Gob Ch33 Part 2

Tea: Just putting it out there, there is some messed up logic and some really weird things in this chap if you look closely…..Reivell is a virgin…a virgin milf….author….why…..

RAW: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8969cg/33/

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 33

I was nearly assaulted by the Demonlord

「…..Then, let me ask you one thing. If you can answer it, I will pull back my hand.」

The demonlord’s face was smeared with red while touching my important place. She was breathing feverishly and squirming her thighs. This was the first time that she was this aroused for 3000 years….it’s not like I did not pity her. After all, her appearance is a cute girl.

…..Uu…nn…so, stop moving that finger those few milimeters! That place is sensitive, so of course I will notice it!

「Uun…your question…is?」

「Fumu, with that bastard….how many times did you do it?」


In an instant, my magic power and my anger rose at the same time, and the binding spell was creaking toward its limits.

When this breaks, I might end up killing the demonlord.

「W-wait wait a bit! This is an official question. From now on, this question will largely influence the current situation. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the demonlord army might have to move!」

「……….It is not a lie, right?」

「I swear upon the late demonlord.」

She has a serious face, but her hand is still not moving away from my crotch.

Just how much did you want to do it with me!

Heaving a big sigh, I looked away and replied.

「……Just once. We tried to challenge it a lot of times, but that person’s weakness is really intense…」


The same time with the demonlord’s surprise, she pulled back her hand, and I was finally able to calm down.

To the repeating shame play, my reasoning and tear glands were nearly broken down.

Mous-sama is murmuring somthing while her wet right hand….

Heyy, don’t smell it! Don’t lick it!! You perverted loli!!

「……I can not believe it. You possess God class magic power, you know. With his magic power, conceiving is an absolute impossibility. However, in reality….and moreover with just once…」

Are? An unexpectedly serious looking face.

However, after that, a rash remark that I couldn’t ignore leaped towards my ears.

「As I thought the rumours were the truth….a High Elf with broken abilities….」(Tea: Broken here either means ridiculous as in OP, or faulty, as in doesn’t work as intended)

*bakiiiin* (an sfx of a barrier breaking)

It was the sound of the binding spell being blown away.

「Eh? The seal, in an instant? Eh?」

「Maou-sama….right now, you said something right? A really insulting word….」

「N-no..it is not like I was the one that said it….」

「You said it, right? The rumours…please tell me more about it, ok♡」

「……………It was…a High elf….with broken abilities….」

*gozun!* (sfx of a fast straight right)

「Your right hand! Your right hand!」

「Ara ara…..I unconsciouly released a fist. Sorry♡」

The demonlord is holding her head in tears.

「S-why punch me!? There’s an auto-barrier here with physical attack invulnerability, same as the hero, you know!?」(Tea: Basically, the punch was strong enough to hurt the demonlord thru that, and the demonlord is questioning why she would do that knowing that there was a brick wall there)

「Oh is that it….? By the way, where did that rumour come from?」

「I only heard it from a conversation of the 4 Heavenly Kings….」

「Is that so….so it is fine if I torture those 4 Heavenly Kings, right?」

「Please stop! They are good surbordinates! I would wish if you would not bully them! And in the first place, you are the one at fault for being way too erotic!」

「Who is the erotic one!? Please do not say something that will hurt my reputation!」

「It’s not just the vampires. Humans, the dragon tribe, elf, dark elf, everyone is aiming for you! If they knew about the broken ability, they would even go to war over it. I shall protect you, so let me do you!」

「I will not be in a such a relationship with someone with such a purpose.」

「Despite giving birth to a kid, stop saying it as if you are still a virgin, hey…nanoja!」(They are kiddy fighting now)

「I am a virgin right now, so it is fine! Nbeeee *tongue out*!」

「Gununu…..stop nitpicking and let me do you nanoja!!」


I was pushed down by the aroused little girl, but with only grappling, winning against me is ten years too early. Compared to her being an indoor type, I am at the high prime of my years. With a chokehold, I was able to precisecly make her faint and covered her with a blanket.

While under the covers she was sobbing, so I slept with her to comfort her.

Despite living for 3000 years, she is just like a child, but this is the power of the perfect eternal youth. Not just the body, but the mentality is also imprisoned in time. And even I would most likely have this destiny, so I cannot think that it is just her problem.

If I had not given birth to Sheri, without a mistake, I would have been moved by her zeal.

High elves carry a strong power of charming. No matter how much I love a wonderful man, in the end, he will go mad with lust and just treat me as something to treat his sexual needs. So obviously I do not have such relations with a male.

On that point, you can say that my dead husband was a rare case. Though…it would have been fine if he would have more sex drive…..


The next morning, I delivered the demonlord to the 4 heavenly kings.

She was unexpectdly a easy girl, so with by sleeping together, she was in good mood.

After this, please give me important information, okay♡


As they were returning, she left words about assaulting me again soon, and obviously I got a chill from it……


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