Gob Ch35

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9: meow

Just a review on the character

Rusty – a goblin trained at the dungeon by various masters

Sherina – an elf trained by her mother

Arishia- a former knight captain has the title of fortress

Saron – dwarf, an adventurer and blacksmith and carpenter(?)

Riin – former saint


Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 35
We Were Raided by Vampires

≪Sherina/Loli-sama’s Perspective≫

We didn’t have time to wear any armor.

After a while, when we had positioned ourselves in front of the cave, the attackers revealed themselves under the illumination of the moonlight.


With warped and swollen muscles, it was a group of 20 madmen. With teeth and fangs dripping with saliva, they had the appearance of mad rage; no reason could be seen from them.

I was told briefly by Arishia-san that those are Corpse Demons -Ghouls-, ones who were unable to become vampires. Harbouring an intense desire to eat corpses’ flesh, they were the mad, lowest household of the vampire class.


Moreover, the sound of horse hooves could be heard from behind them. Five people on horseback appeared.

At the center was a brawny Phantom Dream Horse -Nightmare- who was ridden by an old person in a butler uniform. As if accompanying him, were 4 Horse of Darkness -Dark Horse- ridden by metal armored knights.

The old person in a butler uniform unmounted without a sound in front of us, and declared courteously,


「Greetings, my fair lady, Sherina Alkain-sama. We are the butler and wicked knights serving Count Drakorn of the Demon Kingdom region. By our Lord’s order, we have come here to take you. If you obediently surrender, then we shall spare the lives of your comrades.」


Uwa, is this what you call hypocritical courtesy?

Rubbing my nerves in the wrong way, who the hell in the world would say “oh yeah sure” to that!


「….. and so I assume your aim is mother?」


「As a matter of fact, of course. Someone of the high elves who should have perished in the ancient times. Not a fake like the demonlord, but a natural one. On top of that, she is also said to have a broken ability, a threatening breeding performance and a regenerating purity; a body of a Saint…….If she becomes our Lord’s queen, a new legend shall become possible!」


I understand that everyone in the party was surprised. It’s quite obvious since they suddenly heard this.

Sorry for not telling.

Really, these creatures called men should…… just mostly die, or so I believe. Oh, just how much wasmother really scarred up until now…… If I had that power, I would have massacred them all.

Although, if it was a pervert wimp like Rus, then I might spare them from the massacre.


「Well then.. Sherina-sama, please come. Our wicked knights and the ghouls, total 25 households. Something like adventurers, even if they number a hundred, they will just end in pieces」




It’s true that a vampire’s regenerative powers is a threat.

However, isn’t it not a problem for our party?

Right, Saron-san♡

Trash talk before the battle, please smack them with it!

With my gaze, Saron-san made an evil face and snorted.


「Hmph….as I was wondering what kind of monster would come, the bastards have a really good affinity with ours, surprisingly.」


「What did you just say?」


「To us… I’m talking about that we might be ideal for you bastards!」


While hiding Arishia-san and Riin-chan’s chants with Saron-san’s words, their chanting completed.


「「Element enchant [Holy Weapon]!」」


Arishia-san’s sword and great shield, then Saron-san’s pole axe was bathed in light. They changed into weapons with the holy attribute.

The 2 of them went slashing into the center of the ghouls at the same time.

Rus and I functioned as Riin-chan’s guards as Riin-chan started chanting again.


The butler went back on top of the horse. It seems he just planned to watch.


Saron-san’s fighting was just like that of a storm. Atrength you couldn’t imagine coming out from that little body of hers slashed the ghouls’ torso one by one, dividing them into parts.

As for Arishia-san, she plunged towards the group of ghouls with her great shield.


「Shield Assault -Shield Charge-」


The shield, with a surge of holiness dwelling in it, gave more repelling power than it appeared to have.

Three ghouls were blown away at the same time. The ghouls, who had their posture broken, were pierced in the head by a sword bathed in holy light.


The ghouls that ended up with only their upper bodies from Saron-san slashing away, died in agony due to the holy light remaining in their injury.

The ghouls that were pierced in the heart by Arishia-san’s sword left a big hole, showing no signs of regenerating.

Just as expected, this party was really good against undead types.


「A priest and a holy knight!?」


While being surprised, the butler threw something with no motion while mounted.

It was repelled by the holy barrier, so we knew that Riin-chan was targeted.

It was a dark blade made from dark power.


「Tsk, a barrier spell… for there to be a high priest….」


He is an annoying butler, but Rus who wasn’t able to react to the attack had a vexed face.


With the orders of the wicked knights, three ghouls took a detour and approached us.

A barrier can be exhausted quickly with physical and multiple mass contact. They are probably throwing away three ghouls in order to chip away Riin-chan’s magic power.

However, that was a bad choice; the one right here is our party’s strongest. In my quiver, the arrows are finally enchanted with an element. Finally, I can release this anger……. (9: well you could say this is loli-sama’s first battle shown in the wn)


Rus inserted his right hand inside a dark sphere (subspace), and took out a longsword.

He ran outside the barrier with explosive speed, and casually slashed a ghoul.

One was slashed, and the other who was trying to pass were blown away by the “whip shot”.

Even though they were not hit on a vital spot, the 2 ghouls were in pain, and was invaded by light and died.


I released an arrow, hitting the heart of the third one.


「Baka na(impossible)!? That holy sword and item box! Impossible…. are you saying that this goblin is the hero!?」


Fumu, with these members, it won’t be strange if they misunderstand.

Though, with how Rus looks, it’s kinda impossible.


I should go help the 2 vanguards. I continued to shoot arrows in succession.

For the villager-like ghoul, the arrow was aimed at the heart, and for the adventurer-like ghoul, it was aimed at the gaps of its armor constraining it.

Well, this too is thanks to Riin-chan’s permeation barrier.

For her, who kept using spells in succession, her exhaustion is also sever, and she was breathing heavily.


「Rus! MP potion!」




The number of ghouls were decreasing really fast. However, there were still the wicked knights and that butler.  If the numbers keep increasing, and that butler “throws”, it’s highly possible that Saron-san and Arishia-san might get a fatal injury.

I received an MP potion from Rus, and whispered to his ears.


「Please take care of the butler! When there’s a chance,  I’ll also help out.」


「Y-you, the rear guard is……. tsk, I won’t be giving you any chance!!」


Spitting out a shout, my important best friend ran towards the tough enemy.



≪Saron/loli dwarf anego’s perspective≫


Rusty passed by my side, and went slashing at the butler.

Looking behind me, Riin was drinking an MP potion.

The ghoul aiming for my opening was shot through the eye by the arrow Sherina shot.

After a while, the dagger on my waist was enchanted with the holy attribute.


How splendid, it was correct to leave the rear commanding to Sherina.

Just as I predicted, that little elf is not as spoiled as she looks. Judgement on the current situation, observation ability, bow skills, and magic…. there are traces that through great effort, she covered herself in a frantic training.

Despite having that much talent, she was in despair due to her lack of ability…… I wonder just what her aim is?

Confirming the safety of the rear, I blow away one of the few remaining ghouls towards the wicked knight.


「Come if you can, corpse meat eater!」


「You bastard! How dare you mock me!」


One of the wicked knights was enraged as he trampled over the ghoul and approached me.

I was using the pole axe shortly in a melee fight, but when the horse rider came closer, I mowed the legs of the dark horse.

The rider’s spear nearly passed through my throat, but I released my weapon on time and evaded it in a sliding manner on the ground.

It seems that the rider who fell from the horse was a vampire, and in an unfathomable movement, he was falling on top of me.

Despite being a dwarf, a slender one like me, is unexpectedly nimble.

I evaded the trample, and just like a snake, I creeped on his back and coiled around his neck.

With all my might, I bent back his helmet and took out the dagger from my waist and sliced his neck. (9: kuh, so badass)


One of the riders also went towards Arishia, but Sherina shot the horse to death, and it became a melee. Two of the wicked knights was in a frenzy due to my victory, and they abandoned their horse and came flying.


「Arishia, please!」


「Leave it to me!」


To me who was in a disadvantage gave up, and hid behind Arishia.

With Arishia’s prodigious skills, she was able to deftly handle the 3 wicked knights.

As expected of the title “Fortress”, it was not just for looks.

While I was on hold, the chance had come.

The right leg of a wicked knight was caught in a binding spell from Riin. It was being resisted, but it gave me a few seconds.

I slid from between Arishia’s leg towards the wicked knight’s, and I thrust my dagger into the back it’s defenseless knee.

While evading the tumbling like swings from a sword, once the knight got rid of the binding, both of his knees were thrust by my dagger twice.

Even for a vampire, if they were injured by a holy element weapon, their regeneration will be slower.

It was a good thing staying barely in that tightrope situation.

I picked up my poleaxe, and I switch over to fight with Arishia.


Before long, we defeated the wicked knights.

However….. when checked on Rusty with relief, our faces went pale.

On the ground, Rusty’s limbs were pierced by unknown black things.

Sherina who being held by the butler.


Our comrades’ predicament was dangerous.



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