Gob Ch32

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9: Saron-anego is awesome as always.

9: Just a bit of reminder, Alkain is Reivell-tan and Loli-sama’s family name

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 32

The Party Name is Decided

≪Rusty/The Bastard Riajuu that should die’s Perspective≫


「Mufuu. Lovely♡」

「Fuwaa…..somehow my house seems shabby…」

「T-this is 10 days…?」

From Master’s house―the one-story house of Alkain’s — was a 2-story loghouse that was constructed 30 meter to the right. The smithy laid adjacent to the far end of the Alkain residence.

Using plenty of wood, the majestic construction was the epitome of the word “sturdy”. The complex linkage of timber screamed of artisan technique from every angle.

In the field in front of the house, a golem with a body of earth was plowing, diligently making ridges.

If I to say it is, this place had the impression of “overdoing it”.

Sis is a blacksmith and adventurer, right?

―――――― Dwarves…how fearsome!


From overhead, someone called out Master’s name.

Looking towards the roof, for only a moment, I saw a small figure in midair.

And then immediately *ZUDON* (sound of a legal loli doing a superman landing) appeared before me with a crashing sound and a flutter of wind.

With a dynamic landing, the one picking up her body was none other than the person in question, Saron-anego. (9: crap nearly wrote super-anego)

A gap in the largish tank top that was drenched in sweat naturally gathered everyone’s glances. Really, I can’t get enough of defenseless glamour. She may be a legal loli, but it doesn’t matter the gender, it was poison to the eyes. (9: just a note: poison to the eyes here meant that it was so seducing, it poisons your eyes)

But, having not seen Sis for two weeks, rather than wild, she seems more like a sparkling shota. 

「Okerinasai, Reivell-san!」(9: me likey the romaji version, but thats “welcome back”)

「Tadaima Saron-san♡….This house sure is amazing! For it to be this complete with just a few days…..I was a bit surprised.」

「It makes me happy to hear that~ Me and also Arishia wanted to surprise everyone, so we worked hard…」

「Certainly, Nee-san worked hard. Reivell-san, I would be glad if you could reward Nee-san by patting her on the head!」


The 2 just had tied their bonds of sisterhood, but more than that, it’s good that their relationship is strong.

Incidentally, Master believed Arishia’s words, and she patted Sis’s head.

Sis, whose whole body blushed, stiffen so much that it seems like she was about to pass out…..

「Rusty, welcome back. I’m glad you’re okay…」

「Ah, thanks. Did I worry you?」

「Ah, well…..let’s see….」

Nn? Hey, Arishia is kinda modest. Is it that…when she doesn’t wear her armor, her girl power amplifies?!

Mummuuu…. Watching this girl…. makes me want to sexual harrass her.

I’m not the bad one, ok?! It’s the fault of these cheeky boobs in front of me! (Tea: I don’t condone those thoughts, but w/e lol.)

Moreover, I kinda feel like I would be forgiven if I lightly touch them as a greeting……….

But, the one who stopped my evil deed was none other than our Lady Saint.


「Nn, you are….?」

「Nice to meet you! You can call me by the name of Riin. Until a few days ago, I was the servant of that highly infamous Hero.」

「Servant…..you mean the Saint!?」

「Well, I was….. As of now, I am a Fallen One.」

The saint looked a little negative.

However immediately, she changed her attitude from an official to a private expression.

It was a gaze of a challenger.

「So you are Arishia-san. I heard the story from Rusty-kun.」


Arishia looked like she had sensed something immediately.

She sent her gaze towards me, but of course, I didn’t do anything to match her gaze.

I didn’t do anything bad, ok! The bad one is that hero, ok!

「…….. Please come inside. I’ll have you fully tell me the details.」

「……….Yes, gladly.」

The two of them released eerie auras as they entered the newly-built loghouse.

We were silent.

For some reason…. I don’t want to mix in with that atmosphere.

Sis, who had come back from heaven, pretended to not have noticed it, but having heard that Master was the one who recommended her to the party, she reluctantly went inside the new house. My condolences.

But still….. I don’t really have any good reasons to think so, but I feel like they could skillfully figure things out together.

After when it comes to good-natured-ness, those 3 are pretty much of the same kind.

Ah, I forgot…I still haven’t heard what the party name is.



*gatsu!* *goro, gokaa!* *ga!* (sfx of a goblin playing minecraft IRL)

Earnestly mining the rock wall with a pickaxe.

I don’t know how many tens of minutes have passed, but still I must not complain.

Beside me was Sis who is smaller than me, but had dug through the wall with an efficiency 3 times mine.

How disappointing of me. Is being easily distracted related to being a monster? (9: no you’re just a lolicon)

Behind me was Loli-sama and the Saint who were getting along well as they classified and gathered the ores.

For even these little girls to work hard so hard, I just can’t propose to take a brea-

「……I guess we should take a break sometime around now? Guys, that was nice work!」


Anticipating that my concentration would be broken, Sis proposed it.

Just as I thought, so cool….no, it’s cool-cute.

As if forgetting the silence up until now, the girls joyfully strolled around and went outside the cave, meeting up with Arishia who was the look-out.

「Nn? So it’s already time for a break?」

「Yeah, my concentration was totally broken…..so you really need to have some deep focus when doing manual labor…」

「You can’t help it, after all you’re not used to it. As for the incompetent parts of the humans, they have learned to do this straightforward repetition and have even created something with it. A monster like Rusty being bad at it is something you can’t help.」

「Now that you said it, doing a physical labor like this is a first….it’s not bad.」

Me and Arishia are doing a rotation of being the look-out and the miner.

What we are missing out on are iron ores.

Loli-sama, Sheri and me, as a temporary members of the party “Tiny Demons of Steel — Iron Goblinz — “, the first job we took was mining.

The contents of the job were material-gathering to use for one of Sis’ smithy jobs.

Eh, part of the name is burly. Too manly? I think so too.

It seems that as the 3 main members of the party, Sis insisted on the ~~of steel, and afterwards the other 2 said the remaining part at the same time. It’s kinda embarassing, but in reality, the ratio of loli’s in the group is high, so it might be suited to the party.

When I said 「It looks like there is only one big one standing」 as a joke, I was seriously smacked by Arishia.

It looks like the Saint didn’t like being on the loli side, and said passionately “I will definitely become someone like Arishia-san, OK?”. Please be careful of the recoil.

Bbviously, among these, the oldest one is the legal loli (dwarf) Saron-anego.

During lunch, we spread out our bentou and had fun chat time.

I, who had a lot of experience of being alone, could only do my best to get used to this brilliant atmosphere.

Even if I can’t keep up with their pace or if I fall behind on the topic, these nothing-but-generous girls won’t pick on me for no reason, so I’m really grateful for that.

「….and so, today was iron ore. Tomorrow, we will go a bit deeper and mine coal, understood?」

「Understood, Nee-san. Even so…..”item box”, is it? What a ridiculous ability. Normally, carrying this much amount would need tens of people, you know.」

「Well yeah. I totally became a bigshot; I received…or, rather, was entrusted by Riin after all. I can’t really be too arrogant about this. If it’s for this party, then I’ll cooperate how many times is needed」

「Ummm, Rusty-kun… Aren’t you thinking of me like some sort of high-baggage woman? That is your item, so please use it as you will. Also, as your item, I too…..」


With Arishia’s action, the Saint reacted with a flinch.

「I-it’s nothing, okay! The pact is important right? Right?」


「Ah, etoo…」

The Saint is somewhat acting strange.

Arishia opened her mouth in exchange.

「Right now, there’s a voodoo contract-like technique that both me and Riin are researching. It’s a technique that doesn’t magically restrict the person involved, but creates a vow that interferes with a person’s sense of morality. Rusty, you don’t have to mind it.」(Tea:…….wt actual f)

「O-okay. Both of you shouldn’t do such dangerous things…」



Yeah, I know that girls like the occult, but voodoo is scary, you know. Please don’t summon kokkuri-san. (9: kokkuri is the ghost who answers your question with an ouji board)

To be honest, I am really bad with that type of thing. *shivers*

While my body was shivering, Loli-sama, who was happily listening to their conversation, proclaimed the following words.

「Ghost type undead sure are scary. Especially the haunting type….」

「You’re the scariessssssssssssssst!! Hey, is this telepathy? Please just say it is? You won’t say it’s something occult, right!? Right!?」

「Mufufu….the person that has been sticking to your back, bearing a grudge from your previous life is….」(9: just a note, loli-sama doesn’t know that rusty is a reincarnator)

I desperately rolled on the floor. To remove that person on my back…

I don’t remember having a grudge with someone, you know! But still, you won’t know where and when you get something like a grudge. I have memories of my previous life, and if I see it’s face then….it’s too scary, I won’t be able to look!.

Please. I’m begging you, go to heaven already!

For a short while, I heard Loli-sama laughing without restraint, and I knew that I was fooled.

Master….this is mortifying.

Next time, please teach me a way to see through lies.


≪Saron-anego/The Person listening to the group’s Perspective≫

「Urgh, why are the both of them? Just when were they so much in sync? Also, even though she is so small, from the bottom of my heart, I think Sherina-chan is frightening….」(Riin)

「Yeah, just as I said, didn’t I? At any rate, that girl is amazing. Coexistence is…..for now I think it might be impossible, in many ways, we might grow hazy, after all….」(Arishia) (Tea: either referring to not being very present in Rusty’s mind, or in general)

「Li–little elf girls should be feared. Is that the reason…. for the vow…」

「Normally, with just both of us, it’s doubtful that it would be needed….But luckily, she is still young. Before Rusty falls for her, we must….that…is…s…」

「To hesitate on that topic is cute, Arishia-san……..Alright. It looks like the both of us be together for the long haul. Rushing ahead alone is fine, but monopolizing is prohibited, okay.」

「Yeah, odd minded people…no, it’s already “comrades” who fell for a pervert goblin.」(Saron)

An 11 year old and 19 year old came together, birthing an unshakable friendship.

To face against a all-too-powerful opponent together, a vow to survive against it.

The 2 ladies who have made the pledge for the war, I was in a frightened state.

「You guys, why in the world are you talking about that in front of me!? Talk about it somewhere else, please, I’m begging you! I’m bad with romance, you know! You don’t have to say it, I understand, okay!」

「Nee-san, this is a younger sister’s selfishness. Please, as an observer, watch over this foolish me. Even if it’s just a bit, please give me courage.」(Arishia)

「Saron-san, this is an important issue concerning the continuation of the party. As the leader of the “Iron Little Demons –Iron Goblinz-“, even if it’s just a little help, I would be grateful.」(Riin)

「You guys…..Do you plan to make a shield out of me?」


When I pointed that out, the both of them got restless…..and before long, the 2 of them became downhearted.

「Reivel-san is kind, pretty, and cute, but…..She can be a really scary person」

「Sherina-chan is really good at mind reading, so…. Something might leak out.」

「…..Certainly…both of you are similar minded “comrades”.」

2 young girls who aren’t able to cross over into the world of men because they are too awkward.

They keep saying that they fell in love, but these 2 are too awkward as humans who wouldn’t even be able to fool themselves about falling for a goblin. And they also know about that themselves.

“Won’t I fail again?”…their hearts are probably always scared.

These girls relying on me is basically pleading to me for help. Up until right now, no one had protected them. That’s why they have come to rely on me like spoiled children.

Well, you can say that being trusted that much feels good.

―――――― And then, replying that trust with all my might is my style!

「I’ll only say this just in case. Don’t make trouble for Sherina. Rusty….well, you can make trouble for him. And also Riin…..starting today, call us sisters.」

「Ee….? That is….a joke?….I-is it fine?」

Riin, whose face had flushed red, held her hand over her mouth, while I was nodding to it.

Looking beside her, Arishia was smiling while consenting to it.

「….Really…*hic*…z-zumone wike me…*sniff*…i-i’m so happiiiiii! fueeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaann!!」 (9: she was crying so she wasn’t able to speak properly, damn wanna draw this scene)

Riinm who was crying loudly, hugged me and kept calling out “Nee-sama, nee-sama, nee-sama”

Overcome with emotion, Arishia too shed tears and embraced us, as if wrapping us up.

A short distance over, the goblin boy Rusty and the little elf girl Sherina stared at us with dumbfounded faces. (9: Saron-angeo is so awesome)



  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    “Tiny Demons of Steel – Iron Goblinz – ” Won’t the last part advertise that they have a goblin in the party.

    Oh God! Now I’m imagining an H game with a goblin joining an all girls party.

    Also the girls are facing a dilema. Rusty likes loli, but he won’t touch loli.

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  2. “Right now, there’s a voodoo contract-like technique that both me and Riin are researching. It’s a technique that doesn’t magically restrict the person involved, but creates a vow that interferes with a person’s sense of morality.”

    Sounds like an ancient “Shuraba” technique… 😝

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  3. Apparently you also like when loli has a small body but still with some soft curves of adolescence, like the Terminus Est of Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance for example, right?

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  4. God of Random hath struck againe if a shota loving elf (yes she is real) saw anego the elf worshiper would that equal instant Yuri!?!?


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