rusty-kun, please put out your right hand.」


Doing as she said, I put out my hand, and the Saint’s sincere eyes pierced me.

「This is my own decision and my own personal feeling. No matter what anyone says, you don’t have to worry about it. a, no…I kind of want you to worry about it a little too…. 」


「”In this present age, the Saint shall not offer up her body or her mind. But mine heart and the soul that dwells within me shall become the offerings to the Hero.”」


Floating towards my right hand, the silver bracelet shone and, as if passing through my wrist, it settle on it.
Staring at it fitting perfectly on my wrist, I realized what a big thing Riin has done.

「Riin! This is the National Treasure [Subspace Storage -Item Box-], right!? If you do this, then you will be–」

My objection was cut off by the finger pressed against my lips. (IcedTea: Just a finger…..that’s unfortunate….)

「In the world of men, the only thing I experienced was suffering. Even if I go back to the Church, in the end, I would just be disposed of. If that’s the case, then I…..I believe that I want to fall for my own Hero.」(Team 9: 0_0 <<oooooooooooooooooooh~~~~~~~)


I was knocked out by her pure feelings; my face instantly started to boil.

No, wait a second….Don’t direct that emotion towards a goblin! You kinda make my Gob bastard instincts go wild…..I might sexually taint this Saint…..

――――――Guguuuu, this gentlemen here is nothing different from a dangerous beast!

「Uooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Why in the world am I a Gobliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!」

Shouting like a youth in complicated times, I desperately ran away.
The Saint just watched me go without saying anything.

≪Third Person Perspective (Take some English classes if you don’t know what this is)

「Fumu….looks like another page in his youth. She consented to it, so it would’ve been fine if he had done her then.」

「Dear Uncle, you won’t understand it. He hates his own race; he’s a feminist, a virgin, a lolicon, and a pervert gentleman…..these are skillfully screwing with that wimp.」

「As always, Sherina-ojou sure is sharp. Since this is a good opportunity, I would like to ask something…..him, is he really a goblin?」

「Who knows….but, no matter how you research and reform a goblin, it’s impossible to make a pervert like him.」

「You’re right. Right now, even to this dungeon, he is a indispensable and capable person…」

「……….It’s not like Uncle to violate a contract. Kaa-sama was really worried about Rus, you know. Of course me too….」

「I-I’m really sorry. I should’ve at least contacted.」

「A demon’s apology is something you shouldn’t take seriously, right?」


The little elf girl pointed her finger behind the horseheaded gentlemen.
Looking back, Sir Mezzrow’s jaw dropped and almost dislocated.

「And that’s why I mentioned that. He might reflect if we made a direct tunnel towards the lowest floor, she said….」

Behind him was an elf woman in a robe with a tricorne raising one of her hand towards the ceiling.
And on top of her hand floated a stupidly large sphere of darkness.
Everyone present felt it on their skin.
If that gravity magic fell down, it would drop to the lowest floor…is what they understood.

Afterwards, according to the Undead King Galbararl, was seen something so sincere, so rare that it hadn’t been documented in recent years: a demon’s dogeza.



  1. I love all the chapters. But yes, this one was especially good. And wow, Sherina, harsh much? :D

    By the way… “Finally, I said the following words.” Was it really Gob speaking those words? It seems more reasonable to think that Sherina spoke both paragraphs… :/

    (The reason being…how would he know about the adventurers that just moved in. Yes, I know they’re the ones that escaped the “hero” earlier…but I don’t think he would know where they ended up. He hasn’t been in contact with his master and loli-goddess at all, after all…)


  2. Now my intuition were true. We… ah i mean Rus-kun may had to wait one or two centuries for losing his V-card, because Sherina never let him done it with anygirl else, exclude herself.
    Kanbare, Rus-kun, trying hard to not turn out to be a (dirty) old man when that time come.

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  3. 9: Rusty, watch out. She might be planning to add Riin to her harem.) (rrelentless: I would rage if she converted her with her skills.) (IcedTea: Riin is best girl. Don’t let Loli-sama take her away!!
    Here, here!!!
    This chapter was great 😄

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