Tridente 11

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Small Village Tridente – Chapter 011



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June, 2XX7

The World You Long For


After school, neither Saya nor I went straight home. Instead, we went to visit the president’s house so Saya could explain to her how to download the game as well as how to order the exclusive VR set.


I uncomfortably sat in seiza during it all. It’s my first time being inside another person’s house after all! Confused about what I should do, I looked around the room restlessly.


It sure is a clean and tidy room. On the bed, there’s a cute stuffed toy and on the study desk there rest some fancy accessories and pen holders. I imagined it would be a cool and refreshing but serious room, so it was a bit unexpected.

「If I was to say something, it perfectly fits the image of Saya when she’s pretending.」


「Mari, you said that out loud, you know?」



「What, so I was right about you just pretending?」

「It’s not like that at all, okay~☆」

「The heck!? So you were gathering people around you and votes during the election like that?!」

「Like I said, that’s just what everyone did on their own, I really wasn’t up for it okay!?」


「Oh well, I’ll take that as an answer. Ah, I’m sorry Kanzaki-san, I’ll bring you some tea and snacks right away.」

「T-thank you very much.」


After saying that, the president left the room.


「Okay, Mari. Let’s do a room search.」

「Room search?」

「When you go to a friend’s house, it’s something you should always do, right? C’mon, there, under the bed!」


Isn’t what we’re doing normally done by guys instead… I retorted in my mind, but since Saya looked like she was having fun, I decided to follow her orders.

In the first place, is there anyone who would hide their perverted books under their bed nowadays? With that thought in mind, I reached my hand under the bed and hit something that felt like a book.


「T-there really is something under there!」

「Eh, seriously!?」


【500 Methods to go to Another World】



「W-what is this?」


What appeared from under the bed was a suspicious-looking occult book.

Could it be that the president has a longing for another world?

Saya turned a few of the pages; there were several methods of going to another world recorded inside.


【In front of an unplugged TV, sit in seiza for 3 hours.】


【Inside of the Student Council Room, dance the waltz with the human anatomical model during the middle of the night.】


【On the school rooftop, hold hands with your fated one and dance in the air using a trampoline.】


※ Results may vary depending on the individual.


「It’s not “depending on the individual”, it won’t work no matter what, right?」


As Saya retorted to the contents of the book, *click*… the sound of the doorknob being turned came from the door. In front of her eyes, Saya and I were turning the pages of the book as we sat on the bed. After seeing us, the president let out a strange voice.


「Kyaa! W-whawhawhat are you doing!? Unsealing my sacred scriptures!!」

「What sacred scriptures? This nonsense? …Ah! Maybe you asked about NW because you like the thought of another world, right?」


「Y-you two, calm down…」



「Fuu, I apologize for losing my composure, Kanzaki-san. Let’s see… It would be better if I spoke honestly in this situation, wouldn’t it? About the slumbering desire hiding in my heart.」


「N-not really… Even if you don’t say anything, I can sort of guess…」


「It was, around the time I was in my fifth year of elementary school――」


She starting talking about it on her own.


「Tightly holding the new year’s money that I had received I headed towards the bookstore and realized my fateful encounter. With this sacred Bible!」


「Don’t call it a bible!」


「I who want to say goodbye to this boring world was drawn towards this bible! And ever since then, I have started longing for other worlds.」


What? That’s it?

So short…


「S-so that’s how it is. Then, are you going to immigrate to NW?」

「Of course I will! The moment I heard the NW Company announced they had made a new world, I was more excited than I’ve ever been in my entire life!」

「Heeh~… Still, immigrating to the world of NW, it’s full of things you don’t know anything about, right?」

「I don’t particularly mind. Even the real world is full of things you don’t know about, right? It’s just that humans are living beings who can entrust themselves to the unknown like that.」


She might be right. I want to know a lot of things, but in the end, you just think you want to know it and nothing really changes.


「Hmmmmm. I thought the president was a boring woman, but you’re unexpectedly someone on our side.」

「Oh my, I was quite surprised that someone who plays at being the school princess would be a gamer though. It makes me wonder if you started gaming because you don’t have anywhere else to be yourself.」


At the president’s words, Saya’s expression became a bit clouded. Different to when she was quarreling with the president, she started speaking seriously.


「You’re right. At school, no one tries to look at my real self, instead, everyone looks for my past self… they only talk to the me who was enshrined inside the TV. Of course, I know they don’t mean anything bad by it, but it’s really tiring.」


And then, Saya looked at my face and smiled tenderly…


「That’s why Mari is special. She, who met my self from NW, became suspicious and found me in the real world. Mari may not know about it, but inside of me, she is an existence that puts my heart at ease, someone really important to me.」




I didn’t think that Saya would think of me in such a way…




I’m sure that the president, as well, was moved by what we heard just now. I wonder if we’re gonna be teased for flirting around again.


「Too bad. I was the very first one Kanzaki-san thought was Saaya and the one she called out to at school, you know!? That means I am the ideal she was searching for!」


The president put on her biggest smug smile as she faced Saya. To think that she would still provoke her with this mood… just how bad is their relationship? These two!


「gununu… Is that so!? Mari!」

「Eh? Eh!?」


And she also easily bit onto such a cheap provocation! Well, now my image of the president is completely different from what I thought of her the first time we met…



「And with this, you’ll probably be able to play in two or three days, when the VR set arrives.」


After teaching the president how to download NW and how to order the VR set, Saya sat on the bed.


「Thank you, that really helped. Please, allow me to treat you to something next time.」

「It’s fine. Since I got to learn an interesting secret of the oh so great student council president, right~?」

「mu, Don’t spread it, okay? I won’t tell anyone that you were pretending either.」

「I gue~ss I~t ca~n’t b~e help~ed~. Still, don’t you get tired of pretending to be a diligent person at school? Aren’t you pushing yourself more than me?」

「I was treated as an eccentric during my elementary school life, and it’s the truth that I started hiding it during my middle school days. Nevertheless, my self that I showed today and my self at school… both of them are me.」

「Is that so…?」


「But now, rather than school, it’s more painful to be in the house. My family is not always here, my meals are always from the convenience store, and all I do is study alone…」


My mom also comes late a lot of times, but Yuki-chan and I cook our meals together… and mom also tries to come home as early as possible.

It seems that the president’s parents often do not return home for many days; different from my own, she seems to have her own share of troubles.


「Well, once you’re able to play NW, that loneliness of yours will disappear. So it can’t be helped, Mari and I shall both play with you.」


Saya turned a smug smile towards the president, as if in retaliation for earlier.


「Of course! Whenever you feel sad, feel free to call us! Let’s go adventuring together. President.」


「…Thank you.」

At that time, the big smile that she showed us for the first time may have been the greatest proof that she had become our comrade.


Chapter 11 END

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