Bought with love(Oneshot)

We’re back already thanks to hard-working editors! More Yuri Oneshots! Enjoy the Yuri!

Title: The Girl Who Sold Her Body, Who Might Be The Person Who Bought Her

By: koware hajimeta radio (a radio that is starting to break)


「Aah~! Geez, that was tiring! That’s why stubborn clients are-!……Wait, it’s already 12 o’clock!」


During the business trip, I visited a certain shopping district. Looking at my wristwatch, my legs moved faster.


As expected from this shopping district, there are lots of undescribable shops pulling customers in.


「Yo, the young man over there, there are lots of cute girls around here, you know!?」(9: note this is not towards the protagonist)


「Anything you can fantasize about a girl, three hours for only 40,000 yen! How about it!?」


Even as a woman, I wasn’t safe from these kinds of people looking for clients without holding back. I really want to get away from this area as soon as possible.


「T-to a girl like me? W-would you like to do some n-naughty stuff with me?! J-just for te-10 000 yen a night!?」


One person, a really desperate and clumsy woman was called out to me. 10k for one night with a virgin, what an idiotic price setup.




「Ni- Chiharu!?」


「Eeh? Niina-chan!?」


That idiotic pulling was coming from a classmate I used to like back then.


「Chiharu, what in the world are doing here!?」


「A b-brothel’s costumer pulling…..」


「I’m asking you, why!?」


「…….Niina-chan, when you left the town to become an investigator, maybe you didn’t hear about it, but…….my father and my mother…….disappeared, leaving us siblings alone with a debt of 20 million yen. My six younger brothers are too young, so I need to earn the living expenses for all of us…………And I’m too clumsy, so I got fired from all the part time jobs I worked at……」


「Even so…..」


「I need money right now, you know!? My younger brothers are waiting with their empty stomachs! If we don’t pay the debt, all of us will have to sell ourselves! Fu…..fueeeeeeeeeen(or crying sfx)…………….」


「You, no way…..because of them, you are in this situation?」




「Are you an idiot!?」




「With that, you’re the same as the people who are trying to sell you out!? Our bodies aren’t something for sale, you know!?」


「…..Don’t say something so unrealistic……………I already know that…………. 」


「…….Haaaa(sigh). Fine, all of you. I’ll take care of you and your brothers.」


「W-we….We can’t do that to you, you know…」


「…..Then how are you going to pay back the 20 million yen?」




「……….If you want to sell your body that much, then I’ll introduce you to someone who will pay you well.」


「W-who is it….?」






「I said me.」


「……Sorry, I kinda don’t unders-」


「LIKE! I! SAID! I will buy you! I will be your owner! And while we’re at it, I’ll add the option to have your six younger brothers come with you!」


「I-is that okay with you? What about the money………..」


「…………Since you have been living in that situation, you might not know this, but…..」


「…………What is it?」


「Even though I may look like this, I am quite well known as an investigator in the police force, you know? That’s why even if it’s taking care of all of you, I’m not troubled with money in the least. That’s why….. 」


swsI forcefully pressed my lips onto Chiharu’s.


「With this, we’ve sealed our contract.」


The End.

The Goddess loves you!

Thank you 9, farm, and Kryo for the Tl and Edits.


      1. i dunno, honestly i am just picking randomly from the bookmarks of the author of cat at syosetsu. i read them as i translate it, so even i were surprised by the stuffs i chose.


          1. i’m just trying to make translating more fun.

            well, we are planning(?) to at least release 1 one-shot/chapter per day as long as nothing happens to us.


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