Gob Tensei Chapter 1 I’ll cry about the hard mode difficulty

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Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 1

I’ll cry about the hard mode difficulty


Author note: Lately I have been wanting to write a modern popular genre.

Eh? It’s not the goblin reincarnation? Let me see……please excuse me.



From a warm, cozy world, I was born into a cold, noisy one.As I listened to the first cry I raised as a baby, it sounded like someone else’s, and I instinctively felt despair. That is– even from my poor senses, including my poor eyesight, I intuitively understood the cruel spectacle.The mother that birthed me………….it raised a somewhat beast-like creature’s scream, as if it was being dissected by the hand of some corpse-colored, starving small demons.

Aaa……for some reason, I understood. Isn’t this world difficulty in a ridiculously hard mode?




I, who was born a goblin, was able to walk around in about half a month.The standard of raising children was to leave them alone. The other brats are digging in the ground nearby the village; they were just passing the time by gathering something like a bug and eating it.

Compared to the humans, the growth is greatly fast, but I’m sure that the life span is really short.Becoming about 1 years old in goblin years is about the same as a 5 year old human. At that age, the goblins are given weapons, and they start participating in hunts.And then, if you have survived until 5 years old, the males will be assigned to the females; that’s why I think that 5 years old is the standard for an adult. From the start, the birth rate of females is low, and the male failures are to go to the forest and capture female wild boars or wolves and diligently try to make an effort to make a kid.

Can you believe it? The children born that way are goblins too, you know. Naturally, those who do it with the same race produce goblins with higher intelligence. The features of the mother rarely appear in the mixed race beast. If the goblin is from a wild boar, the child’s body structure will become a bit more burly. Then, if the goblin is from a wolf, the child’s canines become lengthy and agility increases. That’s just about it. Normally, they are really idiotic.

Me? I was born from a beast’s womb, but since I retain my memories of my previous life, I am not stupid, you know. Rather, I am the number one Mr. Clever in the goblin village.………..Though as a negative side effect, the memories I  may be lost to the goblin’s instincts.

(This large space is on purpose.)

And with that, 3 months had passed. While I was floundering around in despair, my mind was overflowing with trivial problems.   Occasionally when I got hungry, as I have no choice, I went to the watering hole, turned a stone over, and ate the bug under it while saying「Gegyogagyo」Probably, no matter where or how you look at it, I’m just a normal goblin kid.

……..Wait, the heck with this?!? Even though I reincarnated, this is suddenly the end, isn’t it!

Aren’t there any cheats?!? Where the heck is the status bar?!? No magic nor harem: there is totally nothing like that at all!「Gegyoooooo」the goblin(me) snapped, shouted, and threw a big stone towards the mountain stream. The big stone produced a loud splash. According to the Dokachin style of fishing, a fish should float by…….that wouldn’t happen right? (9: dokachin is a very old anime about a primitive boy)

Mother Nature is not that sweet. Even the fish are doing their best to not be eaten, you know! Even the opportunist has no crack to go through: that’s why I am in despair, you know! The goblin mamas that came to draw water are whispering to each other behind my back for some reason. (ZeRenMi: this reminds me of asian mothers gossip) In our village community, there is a rank system. Those so called ‘higher class madams’ aren’t capable of understanding the mass-produced, parentless children, you know. Well, I’d rather cut off my head than get the sympathy of those low-lifes.


    1. It’s not surprising though. Female goblins aren’t common, and humans and other races aren’t likely to wonder into goblin territory alone, and they’re to dangerous to attack in groups. For primitive societies, anything to ensure survival of the whole is fair game.


  1. I just found your page by scrolling through novelupdates, and I have to admit, this is one epic banner you got there :D
    also, how do you deactivate the nyan cat music? i clicked the button again and now it gets played 2 times at the same time, my ears are gonna burst but i don’t want to reload the page…
    thanks for the chapter <3


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