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Tridente chapter 30

Small Village Tridente

Tridente 0030


Ocean Magic


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It has been a day since Eve-san went to the Undersea Temple, but as usual she hasn’t contacted any of us. Saya also emailed her, but there were no replies.


「It’s no good. She didn’t reply!」


「It’s a worrying. Unlike us Eve-san is living in NW, so it’s not like she is logging out」


『When you, Maricchi, and the others are logged out; Me and Voice are always in the village, but she didn’t visit you know』


Something happened to Eve-san…is what we have had to guess. The memory’s storage was immediately attacked while it was being moved, so they obviously should have been on guard.


「Should we also go to the Undersea Temple? If we don’t do anything, the situation might remain unchanged.」


『If its like that, then I’m also going. I can’t leave the people who supported me alone.』


Following Hibiki, Saya and the Pres also agreed.

For now, we need to prepare.


「First we need to get the materials necessary for breathing underwater. Then we search for the rare monster that appears at the sea」


From the info we found, it looks like the item is dropped by a shark type monster named Bubble Hammer. Since it appears in groups, It was written that you should hunt them as a PT group.


「So there is only info on one sighting? If it’s as rare as the Death Scythe Mantis, it would really take a lot of time to search for it..」


「Hmmm….Ah, that’s right!」


If it’s Cyber Fish, they might know something….Judging that, I emailed someone from Cyber Fish and they immediately replied offering info on Bubble Hammer.


The reply claims that they have once seen a group of sharks that was around Hibiki’s previous vicinity.

That means that the people who went there before to hunt the Bubble Hammer, was done in by Hibiki….The situation is probably something like that. Knowing that, I understood that there was a limited amount of information available.


『The sea, I was wondering…..Now that I think about it, there was a monster like that』


「Then it’s decided. Let’s get the ship ready」


「Y-yeah. Should we bring a lot of healing items? It seems that they are not strong if they are alone, but depending on their numbers we might have to split up to defeat them  」


We prepared the usual equipment, the craft materials, and the other recovery items that we can bring for our departure.


『Voice, I’m counting on you to stay here』




『What, you want to come together with us?』




『I see….He~y, Voice  said that it wants to come together too』


We boarded the ship, Hibiki waved her hand as she shouted towards us with a big voice.


「Eh, is that so? Hmmm….」


Up until now, I don’t really know how Voice feels but with Hibiki here, we can understand how Voice feels. I see….of course it’s lonely to be isolated in the village.


「Then, let’s go together!」




「But still, if you are in a pinch don’t hesitate to escape okay! Unlike us PC, if Voice and Hibiki get incapacitated we won’t be able to revive you!」




「I see, So you understand it right…!」




『No, you’re conversations are not connecting you know』


In the end all 5 of us from Tridente boarded the Ship. Since it’s a bit narrow for 5 people, it might be better to make a larger ship similar Cyber Fish next time….



「Do sharks work together in groups?」


We sailed from Tridente to the point where you can’t see the land anymore. As always Saya asked a question while dribbling the fishing line.

The only shark I know of is a hunter that hunts its prey alone, I can’t imagine it grouping up. (ED: The Great White shark)


「Now that you said it, isn’t it rare for sharks to group up?」


「Most sharks acts solo, but there are also some exceptions. It is called Shumokuzame, it is not as dangerous as other sharks, but in exchange it makes a group and hunts their prey together 」


「Hee~. You sure know a lot of Trivia」


「The other name for it is The Hammerhead Shark」


「Ah, if it’s that, then I might have heard about it」


From its name Bubble hammer, then there is no mistake that it was a monster that was modeled from its RL counterpart. Making a group means that they protect themselves from enemies, so they might not be that strong when alone.


『Oi, instead of that, we’re pretty close to my previous territory you know』


「From what we heard they are sighted around this area」


「A group of sharks is it….Can you see them from the ship?」


『Well, they will stand out if we get near them, so we should know by then』


All of us were on guard as we looked around. However there was nothing around us other than the huge, quiet sea, and our ship that is swaying as it drifts about .


「Even if we search for it, the sea is too huge.」


「They’re underwater, so it’s harder to search for from above the sea」


「Then should we dive in and search for them?」


If we stay underwater for a fixed amount of time, our HP will gradually decrease. We can’t stay for too long unless it’s only for a short amount of time, then it might be fine.


「Let’s separate into 3 groups: 2 underwater, 2 on board, and 1 in the skies.」


「I shall be on board to search for them」


『Obviously, I will search for them in the skies. I can’t swim so I can’t go underwater』


「T-then, I will be underwater!」


On board will be the Pres and Voice, the skies will be Hibiki, and underwater will be me and Saya.


「Then, let’s dive underwater」


We don’t have any water breathing items so we can only dive for about 30 seconds. After that our stamina will start decreasing, and it will end incapacitating us.


「I-Its…its my first time diving underwater though…」


Our base is near the sea, but I myself haven’t truly entered the sea. Saya and I splashed water to each other, but it’s my first time entering the water with my whole body.


「Its fine its fine! For now try diving in」


Saying that, Saya dived in the sea with no hesitation.


「Uwa, it’s kinda hard to move.」


It seems like a different sensation from the sea at the real world. Saya who jumped in first, was awkwardly treading in the water.


「I-its it alright? It’s scary」


「I said its fine, c’mon」


Saya spread her arms as she waits. I gave up thinking and jumped towards Saya’s arm. I was caught in her arms.

「uwu~. It really is different from the sea in the real world」


Rather than floating freely, it feels like I’m swaying. If you were to experience zero gravity, would it feel like this?


「Then let’s dive in. Rin~~! I’ll leave the ship to you okay~!」


Separating from Pres, we all starting to search for the enemy. We can’t dive too deep because we need to breathe, but if they are making groups then they should be easy to find.


As we dove together, Saya pulled my hand. I slowly opened my eyes that was previously closed due to the habit of when you enter the water. Transparent water, brightly colored fishes, and slowly swaying yet calming seaweed, is really pretty. It’s as if a world from your dreams appeared before you.


「Waah….so pretty」


I was deeply moved from the scenery of the land and skies the first time I logged in NW. Once again, I was given the same excitement from the impact.


「It really is pretty. Ah, so we can also talk underwater」


「But I still can’t swim really well. Saya, don’t let go okay」


「I know. C’mon let’s go!」


「Yeah! Ah, my stamina gauge is decreasing!!」


I quickly went above the water to take a breath.


「Buha! that was dangerous」


「N~~….That sure is inconvenient」


You can only dive for 30 seconds, and the swimming speed is slow, so the efficiency might be the worst. We can only leave it to those on the ship and skies is it.


「Even though we were underwater for a bit, the ship is considerably far」


「Ah, it really is. We didn’t really move that much so the Ship probably moved away」


Since it’s hard to move underwater, it wouldn’t be good to be too far from the ship. Otherwise, we could lose the point of safety in the case of an emergency. If possible I want to be near it.


「O~i, Rin~! Come a bit more closer to us~!!」


We yelled, but it looks like the Pres couldn’t hear it. We then decided to send a message-…the moment Saya opened her screen, we heard Hibiki’s voice from the skies.


『Maricchi! Sayacchi!! It’s coming!』


It’s coming….It is coming? (9: note the no space is on purpose)


『Behind! Behind you~!』


Being told that, we turned around there is nothing….? No,  the scene you see from the skies and the water surface should be totally different. We just can’t see it.


「Mari, Let’s dive!」


We hurried up and dive in and search around, and behind us we can see a hazy figure. The shark-like figure had a T-shaped head, and there were 5….No 10? From the front and back, the amount kept increasing.


「25 sharks…..50 sharks…?N-no way right….It’s still increasing!」


It’s definitely a number that you can’t underestimate, so we immediately swam towards the boat. However comparing us who were awkwardly swimming to the Bubble Hammer that was elegantly swimming toward us, it was obvious to know who was faster. They easily caught up.


10 Bubble Hammers attacked me, all in one go.





Their attack isn’t that high. However from their numbers I received around 600 damage, and HP gauge decreases rapidly.


「Kku…We need to reduce their numbers!」


I readied my bow and shot an arrow with all my might… but it’s propulsive force won’t properly work in the water. The Bow is a convenient weapon, but to think that it has this kind of weakness! I quickly and changed the weapon into a scythe to fight against them.


「Mari! Get behind me」


Saya readied her shield, and received the attacks from Bubble Hammers in all directions.





There are a lot of Bubble Hammers, but there only about 10 of them altogether when they attack. There are so much Bubble hammers, that the ones behind them probably don’t have enough space to attack us.


Saya and I put our backs together. All we can do is reduce as much Bubble Hammers possible and endure it. The swarming number of the Bubble Hammers is most likely over 100.

This is obviously a monster that is meant for an 18 member alliance…..with just 5 of us it’s severe.


「Ah, geez! The number of attacks is obviously too hard…」


「That’s right…! With Hibiki’s song then we might be able to make these sharks sleep…」


「Good idea! Hibiki-saa~~n!」


Saya yelled in a large voice to signal Hibiki…,but she isn’t reacting at all. Maybe the voice from the underwater won’t be able to reach the surface of the sea. We rose to the sea surface to call out Hibiki, and breathe at the same time.


「Hibiki, sing a sleeping song!」




Hibiki, hearing our instructions, echoed her songs around the area. Even if when we are at the sea surface, the Bubble Hammer’s attack from below is still continuing. So once again, we dove underwater.


However when we were submerged, we couldn’t hear Hibiki’s singing voice anymore, and the Bubble Hammers are not showing any signs of fatigue. There is no choice but for Hibiki to go underwater, however she can’t swim so it’s impossible. Moreover, she can’t be revived; it’s too dangerous for her to jump in a the group of Bubble Hammers.


This is bad, we are surrounded and our stamina is gradually decreasing. I don’t have much HP left


「Mari….! It’s come to this, With my 【Aegis】we-」


Saya tried to use 【Aegis】, but the Bubble Hammer’s skill activated first.






「Eh, No way…Stun!? Mari, run away!」


The hammer of its head sharply strikes Saya before she was able to activate Aegis, and she got stunned. Not being in range of Saya’s protection my Stamina quickly decreases until my HP finally turned to 0 and got incapacitated.




Saya who is currently stunned received focused attacks. She had higher defense status than me so she could talk it some degree, but as expected, it looks like she is at her limit.


「Kku….Something like this, isn’t this just group lynching! 」


Saya kept being attacked by a large number of Bubble Hammer, and when her HP was about to be used up, from above a blessing light rained down.

The Pres’s recovery magic activated, and Saya’s HP  that was about run out was once again brought up.


「I have kept you waiting!」


「Rin, nice!」


I was pulled up by Hibiki and she carried me towards the Ship. The Pres used her revived magic 【Resurrection】 on me and I was revived.


「Ah, Thank you very much!」


I didn’t plan to lower my guard, but it’s been a while since I was incapacitated. Saying my word of thanks to the Pres, I returned to the battle.

Inside the sea the force of the arrow gets lost, but If I aim at them from the surface, then….I decided to experiment it by aiming for a Bubble Hammer that was the nearest to the surface of the water and shot it with my bow.




Okay, the bow works too!


I used 【Scatter Shoot】and 【Aerial Arrow】to defeat them one by one. Hibiki and Voice also assisted in the assault, but their numbers are too vast so the situation hasn’t changed much.


Rather than being good, the situation had went bad. Because I had escaped to the ship, the Bubble Hammer who didn’t have enough space to attack, started to attack the ship.


This is bad, If this goes wrong everyone will sink…..Even if we are incapacitated we can live on with just item lost and a large decrease in experience, but Hibiki and Voice can’t be revived, so we need to protect them…


「Puhaa! What should we do? Should we have Hibiki-san carry Voice and escape?」


While receiving Pres recovery magic, Saya who kept enduring it brought her face out of the water and propose the place to have Hibiki and Voice escape.


『I-I don’t want to die, but I don’t want leave you guys!』




「However if this goes wrong, we will be annihilated you know! If only my magic can freeze the sea then I could defeat them all」


If she can do that then she could defeat the 100+ Bubble Hammers in one go, but no matter how much magic Pres has, it won’t be able to endure the waves and besides freezing an ocean water with high salt concentration is not possible…


Something… is there some technique to turn the table around?

Right now, I sorted through our weapons.


What i can do is ranged attacks with my bow, and also crafting.

Saya has a the absolute Defense Aegis shield that she can use.

The ice magic the Pres likes to use.

And finally Hibiki’s flying ability.


Connecting each strong points to assemble a strategy.


….okay, this is the only way!


I started my move from the answer I got, and once again dived from the ship to the sea.


「Pres, recover your MP!」


「Eh? Understood」


To prepare. I dived underwater crafted a wall, and regulated it to make it jut out to the water surface a bit and made a square room. I then made a floor that properly closed the holeleving a room completely filled with water. (9: she basically made a swimming pool in the sea, without a cover on the top)


I destroyed a wall, so that a person can enter it and gave Saya a signal.


「Saya! Lure them here」




On my signal, while taking along the 100+ Bubble Hammers. Saya rushed inside with a huge number of Bubble Hammers following after. The Bubble Hammers that were attacking the ship were also lured in using 【Provocation】.


「Protect me 【Aegis】!」


The Pres is in meditation to recover her HP, so Saya who doesn’t have any means to recover her few remaining HP, used her 【Aegis】 to endure the fierce attacks of the Bubble Hammers as she splendidly lured them in the room.


Confirming that the last one entered, I closed up the wall again that I destroyed earlier, and made a box that doesn’t get influence by the waves. The salt concentration is still high but, with Pres Nos.  if she threw in her Ice magic continuously it should be possible to freeze it!




Saya was left inside the room, but Hibiki entered the room from the skies and held Saya and escaped.


She did it! With this the conditions are lined up!


「Pres! the finishing touches!」


「Leave to the me!」


The Pres used all her MP to activate her 【Fast Aria】, and continuously threw her ice magic in the room of Bubble Hammers.

The water in the room was completely frozen, and the 100+ Bubble Hammers were successfully  locked up in the cage of ice.


「3, 2, 1, Finale!」


With everyone’s chorus the Pres snapped her finger, and the ice inside the room got smashed to pieces. The Bubble Hammers were turned into scraps in the sea.



「Waaah, There are too many items!」


We who defeated 100+ Bubble Hammers, got materials for cooking, equipment,  and materials for underwater breathing. We got a lot of them, but the amount left us stuck in a situation where there was too much that can’t in fit in our bag.


「Even though we had went through the trouble of defeating them, it’s a waste to throw them away….Ah, that’s right!」


I created a storehouse on the ship, and put the extra items in the ship’s store house.


「Let’s see~….Looks like the underwater breathing Bubble Drop is created from the Bubble Hammer’s fin」


Choosing the Bubble Hammer’s fins from the large amount of items that were put in our bag. We should now be able to explore underwater with this.


After overcoming the life and death battle, we temporarily returned to Tridente. After sorting the items, we aimed for the Undersea Temple.


Tridente Chapter 30 end

9: the fact that this chapter is long made me lazy

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