Gob Ch30

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9: Welcome to the truth….This chapter is kind of an intermission chapter.

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I, the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 30
Treasured Secret

≪Saron-Anego/The Dwarf Loli who knows the Truth’s Perspective≫

My name is Saron.
As I was born a dwarf, when I was young, I was a naughty tomboy naughty who did a lot of mischievous things.
Even though I couldn’t even make a sword well, I was challenged to make a magic sword, and so I took out my father’s war axe to fight an A-ranked monster.
In the end, I made a big uproar and was hit by dad so much that I thought I was going to die. I was beat up by the monster, and then after running home covered in blood, I was also punched by dad again.
A dwarf girl….there can’t be anyone else who has a father like mine who talks to me with fists.

The time I became self-conscious as a girl was when I still didn’t know what menstruation was. Actually, I figured it out once I saw my bloody underwear. If our household had taught me about sex education with their fists too, then it would probably just increase the number of times I ran away from home.
Self-awareness as a woman… It is not some sort of flippant story about meeting a good man.
An elf woman visited as a supervisor from the Demon Country—-my eyes were nailed onto her. But what attracted me was not the woman herself.
What attracted me was her sculpted beauty, her ephemeral ambience, a characteristic of the elf race, that ideal figure which comes to mind when one hears of fairies. I was probably also attracted to their high, pure magical power.
In the end, I wasn’t able to talk to her…I was only enthusiastically staring at her.

Ever since that day, I stopped doing stupid things.
Earnestly requesting Dad, I was able to receive his official training in smithing, and if there was time, I trained my fighting skills. My dad often questioned me about it, but I told him that it was to make a good weapon, so he easily assented.
Honestly, it was because I wanted to talk to an elf the next time I meet one.
Now with proper technique and strength, I wanted beat up my own timid, miserable self.

And then, after climbing over that arduous teaching and training a few days before my coming of age, I did another stupid thing.

There are two secret medicines that will be handed to a dwarf woman. In my case, I was instructed on how to make it from the aunty next door. Since my first period, she was a lady that I couldn’t talk back to anymore.
Classified as secret medicines, these are a super powerful hair growth treatment and a hair removal treatment.
Since, in the human’s domain, those who dare grow their beards are many, a female dwarf is easily mistaken as a young lady or a little girl. And more so if they are adventurers. Compared to other races, there are few dwarf women who become sex slaves. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is thanks to thanks to this. I heard that among virtuous female dwarfs, they would grow their beards usually, and then during the night with their husbands, they would use the hair removal treatment. As for me, well, I think a dwarf man wouldn’t really care if there is a beard or not….

The stupid thing I did was to use this hair removal treatment.
On my whole body.
Originally, my fluff was not that much different from a human woman’s, but it was a bit thicker. As a dwarf, their hair would naturally become thicker with age, but I couldn’t forgive that.
I heard that the Elves don’t grow almost any body hair except the ones on their head. What if I met one–would I seem like a wild animal? Or maybe, to those elves with sharper noses, would I smell like a wild animal?!
Like I approve of a first impression like that!
Thus, ever since that day, the dwarves too have mistaken smooth me for a human.
After all, since dwarves have three times the life-span of a human, they would judge age according to how thick a dwarf’s body hair is.
Dad had a shocked face when he found out, but was silent about it.
Since then he somehow knew that I liked elves.
Aunty was smiling while saying “just use the hair growing treatment and it’ll be fine”….
But, what if I accidentally spread it all over my body……..I wonder what kind of ugly thing I will become.
I’m too scared to use it.

On the day of departure, my dad and aunty had really uneasy faces when they were seeing me off.

<<Several days after becoming sisters with Arishia>>

On the inn’s bed, face-to-face with my new younger sister, I let her listen to my story.
Arishia, unable to bear it, was hitting a pillow and convulsing in laughter on the bed.
I’m somewhat hurt, it looks like she liked my dark story.
As a proof of being sisters, Arishia said we should be honest and tell each other one secret.
She started with her story first.
It was something that had happened just a few days ago. The whole story—-from not being able to recognize her own weakness, and being saved by a goblin boy.
However….Arshia’s emotion….there was a rapid and rising attachment, a feeling of falling in love. She had her values as a holy knight overturned, and even more so, had respect and feelings for an inferior class monster boy…..a foolish story of a foolish woman.
After hearing her story and being unable to reply, I started telling her my dark history.
Rivaling the story of my younger sister, I bragged about the secret that I had planned to take to my grave.

That night, Arishia rubbed her cheeks against mine. Spending the night like that….I was unable to sleep.
It seems like smooth and tiny is justice.
But my younger sister admiring me this way….not cool at all.



  1. Wait this women has the secret to growing hair, doesn’t that make her the final boss, Rrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuussssssssttttttttyyyyyyy i missed you.

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    1. lol. 9 wants to focus on Kansu at the moment, but Gob will still be happening. We aren’t gonna neglect it. We like it too.


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