Gob Ch33 Part 1

Tea: Sorry, these are longer than I thought. 2 parts. Also, LEWD WARNING.

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Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 33

I was nearly assaulted by the Demonlord

≪Reivell/Erofu’s perspective≫

A night that was shined upon with full moon’s light.

I stood before my house, awaiting the arrival of my guests.

When I received a message from their familiar, my body cramped with tension.

It may be because of that person’s position, but it’s more just that I have an issue….I have a hard time facing that person.

Especially aiming for the timing when Sheri is not here, I do not really have a good feeling about this.

Before long, the promised time had come…

Right in front of my house, a shining magic circle appeared, and as if a human shadow rose from it, that person appeared.

「I welcome you, Demonlord Krene Karleiz-sama.」

「Oh how long has it been, Reivel. My Beloved One.」

The Demonlord that had just suddenly gave me a speech of affection was a little dark elf girl.


「It has been a while since I have been in this house. Though it was not much of a good memory….」

「Ah…haha…please, if you would forget what happened at that time……」

I led her to our humble table, and I poured tea for her on the opposite side.

Her appearance might look like that of a little dark elf girl (around a 10 year old human); however, she is the True Demonlord that has ruled over the Demon Country for 3000 years. And also, she is the master of my master.

「Nevertheless, is it fine for you to come here alone? I heard that there were frequent asassination attempts…」

「Kakkakka…Fret not! 1 km from this house, I have placed a barrier by my Four Heavenly Kings. Even if a Violent Dragon raided this place, it won’t even make it flinch.」

「Haha…as expected….」


The Demonlord silently drank her tea until I replied.

If I take a roundabout method, she will most likely just avoid it.

Holding back my displeasure of her, I asked her.

「And so…what might be your business in my house?」

「Fumu…..your daughter is away from here, so it is probable that she is outside of the barrier. And for some reason, those vampires have been really suspicious lately…..even though we had taken measures for your daughter’s kidnapping…」

It looks like the kidnapping is already a given. And then, my kidnapped daughter will be used to bait me….

「I wonder what they plan to do with me, who is mostly living in retirement…」

「You differ from us. You are a natural elf that can create miracles…..is that not enough to convince you? Though still it seems like your daughter is a normal elf…」

That way of speaking seems like it harbors something underneath. At any rate, it will probably going to be something not very good.

「………….Sheri is alright. Because she has someone trustworthy with her.」

「Hou..so you have such pawn in your hand?」

「They are not pawns. They are friends and my beloved pupil.」

「A pupil….hmph, how unpleasant!」

As I expected, she reacted to that word….

「Just as I thought….you still have not forgiven that person.」

「Of course!」

The enraged Demonlord’s noble face made me believed that there was a bit of sadness mixed in with it.

「That pest… in order to inherit the next generation of high elves, as a foster mother, as a teacher, and as your future husband, I raised you! And with the failure of the ceremony, that bastard secretly loved you, quickly impregnated you, and passed away! CAN YOU SAY THAT I CANNOT BE ENRAGED BY T-H-I-SSSSSSSSSSS!!」(Tea: This is hard to explain, but I will say that the Demonlord is a guy, sorta not really….it’s….ambiguous. W/e.)

「Kyaa! Maou-sama, please hold back your magic power! My house will collapse!」

I was somehow able to calm her down.

「*huff* *huff*! Oh just how many time have I thought of undead summoning that bastard and torturing him.」

Even I would get flustered with those words

「I-I am sorry! I am entirely in the wrong! I was moved by teacher’s little remaining life span and pressed on with the marriage! Also, I, who has God-class magic power, did not believe that O would have been able to conceive a child. He said that after he died, he wanted me to take care of you…. 」(Tea: So this I can explain. You’ll see later, but magic power needs to be of similar levels in order to procreate. Magic in this system seems to be connected to the physical body and attraction as well.)



I-I think my tounge just slipped. A really violent and dangerous omen that is….

In the next moment, I was binded with telekinetic magic, and just as I thought that I was thrown into the bedroom besides me, I roughly rolled onto the bed.

「U-umm Maou-sama. Despite the cute appearance….your eyes are really bloodshot, you know」

「Haa…haa…you are right. Because you have magic power rivaling mine, it has made me aroused. For the first time ever in 3000 years since this young body became a high elf….to feel this much arousal……..」

The demonlord sat her waist on the bed beside me and started to rub my largish breast.

「Hnn! Maou-sama, the way you do it is indecent. Please stop!」

「I want to do indecent things, after all. Is this not a part of his will, too?」

「I did not mean it to express physically!」

「How cruel. Despite him stealing you away from me.」


「Frantically doing my job and organizing the ceremony, I at least wanted to take care of my pupils last moments, and then my beloved pupil said “We are married, so there is no need” and the humiliation when I was driven out…it was really painful….」


As if toying with me who couldn’t answer back, the demonlord held the hem of my robe and stripped it off.

「No-, wait a bit…we are..both girls. we can’t reproduce, you know!」

「What, so you like men better? Should I immediately use Metamorphosis?」

「I take back my words!」

「Fufufu, how lovely. And also…pretty…」


Even my waist was stripped, my lower body exposed to the obstinate gaze of the demonlord.

The spell that is binding my body…I can probably break it if I get serious. But, if that happens, then the demonlord and I might have to battle seriously. Was it because I just spoke of my love as a girl? The guilty feeling is welling up in loads…hat is why I can not properly make a decision.

The demonlord’s small hands are touching and brushing my plump thighs.

My legs twitch as they react, but with my experience of Sheri’s caresses, my complexion didn’t change. (9: loli-sama’s techs are much higher than a 3000 yr old loli elf demonlord)

「How strange? We are the only 2 high elves in this world, you know. I can induce more of my magic power, but…actually, the inside of my underwear is already really wet.」

「Maou-sama, that is disgraceful! Just because you aged so much doesn’t mean that you can forgot a lady’s bashfullness. That will be the end, you know! Moreover, before I am a woman, I am a mother….」

「…..Fumu, I can not ignore that. And speaking of your daughter, it is already investigated that her magic power is the same as a normal elf. And with only that much magic power, as a mother and daughter, the affection should have already faded…」


Actually I performing doing a counter-measure against that.

And the fact that I am her hugging pillow every night too, during that time, I circulate the magic power with her. It feels so good, so we both kinda have a habitual dependency on each other….

「……hmph, I do not like it.」


Of all things, the demonlord’s right hand, she placed it on surface of my underwear in the secret place.

From her palm and fingers, she streamed her magic power towards my genitals and womb, a forceful pleasure. And at the same time, the insides of my underwear had moistened.

「Akuu…Maou-sama! this is not a joke anymore! If you put more magic power or move your fingers, I will seriously hit you!」

「Ooh, how scary…」

The flow of magic power has stopped. However, her right hand is still at my secret place.

「Oh Reivell, you are a High elf. No matter how much you say that you are a mother, your mentality and virginity has returned, am I right? A perfect eternal youth, an unstained pureness, a magic power reaching the gods. And the only being appropriate that title is one person, and that is you!」

「…..Please pull back your hand. Your love has already been transmitted enough. However, my love is mostly monopolized by my daughter. And even after this, forever….」


I am sorry, Krene-sama.

A space to accept your love, inside me, there is no more. Rather, I who had become tired of relationship with others, my family is my peace. Not a sonn, but a daughter which Sheri was born as, and ever since, I am grateful for it.


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