Editor Intro: IcedTea and Some Important Notes. For lazy readers, read the first and last 2 paragraphs.

Hello, Iced Tea here. I’m a new editor who started at Kansu Ch 44. I’m the last of this group of three working on the project, and the only one without a lazy streak it seems. However, I’ll be working at their pace, so don’t expect that much more from me. I’m sure the last thing the other 2 want is for me to be pushing them around. I’m no slavedriver: I’m gonna work at everyone else’s pace and put in my best effort. Though, I will try to make sure everyone in the project is on the same page.

I’m currently the primary editor for Kansu. I translate 9’s works into English. Ok, that’s a little excessive: I just make his TL’s sound like proper English. Then Ren goes in fixes everything up.

Of course, I will be editing anything 9 sends my way, be it Kansu or another project.

About me: I’m a human being, male, 18, of Asian descent, and currently suffering under the regime of one of the bazillions of Boston, MA colleges (I will not specify which one). I’m originally from right outside Washington DC. I love reading, eating, and sleeping. My biggest hobbies include manga, any Nintendo games, singing (and music producing), and nature walks.

Ok, enough of me. Onto serious business. As I mentioned before, I’m the non-lazy one, so I will be doing as many little things as I can for the site. So, if any of you find errors in the TL’s, write a comment and tag my name, and I will fix those. I will also comb through the comments too. Any other things that pop up, send them my way. If I can’t fix them, then I’ll pass them along to 9.

One last thing, many of you may be wondering where all the other novels went. 9 doesn’t really want to deal with this, so send all of those comments and issues my way. I will, I think, solve most of the problems with a quick explanation of the situation. Xant’s TL and ED team, who were originally working together on this site, split up. So, 9 (and us 2 editors) will remain on this site with Kansu and whatever others 9 wants to work on. Xant took the other novels over to http://www.xantandminions.wordpress.com. So if you are looking for those, you can find them there.



  1. Well technically they weren’t my team until the move, now they’re my team.

    Thanks for the redirect, I realize 9 took down my post stating the move had happened.

    Good luck with editing~

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