Job Change ch11

Chapter 11 I’ll think of something to say for the next chapter, maybe.

11 – Water Shortage


Rione immediately told the meeting that a new Oracle appeared.

One after another, the members of the meeting came to the temple, immediately wrote down the contents and sent a messenger to the villages under development. This was a part of a set.


While it wasn’t impossible for us to tell the developing villages directly, doing so would reduce the value of the queen Rione. If queen shrine maiden Rione’s authority wavers, mine would as well. That would be a suicidal act.


If the country was rich and peaceful, the king and prime minister would become fools. However, in our current state, if the top doesn’t work diligently, they country would become sloppy. If so, the nation would collapse.


Hence, the first queen Rione had a grave responsibility.


「Because it’s special, why not go to inspect it Rione? I want to make sure it turns out well too.」

「Yes! If this method succeeds, the number of wells can also be increased elsewhere.」

「I shall go as well.」

Intanyu having lots of free time would generally come along.


I rode along with Rione in a carriage designed for a king towards the village under development. Only Rione could see me though.


Having already followed the notice regarding wells, there was already a deep spiral dug in the village. It was as deep as eight adult beastmen vertically.


「Yeah, it became quite a good snail shape.」

「It’s true, the spiral shape makes it look like a snail.」

「Yeah, that kind of feeling!」


A snail-type water well on flat ground; the method was to dig deep in a spiral shape like a whirlpool. In this case, the end of the spiral was the deepest point.


「Hey, Rione, I’m going to dig the well further at the endpoint. It’s already dug rather deep so it’s fairly easy to reach the water now. The point was already moist so quite a lot will come forth.」


As expected the water gushed out.


「Water came out!」and such voices came out of the workers.


「With this a village can be made!」「The purity is also pretty good!」「It was thanks to Lady Faltina’s Oracle!」


Yes, yes, praise me more. Then my power will rise as well.


「I’ll immediately spread stories of this success around the country! Turning sandy territories into agricultural fields may be possible! 」

Rione was also very happy. It was the ideal situation for a ruler.

「Well then, if we can build many villages, the appearance of our country should be sorted out. And so, the number of people wanting to live here will increase.」

「Yes, I will further develop this beastmen kingdom!」


While the snail-type well was quite labor intensive, once completed, the subsequent maintenance wasn’t much harder than normal wells so it was rapidly implemented on other deployment sites.

The farmer-cum-soldier system was implemented as the labor force which would only be drafted in emergencies. For now, there weren’t any labor shortages and only initially was the number of people a problem, so I think the population is growing.


「Ah, there’s something I’d like to request of the new village.」

「Lady Intanyu, what is it?」

「Please say you will build a temple to worship Faltina and myself.」

「You doing that is so shrewd……」


However, a religious facility is indispensable to the village. In the continent I was in before, there was a religious building no matter how small a village. It is one of the elements that tie the region together.


Two years passed since the kingdom was formed, the number of villages has increased considerably. On the other hand, New Karta became more like a capital with various shops lining up. It was no longer a village, but definitely a town.


As the claim that no beastmen were discriminated against, various people who received harsh treatment from the empire and other countries fled to this one. As the beastmen kingdom was still expanding, the increase in the labor force wasn’t a problem. In fact, we’ll accept more and more.


Because businesses become profitable as population increases, merchants from far away began to come. Travelers can also use it as a relay point while travelling. The land that was once ridiculed as a region of death now was a prospering, agricultural nation.


However, prospering means trouble.


In this regard, Intanyu is more sensitive to information compared to myself.


「It seems that caravans visit this village often.」

One day, Intanyu told me that.

「Well, there are merchants grouping up with caravans. That way is much safer.」

Moving alone may get your goods stolen by a thief but with ten or so people you can deal with it.


「If it’s only for safety then that would be fine. But it also means their fighting power is increasing.」

Intanyu had a dubious face.


「However, right now, there are many caravans coming to this beastmen kingdom consisting of fox beastmen. They are also beastmen, but are they not the deceptive type?」


The fox beastmen had fox ears. Since a long time ago they made it a rule to not make any large countries and just travelling to various places trading. In deserts and plains, they build small trading villages for merchants and travellers alike, as there are many people who proactively travel. Thus is the trader life.


「I will make a prediction. Within three years from now, or maybe anywhere from three years to three decades, an event regarding the caravans will occur!」

「With such a wide range, of course something would happen!」


It’s the same as saying anything could happen in 30 years.


「Listen well: you cannot obediently trust a merchant. It’s the same even for beastmen, even more so as the people of this beastmen kingdom are too kind-hearted. Sooner or later there will be painful experiences……」


—and something like a prayer resounded in my head. This is what happens when someone earnestly prays to god! Dedicated prayers become telepathy to god.


「I hear something!」

「I as well!」


—He, help…… At this rate, everyone would be sold as slaves……. At least save my friends, please help, god……


「It’s serious! Kidnapping? Something bad is happening! 」

Rione also hurriedly entered the temple.


「Bad news! There was a massive outbreak of kidnappings in the frontier village Kiku!」

No doubt about it this is it!

「The criminals numbered about twenty and dressed as caravans…… It’s said the main party had fox ears!」

「It unexpectedly occurred so soon……」

Intanyu turned pale.



The Goddess loves you.

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