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Welcome to the Yuri Maid Cafe♪

Ch 2
It’s a Christmas Preparation!①

On the outskirts of the city, a stylish cafe, 「Little Garden」.

This shop is famous for its delicious cakes, and on Christmas, the maid are very busy.


The evening before Christmas, after the shop had closed, they were holding a strategic meeting for this year.


「Thank you for your work today~」


After washing the dishes, the newbie maid employee, Yuri, left the kitchen, and on the shop’s table….


「Chyuu nnn, fuuu, kuu, nn….♪」


「W-why are you suddenly kissiiiiiiiiiing!?」


*gatagata* Yuri shrinks away from the table!

Before her eyes, were her 2 senpai employees…..2nd year highschool neat and tidy type Ojou-sama Kisara, and then the twintailed loli-type Miona were hugging one another, deep in the middle of a love-love situation!!


「Cchuuppa kuchyuyu♪」


It was quite a passionate, deep kiss. To the hetero Yuri, the stimulus was too strong.


「Fufu, in this shop, this is a subsitute for greeting, you know♪」


The one resting her cheeks on her palm and smiling at Yuri was the lemon-colored blonde, rolled-hair, and large-breasted dazzzling maid employee, Liz.

3rd year highschool, the most senpai of the 4 working maids of this cafe.


「And like this, before the job and after the job, we will exchange kisses to those of the same gender. To create a bond between the people who work together, it’s a tradition that has continued for tens of years, you know♪ 」


「What a dreadfull tradition…!!」


Yuri regretted it. She could’t help but curse herself for being baited by the favorable terms of the 1000 yen hourly wage, with live-in and without paying any rent.


「I-If I had properly read the job offer…..though I thought it was a normal maid cafe!!!!!?」


「Chu, un..chuuun….♪」


And before her eyes was a *chupachupa* yuri kiss — her face became red and she covered her eyes.

Onto Yuri’s cheeks, Liz placed her white hand.


「Now then, us too….♪」


[No way! Never, no way!?]


Watching the incoming pink lips, Yuri had a teary eyes while panicking.


While kissing, rather exchanging saliva, Kisara and Miona looked up and gave Yuri a warning.


「Muu, you shouldn’t do that Yuri — being embarassed from just a kiss. When you get used to it, I will teach you something more amazing, ok!」


「What do you mean by something more amazing!? Is it legally safe!?」


The neat and clean long-haired oujo-sama type Kisara actualy had a melted pink world inside her head.


「Hehe~, newbie, you’re 100 years too early to refuse a kiss from Liz-oneesama! 」


The red-haired twintailed girl, Miona, who usually was on the receiving end in yuri, she was like this outside of her job.


「Y-you. Don’t you know that I am your upperclassman..?」Yuri said with her trembling fist.


Yuri is the same 2nd year student as Kisara, one year older than Miona.


「To your upperclassman, you must be polite, right?」


「But in this shop, I am more senpai. So Yuri, you should be polite to your senpai♪」


Loli girl, Miona. The little devil smile…it was yet another fascinating charm, different from the younger sister type she has while working.


And on the other side, Liz was in a pose on the verge of kissing Yuri.

「…..*tears*. Do you not like.. doing it with me?」


The teary, wet eyes and the close range…it met with Yuri’s. A sweet, breaths overlap.

A blonde with curled hair and blue eyes. An unexpected cute and pretty baby face — Yuri’s cheeks reddened up.


………..Bluntly saying, it’s cute. Liz gave off a spoiled, older sister feeling and incited other’s protective instinct.

And the feeling from her Maid uniform — the warm feeling of marshmellow softness, her destructive power was extraordinary.


「Aah, um, that is….it’s not that I hate~」


*gonyogonyo* Yuri mumbled while saying it, and Liz’s face suddenly turned bright red…….and that is once again really cute.


「Then, let’s kiss…!」


To the really happy-looking shining smile of Liz, in the end, Yuri wasn’t able to decline.





Tongues entangling with one another, a sweet sweet kiss.

This is the Yuri Maid Cafe 「Little Garden」employee’s modesty.


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