Tridente 25

Pills, it feels like I spend half my morning downing pills. Every time I go to the doctor they subscribe me something new! Before when I was younger on my daddy’s insurance I had to pay like 40 bucks out of pocket, not too bad. Now with my new insurance from my job I pay nothing. Pretty sweet deal. Side effects suck, but at least they’re free.



Small Village Tridente – Chapter 025



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July – August, 2XX7

Vocal Solo


Unable to deal the finishing blow to the girl frightened of death, I put down my weapon.


This is… she’s just like a human.


「What will you do? Cyber Fish’s goal is her subjugation, for your information.」


The president said while curing each person from Cyber Fish of their abnormal status. I thought they would naturally recover, but they were in a deep sleep even until the end of the battle.


「I-is it over?」


One of the people from Cyber Fish who’d recovered looked around restlessly and asked.


Is it over, I wonder?

As things are, she’ll definitely wander around to sink ships once again.


「Hibiki, it’s not like we want to defeat you. So if you can stop sinking ships, then…」

『No, no, I can’t! I have to sink the ships! Why do I even have to stop doing that!!!』


Even if she feels the fear of death, she won’t stop sinking ships… Just what is binding this girl to that extent.


「It’s probably because she was issued a routine to sink ships, so she doesn’t have any other choice.」


Saya stood besides me as she said it.

As a monster, the actions she can make have been established… even though it’s like that, she’s able to speak so freely, she’s frightened in front of death, she’s crying. This monster… Hibiki is clearly somehow different from the others.


「Saya, can you contact Eve-san?」

「Eh? I met her before so I might be able to at least send her a message if I search through my history but…」

「This monster… it’s absolutely strange. I think it’d be better if we let Eve-san know.」



We explained the situation to the people from Cyber Fish and decided that, for the time being, we would have them wait a short while regarding the subjugation of the siren.


「Hibiki-chan. How long have you been attacking ships?」

『I don’t know.』


「What about your house? Where do you sleep?」

『I don’t sleep. I’m always searching for ships by myself.』


「Who gave you the name Hibiki?」

『Name… this name… my parents gave it to me.』


Parents…? Then, is there a chance there are still other sirens that can talk like Hibiki?


「You don’t want to leave this place? How about staying in our village for a little while?」

『No!!! I won’t leave this place!』

「I see… U-uhm, you see… we’ll come here again so, at that time, can you not attack and talk with us instead?」


Hibiki didn’t agree nor disagree and stayed silent.

If that was Hibiki’s minimal resistance against her established routine, I thought that I absolutely had to release her after all.



「I-I’m sorry. Even though we went to subjugate the siren.」


When we returned to the village, I first apologized to Cyber Fish.

Since they want to do their activities mainly in the sea, they probably wanted to settle the problem quickly. But because of my own decision, we missed the chance to defeat the siren.


「No, no. We couldn’t help at all. Rather, since the situation has changed for the better we’re glad, you know.」


Changed for the better…

I was excited when I first heard the rumors about the siren. But now, far from changing for the better, it feels like the mystery has just deepened even more once again.



We seperated from Cyber Fish, went back to our home, and sat down on the sofa in the living room.


「Saya, was there a reply from Eve-san?」

「Yeah, she said she’d investigate things about the siren for the time being.」


According to Eve-san, since the management of monsters was entrusted to the developers in the real world, there are a few parts that even she hasn’t understood. At the very least, she didn’t know about the existence of a talking monster.


「Both of you, I’m sorry. There was also the time with Pochi, but you went along with my selfishness.」

「Please do not apologize. Even I am curious about the matters regarding that siren.」


「I haven’t regretted anything from your decisions even once. It’d be good for you to have more confidence in the conclusions you bring about, you know.」

「Yeah, thanks!」



Two days later, we were contacted by Eve-san who’d been investigating the siren. She said she wanted us to gather to explain the what she’d found out about Hibiki.


「I-Its a bit nerve-racking.」


Having already abandoned the real world, Eve-san, who proclaimed herself to be living in NW, seems to be involved in the regulation and development of NW through a management room that was set in a special place in NW.

Although we’ve already become acquainted, it’s our second time meeting. Due to the atmosphere from her appearance and her impression during the interview, the image of a mastermind like those from anime and games got stuck in my head, so exchanging words with her directly makes me feel indescribably tense.


「But she was pretty carefree when it was just us two, you know. That auntie.」

「Eh, really? I can’t imagine it though…」

「She is, she is. Even though I went to see her because she said she wanted to talk about Nos., she suddenly started gossiping.」


『Who’s the auntie?』



Without any presence, she suddenly called out from behind us. It felt like my heart would jump out. Even though Saya didn’t scream, she seemed a bit flustered as she looked back.


「Please don’t surprise us! Eve-san.」

『Isn’t it because you were talking behind my back, Saaya-chan?』

「It’s not like I was talking behind your back… anyways, even if you have administrative powers don’t come warping in without knocking, okay. Geez…」


Normally, you can’t enter a room without the homeowner’s permission, but Eve-san is part of the NW management. That is to say, she’s an existence similar to a GM, so she can warp anywhere in an instant.


「You’re being rude to our guest, Saaya-san. Now, Eve-san, please take a seat.」


The president guided Eve-san and had her sit facing us. Since the president admires Eve-san for creating NW, she was acting just like a maid serving her princess.


『You sure are kind, Rin-chan. Saaya-chan, you should learn from her.』


Saya stared at Eve-san looking dissatisfied, but Eve-san had a smile on her face without caring at all.


『Mari-chan, it’s been a while. I heard you tamed a monster?』

「Ah, yes! It’s nice to see you again!」


I bowed my head deeply as I greeted her, and then held up Pochi in my arms and introduced him.


「This child is Pochi the raging wolf.」



「No, it’s Hachi.」



「It is Ultimate Cabbage Tarou.」



『…Hurry up and decide the name, okay.』



『And so, I had you gather today to tell you what I’ve learned about the rumored siren, but』


Unlike before, she started speaking with a serious expression.


『She is a monster and yet not a monster.』


“To be a monster while not a monster.”

That’s, it’s exactly the uncomfortable feeling that I had with Hibiki. Hibiki, with her human-like gestures and appearance, perhaps she’s actually an NC? I questioned myself.


『NC… Certainly, she’s a similar existence but that’s wrong.』

「Then, a human is controlling her?」


A human pretending to be a monster is controlling her… I also thought that, but if that was the case then it would be impossible for her to always be wandering the seas searching for ships. Humans will die if they don’t eat or sleep. And in reality, there have been news stories in other countries about people who have died due to continuing to play online games without eating or drinking.


『I thought that it was impossible for a human to be controlling her, however, that possibility has emerged.』

「Eh? But…」


Is that even possible? Are there multiple people taking turns controlling her? No, that’s also impossible. When you start the game, your body information is scanned. In other words, if your biometric data like your fingerprint, retina, and the like don’t match, then you can’t log in.


『The siren’s… Hibiki’s personal number is registered, you know?』


Personal number…? Then that means…


『Yes, Hibiki the Siren also exists in the real world.』



『Her name is Tennouji Hibiki (天王寺 響), a first-year high school girl.』


Chapter 25 END

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