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And now for our last treat of this release, a delightful side project 9 chat translated for us as well. This novel seems like a lot of fun, and I’m sure all the yuri lovers out there will love this one too. In the future, we will release this whenever 9 decides to gift one to us. Not a full fledged project, just something 9 did for fun, and the team loved, so we decided to share it with all of you! This stuff…..is really damned good lol.

And so……Welcome to the Yuri Maid Cafe♪ 

Welcome to the Yuri Maid Cafe♪

Ch 1

Okaerinasainase, Oujo-sama/ Welcome back, Milady♪

「Okaerinasaimase, Oujo sama/ Welcome back, Milady♪」

This is certain place in a metropolitan area, an outskirts cafe.

Full of girlish taste, a white and pink cute store interior, and today too, the maidens are busy.

and then, the ones who welcome a customer too, 4 girls. all of them wearing maid uniforms.

Long skirt black maid uniform, white apron dress style, toeing the line between the moe type while giving a noble impresion of cleanliness.

This was tradition even before moe culture became acknowledge, a true and proud maid cafe that has a several tens of years of history.


However, that was not what made it special.

「Fufu, milady? Coming today here, Liz is really happy!. *kiss♪* 」

A sudden “girls kissing one another”! However, even with this degree, it’s just the basic free service!!

「H-however….I can not forgot Onee-sama’s sweet scent.」

「Oh my….Milady, you’re too cute♪ Please let me hug you~」

A white table. The one hugging the girl who had a blushed face was a blonde girl with huge breasts.

3rd year, senior in highschool, the most senpai among the 4 maids. Liz. A northern Europian style beauty. And her diligently rolled lemon-colored hair is just dazzling.

「Ah, Onee-sama, so soft……♪」

「G-geez, Milady! It feels embarrassing for you to rub it that much!」

The female costumer was in trance over Liz’s bountiful breasts. G cup, bouncey bouncey. A really splendid good feeling when rubbed!

That devilish softness, even to those of the same gender, once you have gotten a taste of it, never will you be able to forget it.

Aaaah, bouncy bouncy. A symbol of motherhood.


※ ※ ※


And then on another table.

「Ehehe, Milady. Miona did her best to roast this black tea, you know! Praise me?」

「Yeah! Yeah! Miona-chan is amazing! As a reward, I will chuu you on your cheek♪」

This one is different from earlier — the maid is being kissed.

「Ehehe~♪」Being kissed by the office lady nee-san, the loli girl suddenly brought out a smile. A dreadfully cute creature.

An innocent smile, a young twin-tailed, red-haired maid, Miona. 1st year in highschool, an appearance that you can only describe as that of an elementary grade student, a loli angel.

「Nee~ Milady, how about a new pancake product? It’s hot, but I will fuu fuu~(blow it) ♪」

「Miona-chan’s fuuu fuu!? Kya, please do so♪」

The heartstruck costumer did as planned, as Miona’s strawberry-colored lips, for a moment, turned into a dark smile. She was good with the business.


※ ※ ※


Now then, on other table is:

「Milady….the cake…Kisara’s mouth to mouth feeding….would you like to order one…?」

Pink colored lips with cream on it, a maid that, for some reason, was doing such a daring act.

She is a light colored princess with cut, long hair type of girl, but….?

「Ki-kisara-oneesama!? Mouth to mouth is, embarassing….」

An over-the-top service for the blushing red face of the female customer.

However, the long haired beautiful maid, 2nd year in highschool Kisara, has this feverishly hot gaze.

「Do you not like it? I..I want milady’s tongue to play with mine….」

Yes, among the 4 maids, she looks the most traditional. That is the Kisara who has the looks of a mistress.

And with that clean and tidy appearance…..the inside of her head is full of pink stuff, a miss pervert. A perverted lady….!

From her lips, the lewd saliva and cream, it is, aah. How indecent!  Just in front of the female costumer’s face!?


She is this cafe’s poster girl.


※ ※ ※


And then lastly.

「H-h-h-h-h-h-h-here you go, M-m-milady? A w-welcome back kiss…..!?」

For the maidens that come to this store, this basic service is done for them.

To the maids,  the “welcome back kiss” is a usual event, except for the one who had even turned apple red.

「U-um, new maid-san? If you are that emberassed, then I am also getting embarased too….」

「I-I am very sorry….!?」

To the college female costumer, a kiss that stopped just before the face. The one who had blushed red with eyes so close to tears was the newcomer who just become a maid few days ago, having been baited by the hourly wages…..2nd year in highschool, Yuri.

Semilong hair and big, beautiful eyes, a lively beauty. She was a het. A het…..! (wWell, she is at a yuri maid cafe, so she has no choice but to transfrom into yuri~)

「I-I-I-I…! It’s my first time working in this kind of industry!?」

Yuri had steam come out of her head just before the kiss.

Cough, the senpai maid, Liz cleared her throat, and she got a bit reddened.

「It’s not that. This is the maidens sacred grounds!」

Yes, this place. Men are prohibited, this place is a place where only girls who loves girls are allowed to enter, the lovely maiden’s paradise -Arcadia-.  Yuri Maid Cafe 「Little Garden」. It’s not an indecent shop!!

This place…it’s a really chaste and pure shop ,「Little Garden」. that 4 lovely girls had gathered at. A story of love, friendship, kiss, kiss and kiss..!!

「No matter how you look at it, it’s that kind of shop, isn’t it!?」

Yuri’s scream resounded inside the store


===========Chapter 1 End=============

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  1. This looks hilariously great. A straight girl not initially realizing just what kind of cafe she applied to work for… XD
    That being said, I look forward to seeing how her coworkers try to help her adjust XD
    Also, gotta root for the blue haired girl in the photo. The twin-tailed loli is my guilty pleasure secondary pick.

    Liked by 1 person

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