Job Change ch13

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13 – Defeating an Evil God

I was confused. The faith in this Celude god was obviously strong……


The number of believers is small, as it was a secret society. But the faith in each individual is outrageous! It’s completely different than what you could gather from simple faith.


I wanted to pass Celude and move forward but she kept making walls and obstructing my way.


「Loitering around so much makes me depressed」


Suddenly my body was bound! Intanyu cried 「I can’t move」while she fell and got buried in the desert.


There’s no way…… What kind of faith does she have……


「Innocent people are being enslaved! Let me through!」

「In the first place, what is a definition of a crime? Are you saying there is no crime in your country? The presence of God isn’t enough to maintain justice」


That’s a fair argument. In the first place, I had a presence in war. That time, there was no one saying murder was evil.


However, I cannot stay silent like this. I must continue by any means necessary……


I tried to move my bound hands.


「It’s useless. The population density of your followers in this desert area is tiny as possible. Have the kidnapped person given up, or have they tired out, it seems they aren’t praying much right now. You may have won this if this was New Katra’s capital.」


Celude drew closer and played with my hair.


「Truly beautiful hair. Are you not a splendid goddess? However, a certain something is a little too bad.」

「M, making a fool out of me……」

「In the world of gods, one with little faith is belittled 」


And suddenly my hands became free.


「Faltina! I believe in you! So go beat up that shitty fox goddess!」


Intanyu pulled herself out of the desert and began praying with both hands clasped!


「Faith from the god that is I! It should be enough to repel her!」

「Thanks! Intanyu!」


I with my freed hands—— struck Celude’s chest with all my might.


Piss off! This is the blow from the guardian deity of the Beastman Kingdom!


However, celude had a calm face.


「That hurt. However, that is it. It is not enough to kill me. This match is my win」


Shit! Shit! An important devotee is being enslaved! Is there no way? Despite being this way am I not a guardian deity? Are you not developing the Beastman Kingdom?


There should be some way. There must be.


This devil gets her power from the sacrifice. She’s a devil so there should be a strategy for capturing her. Something, something!


This is a battle with my pride as a guardian deity on the line.


「Faltina! This may be useful for something! Use it!」 Intanyu threw me a consecrated knife. It was a small knife but within it hid the power to turn any ordinary man into a hero.


「Huh. If you hit me with that it will temporarily lower my power and allow you to chase the caravan. However,—Is it possible with your power?」


In an instant, Celude moved from where she was and appeared right in front of me.


She moved much faster than me. Right now, in this space, the difference between celude and I was evident.


「You are aware of it as well. A fight between gods is, in the end, a contest of their people’s faith. No matter how much energy you have it won’t change anything. Please give up」


Speaking like they know everything irritates me.


「There are some enslaved people who believe in you but that amount is trifling. That is why your country would not destabilize. Sooner or later, the number of citizens will increase. Will you not hand me the victory this time? I have the stronger devotees after all」


Huh, I would never in my life want to be friends with her……


「Well then, would you keep aiding the vile scoundrels of your devotees……? 」


「Yes. Even if they were trying to cause the downfall of the fox beastmen I will lend my power. That is the meaning of my existence as Celude」


Celude said in a natural manner. Even as an evil god, they understood their belief. To a horrifying extent, this god is consistent. And logical. The believers will also feel good about it.


Wait? What if this god protects anyone who believes in her?


「Now, what will you try to do with that knife? Will you try to stab me? I won’t try to stop such an action」


「No. I thought of a better method so I will do that」


I stared into Celude’s unfazed eyes and said.


「Celude, I believe in you from now on! Therefore work for me!」


As expected Celude was not expecting that.


「Believe? However, what could you possibly offer as sacrifice being a god?」


I cut off my long and beautiful hair with the knife.


It suddenly was reduced to a shoulder length. Well, that’s fine.


「I offer my hair as a goddess. It surely isn’t a lower value than some human’s arm!」




Celude laughed out in a loud voice.


「I see! I never had the notion of that way of thinking! I understand! I shall fulfil the goddess’s Faltina’s wish!」


Having said that, Celude flew in the direction the wagon was headed towards.


「Follow me!」(tln: I’m a snek)


As I headed towards the place, the caravan and horse were bound and unable to move. There were also people turn into the desert.


「I took away these people’s freedom」


「Thank you. As expected from an evil god you have power.」

「Even if it was harmful to the fox people it wouldn’t matter would it」


Celude then entered the wagon and untied the dog and cat-eared beastmen. I said unbound but rather Celude just touched the rope and they unravelled themselves.


「Eh……The fox eared god……?」 It seems the child being held hostage could see Celude. It seems this god didn’t care to show herself to people.

「The goddess Faltina, with her hair as an offering, wished this goddess Celude to rescue you I answered that wish」


And then Celude suddenly disappeared.


The kidnapping situation seemed to have been resolved safely.


The Goddess loves you.

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  2. First off, thanks for the chapter!

    So I totally didn’t see that coming, I expect it will have some major repercussions though.

    BTW whats that illustration from? I tried goggling ti but the only thing that came up was in what looked like Chinese and google translate didn’t want to work.

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