Add/Remove (Oneshot)

Quick and slightly edited. It’s Yuri, maybe?

Title: Sorry, my knight
by: koware hajimeta radio (a radio that is starting to break)

Author: This story is based on something that actually happened to the author, but turned into yuri.


Everything is my responsibility.


You are not at fault, out of my curiosity, you ended up involved. I’m sorry.

『Are you really sure you want to delete it?』

On the PC’s display, you who were really about to cry, your words were displayed.

I replied 「Yes」.

『If you really delete it, from now on, you won’t be able to receive support anymore.』

I know, but I’m sorry, if you don’t disappear, I will be in danger.

『One last thing, please tell me the reason to delete it. It will serve as reference hereafter.』

……….To someone like me, up until the end, you’re still talking to me. You really are kind, Maka-chan.

I replied with 『There is a new person coming.』

And then, you slowly left from my computer.

『……….Milady if you use the same email address as when we met, whenever it is, I will always come back to your place………….Please stay safe.』

At the end, you left this message.

I’m sorry, my knight.


Goddess loves you!

Thanks 9 and farm.


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