Gob Ch34

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9: meow

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 34

More fragile that She Looks

≪Sherina/Loli-sama’s perspective≫


As Rusty was the first one one lookout, we, the “Iron Little Demons –Iron Goblinz-” made camp inside the cave.



「Please, don’t say that~」

While I am hugging Saron-san, I rejected Riin-chan.

「O~i, I want to sleep already, ya know.」(Saron)


Muu~ despite being also an elf….Saron-san’s reaction is too normal that it’s boring.

Was it because I am a little girl, after all? I’m relieved that she is not a pervert like Rus, but even though she loves elves, having no reaction towards me is a bit vexing. As I thought, she likes the beautiful ones.

「Sherina-chan. Just for today, can you sleep at another space? Please!」(Riin)


「Is there any other way? When Arishia-nee-sama became sisters with her in heart and soul, they got to sleep together.」(Riin)

「Muuu….then will Arishia-san become my hugging pillow?」(Sherina)



Eeek…is it, Arishia-san? Please don’t be that scared……

Certainly last time, I overdid it. I was igored by mother back then.

I’m really sorry! From the bottom of my heart, I’m reflecting upon it.


「Riin. Just sleep with me. Even I also want to hug my cute little sister, you know. Let’s just ask Saron-neesan to do it next time.」(Arishia)


Arishia-san, nice back up. I’m glad that Riin-chan is a good girl.

Really these two, they are way too good for Rus. (9: i’ll have to agree to that)

Well, Riin-chan, who didn’t have any other relatives, just got 2 older sisters. Even me too, I wanted to have them sleep together.

But you see…I have my own reason okay.

I can’t sleep without other people’s warmth. I’ll feel scared and won’t be able to stand up.

And also, even as I sleep away from Kaa-sama, that affection I have towards her is certainly decreasing.


Mother was born as the ancient high elf. I heard it is hard to continue having a strong attachment to a normal elf like me. It seems to be the instinct of a supreme race with high magic power.

That’s why mother, every night, circulates the magic power inside me, maintaing the affection. Ihis is the idea that she had come up with. Mother fears herself as her heart is close to being empty, so it seems she is relying on me.

Mother, who is tired of normal relationships, is more fragile than I am.


Thinking about that, it makes me believe that father was an amazing person.

―――――――though in the long run, my jealousy towards him just becomes stronger.


…..And so because of that, I’m enjoying this hugging pillow system more than enough.

So that means that the weakness also has its advantage.

15 years of being spoiled by mother. I, who is good at desiring to be spoiled by other people, it became inevitable for me to use this skill to other girls.

Once in a while, it would be nice to have mother jealous.

Ah, no, the time with Arishia-san was overdoing it. Obviously I should restrain my massages.

So this time, I am only feeling Saron-san’s magic power.

A sample of enchancing myself—


I detected a strong magic power approaching us, I lightly clicked my tongue.

「….Geez, looks like Kaa-sama’s embarassing title has sure reached the demon kingdom….」

「Sherina, what’s the matter?…..」

As I raised my body, and then I shouted loudly so that it would also reach Rus at outside.

「Girls, attention! Very soon, tens of majins will come here! Their race is unknown; however, they are a nocturnal type. Their aim is most likely me.」

「That sure is an amazing detecting ability. As I expected of my Loli-sama!」

「That type of wording at such time is prohibited!」

Really…even though there are 2 girls that like him, he sure has no delicacy.

However, with it being my fault….that fact, my sense of guilt has become lighter. Thanks♡

「Everyone, battle preparation! Hurry up and get out of the cave and be ready for interception!」


With Saron-san’s orders, we held our weapins and simultaneously stormed out.


author: thanks for reading

9: ^ me too



  1. Pfft. This world…

    Very interesting system, though if it would be articulated better… Still, the focus of the story is not the setting, so that may be moot as well.

    Thanks for the translations!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ikr, the world is so bizarre, and i SO wished they better explained it, but alas, they dont. then again, w/e right? thanks for reading!


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