Tridente 27

So like I got like half the team into RoR2 and the damn thing is like a time machine, but it only sends you forward. We did get 2 new editors one happily plays with us, well he needed some convincing at first,  the other still refuses to do anything but edit. How annoying. You can’t JUST edit, amirite? I mean I can only post chapters 3 times a week, having a backlog is just unnecessary.


Small Village Tridente – Chapter 27



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July – August, 2XX7



As when we were about to arrive at the entrance, an unbelievable statement came out of Shinonome-san’s mouth.


「Hibiki-san’s dead… y-you’re lying right?」


「You three, didn’t know? Wait… are you really her acquaintances?」


Shinonome-san was surprised too when she saw how shaken up we were. She didn’t understand… We’d certainly seen Hibiki in the game moving, talking and singing… It’s a game that needs your individual number and biometric identification to log in, so there’s no mistake that it’s Hibiki-san. (9: Hibiki without honorifics is her player name while the Hibiki with honorifics is her real name.)


「Um, will you tell us how she being died?」


「Before that… you three, how do you know Hibiki?」


We explained the incident in NW. It’s a difficult topic and I didn’t know if she’d understand, so I explained in detail where the part about the individual number and biometric signature of the Siren matching Hibiki’s.


「That means someone is using Hibiki’s information and illegally accessing it?」


That “might” be possible. However, can you actually illegally log into NW with its firm security? Unless there was a clone that’s an exact copy of Hibiki-san, it would be near impossible.


From what we heard from Shinonome-san, Hibiki-san loves opera and plays, and desired to take that path in the future. However, 2 months ago the deadly disease she had since she was young took a turn for the worse and she died.


「So, that means Himemiya-san and you two came here to investigate about Hibiki, right?」


「We’re very sorry for deceiving you like that.」


Shinonome-san’s dim expression changed into a forced smile, and she said that she doesn’t mind. She probably had some relation with Tennouji Hibiki-san, because when she talks about her, it looks like she’s hurting.


「Ah, but Mari and I wanting to enter this school is true you know. I’ve admired it for a long time.」


「Hee~, then next time maybe I’ll have you call me Hazuki-oneesama!」


O-onee-sama!? Do people really call each other that? Just what you’d expect from a rich girls’ school.


「H-Hazuki… o… o… onee-sama…」


「J~ust kidding, it’s a joke. A joke! I entered school expecting that kind of thing, but there was nobody calling anybody onee-sama so, I kind of want to see someone do it.」





After that, we exchanged contact information with Shinonome-san and returned home. We’d promised to log in today, so we each returned to our respective homes.


「I’m back!」


After returning home, I went to the living room. Mom and Yuki-chan were in the middle of preparing dinner.


「Oh my, Mari-chan, welcome back.」


「Ah, should I help out?」


「It’s about to be done so go ahead and rest.」


I thought of doing it later since they were still busy preparing for dinner but, unable to bear it, I reported to Mom the decision I’d made that day.


「Um, you see, Mom. I, I think I’m going to apply for Kasei.」


「Ha!? Onee-chan is going to Kasei? What’s the matter so suddenly!?」


The first one to react was Yuki-chan. Knowing that I’m applying for Kasei, she stopped what she was doing and approached me.


「Y-Yuki-chan, you’re too close…」


She moved her face so close to mine that our noses hit each other, all the while asking, 『Why, why?』

Yuki-chan shouted 『That’s impossible!』 while Mom kindly smiled, saying 『If Mari-chan felt like it, then I’m sure you would pass.』 She happily accepted it.



While eating, I told them we’d visited various high schools and told the truth about the fact that I was put up to take the Kasei entrance exams by Saya.


「Saya, you mean Himemiya Saya-senpai? She’s that famous person in our school right? Why are you friends with her, Onee-chan?」


「Yeah, that Saya. I met her in a game and we became friends through it.」


「Eh, by a game you mean… Ah.」


Yuki-chan was about to say out the name NW, but quickly held her tongue. Yuki-chan knew that I’d lost my memory, but we still hadn’t talked about it to Mom. I thought of talking about it when the time was right, and now seems like a good chance.


「Mom, actually I–」


「I know about it, you know. It’s the game called Next World, right?」


Before I got to tell her, Mom brought up NW.


「W-Wha? Yuki-chan, did you tell Mom about NW?」


「I-I didn’t tell her but… I guess she knew.」


It seems that she noticed when I threw out the package for the exclusive VR set. I might have forgotten to take off the voucher that was attached to it.


「I’m sorry for hiding it…」


「Mari-chan. Your mother wants to support your decisions, so from now on please report to me properly and don’t hide it.」


「I-I will.」


In the end, both Mom and Yuki-chan didn’t criticize me for playing NW. I didn’t need to hide it all along.


「U-um, you two, why don’t you make an NW account?」


It’s not like I want them to go leveling up or go on adventures like me. But just in case something really does happen, I want them to be prepared. That’s all.

If the world’s demise really comes and they start panicking, I think that it might be too late by then. So, to ensure things go smoothly, I thought that it might be better to get ready for it beforehand.


「Well, if it’s just to make a character then… A friend also invited me but, I can’t seem to decide.」


「You’re right, I don’t know much about games, and I also don’t really believe the talk about the world ending but… I agree that we should prepare in case it really does happen.」


「That’s great! Then, I’ll explain it to you some other time! I’ve been a bit busy recently so it might be a bit later.」


When I migrate to NW it would great if it the whole family came as well. For a long time I was worried about what I should do, but now they’ll make an account just in case something happens. Just having them do that is a big step.



After eating dinner, I took a shower and prepared to log in to NW. I’ve been playing a lot lately, but from now on I need to do my best to study for the exams. If the NW migration becomes a reality then my studies and career might turn out being useless, but using that as an excuse to escape from the current reality would leave me without any pride. That’s why from now on I want to live my real life to its fullest… Being able to feel like this might also be because of Saya, the President, and NW.


I, Mari, I have noticed the change in my heart.


Chapter 27 END

9: yay its not a cliffhanger

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