Blueberry Vampires (Oneshot) Title: The Bluish Black Vampire Princess and the Blueberry Pie

Today is a one-shot! Lewd! Enjoy the Goddess’s birthday while it lasts.

Title: The Bluish Black Vampire Princess and the Blueberry Pie

by: Saitonamatake




「Hime-sama, I made your favorite blueberry pie~.」


Norra the maid, pushed the pushcart as she visited her master’s room.

The silver hair of the beautiful female swayed as if ruling over the moonlight, and the deep indigo dress that covered her made it seem as if her body was wrapped by the twilight.

As the maid entered, a kind expression floated onto the silver-haired girl’s slitted eyes.


「Fufufu, I am flattered. Your cooking is very delicious.」(9: oujo-sama talk is hard)


「Hehehe, didn’t I say that saying it like that would make me blush~?」


Being praised by her Master, Norra held her cheeks and bashfully twisted her body left and right.

All the while, the silver-haired girl held out a slice of the pie, and as she was gazing at it, leaked out a sigh of ecstasy.


「The color of a human’s blood is not bad, but as I thought, the color originating from the twilight is the best. It’s so dark and calm; it’s as if you are being charmed by it…」


The Vampire Princess Sellia loves the dark and deep color that is blue rather than the scarlet and crimson of the color red.

Her eyes, the interior design of her room, and even the dress she wears, all of them are even darker than the night.

Because of that, she is called『The Bluish Black Vampire Princess』.

And Norra, who adores her master the Vampire Princess, was once human, but due to Sellia’s blood mixing with hers, her existence right now is disconnected from the path of humans.


While looking towards the terrace, Norra unintentionally muttered.


「Now that I look at it, this is a fantastic evening. There are no clouds, and the full moon is in full view.」


「You are right. Sucking blood might feel good while being bathed by the moonlight.」


Norra’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Her master’s tone appeared nonchalant, but still, Norra didn’t miss the sharp white fangs extending from the mouth dyed by the blueberry’s color.


The pearl-like luster emitted by a vampire’s fang.


Sellia had taught her, this weapon will not appear until the time they desire for blood. In short, she may be seeking blood. However, it’s unusual for Sellia to take it out during her meal.

Nonetheless, the fact that she will have her blood sucked aroused Norra, and with her trembling hands, she unfastened the buttons of her blouse, exposing her neck and shoulder.


「Ummm… Hime-sama. If you are fine with my blood, I’ll offer no matter how much…….」


「I would be glad to. I have thought up something interesting. Come to the terrace.」


Norra happily obeyed her commands, but Sellia carried out the pushcart with her pie on it, which was strange.

However, the silver-haired vampire princess ignored her maid’s doubts and continued to silently expose her fangs.




As her blood was sucked, her consciousness became distant, and at the same time, warm blood flowed into her body.


「Aaah, Hime-sama… that… f-feels really… good…!」


A burning excitement. Her blood being sucked out and the princess’s blood being poured into her body. Thinking about it, Norra’s body revealed a passionate pink fever.


But Sellia’s attack didn’t end with only the exchange of blood.




An unknown sensation attacked Norra. It was a lukewarm sensation, but she knew from experience that it was not a tongue.

From the blue liquid on her master’s mouth, she instantly knew what it was.

The blueberry pie that was chewed by the vampire princess rubbed against her skin.

Due to the unknown feeling, the maid was in tears as she addressed her master.


「Hime-sama… What are you doing… ?」


「Ahaha, it has become sticky even inside your clothes.」


The vampire princess giggled as she bared her fangs, and her dark, blue, and wise eyes narrowed sadistically.

She once again exchanged blood, making her maid’s sensitivity even stronger. Norra was no longer able to stand straight and sat on the floor.

Sellia licked her until she was satisfied, then she made her eat the berry from the blueberry pie.




She then exchanged kisses with her.


「Nna, Hime-sama~… chuupu *jyuru chuupah Ah, mmmm….!?」


「Fufufu… What a bad girl, you swallowed it immediately.」


A dark berry mixed in with a kiss.

Another berry went inside her mouth, and everything inside was violated. Their tongues and saliva became entangled once again as if fighting for the berry.

The Master and her Servant immediately became aroused and their breathing had gotten rough.

Their mouths were dyed in blue, and sometimes, from either end of their lips, saliva mixed with the dark indigo juice dripped down. Their mouths were sullied even further by their licking tongues.


When the pie’s berries were about to be used up, not only the surroundings of the maid’s mouth, but even her jaw and neck were completely stained. Fresh saliva dripped from her mouth as she appealed to her master with her miserable voice.


「Aaaah… not good, not good… Hime-sama. If I just return while being like this… I… I will die of loneliness…」


Sellia was equally stained by the blue liquid. It was the same around her mouth, and departing from her fangs, the fruit juice dripped down her neck and onto her lace collar.

As if her excitement had no plans to stop, she parted her lips.

「Fufufu, actually, I as well. Let’s see, maybe I should first lick the parts where you are stained…」


「Yes, Milady… ♪」


To their bodies warming up on the inside, their clothes was a hindrance. The maid and her master too, as if it were planned stripped off their clothes, and connected their bodies that were covered in sweat.

A bluish-black night; it seems that the night is not yet at its end.





Happy Birthday Madoka!


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