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Small Village Tridente – Chapter 017



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June, 2XX7



「I am Suzukawa Saya. My dream is to go to another world!」


When I became a 6th year elementary schooler, on the first day of my transfer to a new school, I introduced myself in that manner; it became an event where everyone in the class burst out in laughter.


Why are you laughing? Is it that amusing that I have the desire to go to another world?


With that self-introduction as the cause, I was isolated from the class.


『That girl’s a bit weird, isn’t she?』

『Stuff like ways to go to another world, she seriously started talking about it.』

『Even though she’s smart, she’s just a weirdo~』


Any conversations about me were always something like that. Even if I started talking to them, I would be ignored. “The other world germs will infect us so stay away”, I’d be told. The situation gradually grew worse and worse.


For an entire year, I patiently endured it. It’d been decided that we would be moving again before I entered middle school so, before long, I’d be saying goodbye to these people.

My parents had many job transfers, so because I constantly changed schools, I became used to having my social relationships reset every 1~3 years.


Faster… I want to quickly change schools.



And ever since I entered middle school, I’ve been concealing the fact that I have the desire for another world. My isolation during that time left a large scar in my heart and became a trauma.


I decided that I would get through it by acting like an honor student and read a large number of books. Inside of books, there are other worlds spread throughout; it makes me feel like I am a part of those worlds.

However, if I were to express those feelings of wanting to go into the world of books, I might be mocked once again.


I worried over whether to become a novelist or a researcher in the future. If I were to become a novelist, I could create my own world in a book… and if I were to become a researcher, I could do experiments about reincarnation in another world.


Faster… I want to quickly become an adult.



In the neighboring class, there is a girl who is amazingly popular named Himemiya Saya. Her excellent grades, or her test results almost having the same marks as mine, for one reason or another we are frequently compared to one another.


During the sports festival that is held once a year, for the last event, I was entrusted with being our class’ anchor for the class relay competition.

As the relay reached its climax, I was the first to receive their baton while Himemiya-san’s class was late by 2 seconds and became the second class to receive their baton.


In our class, I was the one with the fastest time, so I was entrusted with being the anchor.

However, Himemiya-san easily surpassed me. By the time I’d received the baton and was rounding the corner, I’d been passed. The final result: we were 2nd place.


『Even though we made her the anchor, they turned the tables on us and we lost.』

『Like I thought, there’s no comparison between the princess and the class rep.』

『Well, I didn’t believe in her since the beginning.』


My surroundings became excited comparing Himemiya-san and myself. Why? Why am I being insulted, I wonder? Even though I did my best.

The day after, I started running early in the mornings.


Faster… I want to run faster.



As the end of my second year of middle school approached, I announced my candidacy for the next student council president. Before the entire student body, I delivered an innocuous speech, but in the end, I placed 2nd in the number of votes and lost to Himemiya-san. The contents of the speech were all similar for everyone and as a result, it just became a popularity contest. However, Himemiya-san, who had been recommended and was not interested since the beginning, declined the position and I became Student Council President.

“Then to begin with, don’t enter!”, I would like to think, but the one at fault is the school who created the rule that you can not decline before voting ends.


「Sorry~☆Sorry~☆」, the girl who came to apologize with such a lighthearted attitude and I, we frequently quarrel.

And now that I think about it… that may have been the first time I had a quarrel like that, facing one another with our emotions…



While I was doing my student council work, a cute girl called out to me.

She said that I had helped her in NW, but I did not know what she meant. Perhaps, she is a messenger from another world, I wondered.



The public has become noisy with this large scale memory loss incident. I wonder, just what is happening? It couldn’t be, the herald for another world transmigration?

When I checked the news, an interview with the production company that had made the game that was the cause had started.


The cause seems to have been a game called NW… NW? I feel like I’ve heard of it. That’s right… If I’m not mistaken, those were the words of the other world messenger that I met! Watching NW Company’s interview, this game called NW is a new world or something.


It seems like I’ll have to prepare for the other world immigration.



When I went to the rooftop during lunch break, I unexpectedly encountered the other world messenger. After that, I had become curious so I looked it up and, if I am correct, her name is… Kanzaki Mari-san.

When I asked about NW, she passionately started to talk about how wonderful the game is.

The more I hear about it, the more fun it seems. I’ve never bought any online games so, not knowing how to play it, I requested guidance from Kanzaki-san and Himemiya-san.


Faster… I want to quickly go to the new world.



When I invited the couple to my house, a terrible incident occurred.

My Bible was excavated.

Even though I thought it would be safe if I hid it under the bed!


I thought it would be the return of the “other world germs”, but the two of them didn’t start avoiding me. “We’ll play together with you.” …they said.

I was incredibly happy……Kanzaki-san, Himemiya-san, thank you very much.



I logged in to NW for the first time. I was so enthralled by the beautiful scenery that I wasn’t able to notice the existence of the mouse behind me.




「What? What is happening!? I can not see! And my health is decreasing as well!」







Even though I had just arrived in the other world, I died immediately.

If this weren’t a game, it would have been a horrible tragedy where my life ended. Before this world becomes independent, I need to study more…


Kanzaki-san and Himemiya-san came to my rescue, but it seems that they had not learned any resurrection magic. I resigned myself and had to return to my starting point.

If I learn revival magic, will the both of them be happy about it? Will I be helpful? Will I be able to return the favor?



My house has been completed!

Various things happened, but I decided to live together with the two of them. This is my house in NW… In this world, I want to eat together with everyone around the same table.



I heard an ominous rumor.

It seems that there’s a PKer destroying other people’s accounts, restricting them from logging in forever. Forcibly depriving people of the right to enjoy this beautiful world, it pains my heart when I think about the feelings of the people who were expelled.



Everyone has not logged in yet, so today I will be leveling up alone!

Yesterday, we hunted together so I have seized the knack for battle. I have also learned various skills.


While I was hunting, I received a message from Mari-san.

It seems that the rumoured PKer is nearby. I hurriedly returned to the village, but what I saw there were two people standing in front of Mari-san as she lay on the ground.


So that the enemy would not notice me, I surprised them with magic to steal away their vision, and then used resurrection magic on Mari-san. I wonder if Mari-san will be glad?


『I believed you would come.』


I’m glad. Having a comrade that believes in you, so this is how it feels.


So I could hear those words, I worked hard.

I put in great effort and forced myself as well.

Those few words of yours, they give my heart strength.



At one point, we were able to change the tide of battle to favor us, however, due to the opponent’s powerful skill, Mari-san became incapacitated once again…

I immediately attempted to revive her with resurrection, but because of the enemy’s attack, my chant was interrupted.

But even when I tried to restrain him with attack magic, it would also be interrupted.


The enforcer started to activate a skill that releases a red glowing effect.


Most likely, if I receive that attack, my account will be destroyed. And then Mari-san’s too.


I must not fall here

They were entrusted to me

These feelings were entrusted to me… I do not want to regret ever again!


Faster, even faster

Accelerate… My feelings!



【Fast Aria】


Chapter 17 END

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Godess bless


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