Gob Ch31

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And…………..here is your long awaited Gob chapter. We were working on getting Cat out, so we sorta neglected the other series. My bad…..we’ll pick it up.


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9: When Rusty mentions Saron, I will use Sis. And if he calls her by name, I will use Anego or Saron-anego. Just like how Rusty calls Sherina in his mind: Loli-sama, and calls her: Sheri when they are talking. Though, if it’s confusing, I’ll think about making a poll. And while I’m at it, should I also do it for Sheri when calling Reivell and mother? Should I just do the same thing to every character?

reminder: “okazu” – side dish – fap material

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 31
A Noisy Girl

≪Rusty/The Bastard-Riajuu-who-should-Die’s Perspective≫


After being seen off by a teary-eyed Mezzrow-shi, we walked a half-day’s distance after leaving the dungeon while chatting the whole time. Well, a half-day if I ran, that is.


I had told everyone in the dungeon that I would come over to play every once in awhile.

Persuading Rick-kun and the othersthe legendary monsterswas hard, but in the end, they consented….I think.

After all, no matter how much they want to, they can’t come out of the dungeon and…..meet…..me…..huh?

Wait…..that scenario seems rather realistic. An omen!?

……Hahaha…..right, let’s visit them regularly. Yes, let’s do that.


Averting my eyes from that sinister flag, my gaze slipped towards 3 really noisy girls.

As we continuted to walk, something suddenly came to mind.


「Eh? Is the party moving in as our neighbors, Sis (Saron) and Arishia?」
「Well, after they took the children home, they came to report to us…but when Saron-san saw Kaa-sama, she was rather… enthusiastic. Kaa-sama’s exceptionally high-spec, but… that one is a closet Elf Devotee.」
「Heee~…Sis is…」

Master’s face flushed with embarrassment.

Elf Devotees are those captivated by elven beauty, and as such, they honor Elves as fairies close in existence to sprites. In short, these fans treat their idols like gods.

Closet… so she was able to hide her true self well when she was in front of Loli-sama. The difference there would probably be a matter of cuteness vs. beauty levels. Master is someone superb in both aspects.

Said to be the next candidate for Demonlord… truly mysterious.


「As such, she worked with Kaa-sama and suggested making a neighboring house into base for the party and Saron-san’s smithy. Our House is deep within the forest, but the strong monsters are scared of Kaa-sama, so who knows where they are now….The important point is that it’s right between the Demon kingdom and the Human country…..and Arishia-san probably doesn’t want to separate from you either….」


Aah, I could see that. She’s like a puppy who’s gotten attached to you… eh? Ummm, Madame Saint, what’s with the strong glares in my direction?
「Fu-fuun~… but still, making one house — is it really that simple?」

「Kaa-sama helped after all. Wind magic cuts trees and dehydrates them; earth magic gathers the stone around it and hardens the foundation. And then making a golem operated by a magic stone… plus, since Saron-san is a dwarf, she is incredibly skillful. So manly, cute, and cool… watching her sweat from working just makes my heart go *kyun kyun*♡ (*cute heartbeat sfx*)」
Gghh! So Sis is a rival… This is bad — I feel like my chances are nil. (9: yep, no chance so go and explode)

Also… Master, you’re obviously jealous. Ears are moving, cheeks are puffing… Quite cute, ‘su.

Master noticed my gaze and clears her throat with a *kohon* to hide her embarrassment….


「We also need those girls. From now on, when there isn’t class, I’ll have you, Sheri, and Rus-kun become temporary partners with Riin-chan and the others, and have you become adventurers. Before this,, Sheri going outside without her hugging pillow — or rather, me — was not allowed….」


「A hugging pillow!? Why is that important!?」


「Saron-san looks so tasty ♡」


Eh, by tasty, you mean what?

What happened? Master’s ears curved, and she trembled like a tiny animal.

..She keeps muttering “I’m sorry Saron-san” again and again.
I was concerned, but just when I was about to speak, my ear was pinched from the side.

「Ouch! Owowow….wha, Riin-san, it hurts just to talk!」


The Saint forcefully made me stand in front of her, and her sincere eyes drew closer to me.


「Arishia-san, who is she?」(9: Riin go yandere and kill that bastard goblin!!)


C-calm down, me! I haven’t done anything to be guilty about… ah~ well, sorry. That’s a lie.

I worshipped the naked Arishia plenty. Amongst the folders inside my head, it’s the “okazu” with the highest usage. Whether it’s her crying or her smiling, I didn’t forget them at all.


Before I could react, Lady Saint noticed my change in complexion, and the life in her eyes vanished.

Wait… can this girl read my mind too?

「Rusty-kun, I will have you confess everything…」



I began with the beginning of love and fighting against kidnappers, and then left myself out of rescuing the children.

When we got there, I also omitted the romance with Loli-sama. 

Sometimes Loli-sama’s toxic words have a wonderful and rather painful precision. The resentment she had for her shoes still hasn’t disappeared. (DNE: I mean, even just water in your shoes sucks… can you really blame her?)

The Saint had a shocked face throughout as I recounted this to her… and now, she’s holding the hem of my coat while we walk.

With sincere eyes, she said 「I won’t lose, okay!」. That look really left an impression.


And so, there was no time at all to be bored along the way.



  1. 15 year later…….

    (Unknown Soldier) Were did this trio of legendary beast come from?! Villages, Travelers, and Cities nothing is left in their wake! I’d been drafted to slay those monsters but now I lay here dying in a pool of my own blood while what remains of my unit is torn to pieces.

    “Hey what are you guys doing”

    I heard a strange voice as my concance started to fade conscious. The last image I saw as of the beast that had rained death and destruction across the land cowing down to a single goblin……

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  2. Thanks for the chapter and translating the series but I’ve reread the whole thing several times waiting for new chapters .not trying to be a leech just wanted to read more and get my fix so please update I’ll be ur best friend :) ;)

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    1. nah, its just that we havent really focused on it much…..and since we are slow…….more is being TLed by 9, i believe. we’d tell you if it were dropped…i hope


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