Gob Tensei Chapter 9 Mother is a Goddess

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9: breasts are mysterious

Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~
Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 9

Mother is a Goddess


≪Rusty’s perspective≫


When we arrived at Sherina’s house, the skies had already been prettily dyed in crimson. We stop our feet twenty meters before the house, and then Loli-sama inhaled a deep breath into her tiny chest.

「Kaa-sama~~~~! I-AM-BAACK~~~!」

Without hesitation, an elf girl(?), after throwing open the door, appeared.

「Aa….I-is it really…you, Sherina?」

Loli-sama started to run, and she was full of vigour and jumped into the woman’s chest.

「Kaa-sama, Kaa-sama, Kaaa-samaaa!!」

「Aa, My lovely Shery! I was really worried, you know! I was really, really worried!!」

「I’m sorry! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!」

Hugging each other, the crying Mother and daughter are beautiful.

At first, I could only see the mother as a girl.

From a surprised expression to a tear-stained face, then changing to a smile of joy, I was fascinated by it.

An appearance like Loli-sama, but 17-18 years old in human age. Although, it also has an addition of motherhood. If I translate it into the language inside my brain, a Goddess(megami-sama) would be the best description of her. (9: same with Loli-sama, she will be called megami-sama)

Especially towards Megami-sama’s long ears, the emotions I exhibited at her was excellence. When she was surprised, it stood strong; when she cried, it dangled; and when happy, it twitched from side to side. The whole time, Loli-sama, who was projecting her feelings, had her ears up stiff. The word sweet fits the various expressions she was feeling towards her mother exactly.

Elf widow mother attribute――――――pretty good.
The beginning of my new situation in life mades my heart jump in joy.
Coming here…..make me glad.

Now then, about Megami-sama, she has one more peculiarity. The heck, let’s take a look at that attribute. Huh? Why do I have to purposely point it out, you ask? Shaddup, I’m also surprised about it, you know!
In regards to my previous life, the elf loving me thought of it as nonsense and isolated myself from this genre.
“Isn’t it fine to just say that an extra feature was added?” Is how the response usually goes.
It’s not really something that I have an objection to, but it is asserted that, for the elf species, the only attribute that they absolutely must not have ――――――the Big boobied Elf. (IcedTea: That name sounds like a type of bird…..)

Elf megami-sama was a D-cupped Big breasted elf.




「Truly, thank you very much for saving my daughter.」

「No no, I said it’s fine already………The conversation won’t continue this way, you know.」


「Mother, do it properly!」

Hey~that despondent look is also cute.
Looking toward the Mother-daughter setup on the other side of the table, they look really similar. No matter how long I look at this image, I totally won’t get tired of it at all. I….I want to become a kid in this family.

「……..So, in return, teaching you is magic is fine, right?」

「Yes. I’m sorry that a goblin like me is getting overly ahead of myself too……」

「No~! The race of my daughter’s benefactor has no relation anything at all. If you are going to ask for it, even if I’m to invade the demonlord army and kill the Goblin King, I will not mind it at all!」

Woah! The mother and daughter’s self-sacrificing attitude are the same…..and it’s way too strong. Wait a minute, aren’t the two of them misunderstanding me? I….I am not aiming for the seat of the Goblin King, you know!

「I have no fragment of desire to do some dangerous thing like that! In the near future, I want to have enough power to travel alone, so… 」

「A one person journey? That is….is that the thing about travelling around to look at the world of humans, is it?」


Yeah, I know that it’s impossible, you know. If there is a goblin, for now let’s kill it…..there are guys like that after all. If I found them, I would immediately be ganged up on. But still, I can’t help it, you know! (IcedTea: He needs to stop this “you know” business….)

I want a girlfriend after all. Even if I have to deceive the brothel, I want to get rid of my virginity.
You there, don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t say: “monster rape is fine, isn’t it?” My pervert status is “Gentleman”. I’m a feminist, you know. I don’t feel like making my heart into that of a monster’s too.

Megami-sama’s transparent eyes were looking at me as if confirming something.

「…….I understand. About teaching you magic, I shall take the job respectfully.」

「T-that’s greaaat………let’s see, then after this, can I call you sensei?」

「Fufu, from today onward, please just call me Reivell. Tomorrow, we will have an examination. And then, depending on the result, I will decide what you will be calling me.」

「Eh? Are you going to test me?」

On the beautiful Goddess Reivell-san’s face, a teasing smile floated up. And at once, the conversation turned to the topic of tonight’s dinner:

“I’ll be making a feast today, so help me, okay?”….after Reivell-san said that, Loli-sama happily jumped around, expressing her joy with her body.

This Loli-sama…..compared to when she’s with me, her mental age gets a lot younger. Kuuu, that gap, too, is moe. (9: in the raws, its kono gyappu mo moeru!” literally translating it would be this gap, too, burns me up! though, i prefer using moe since its moe)


(on purpose)


……….Now that the mood has loosen, let’s solve this backburning problem we’ve had for some time. Be very natural. By no means, make it sound rotten. Just like talking about the weather. For now, let’s clear our throat once. (Ren: that internal pep talk XD)

「Ahem……Ah, that’s right….It’s my first time seeing a female elf, so I would like to ask: do elves nowadays have the same good style as Reivell-san?」

So that it won’t sound like sexual harassment, and while praising the person you are talking to….looking at how I did it, I think it got a passing grade. Even if it sounds like this, I worked hard you know. That’s why Loli-sama, please don’t stare at me too much! Look there, even Megami-sama isn’t mad…..are? re?

The beautifully transparent eyes glazed with a teary luster and she began to shake. This expression sure is the same as her daughter……I digress…….And then, the pooled liquid, became a tear and fell.

「Fue-e *hic*…..just as I thought, it’s weird, isn’t it?….suun…an Elf with these breasts…..Even in the past, because of these, life’s just full of bad things……I, for sure, am cursed.」


*gulp*. The appearance of her crying due to her complex–it’s adorable and gives of a fleeting feeling…..honestly I want to do “it” again. (9: censored this a bit here)
If Loli-sama sees what’s happening below the table, a sea of blood will be inevitable.

「……..I-it’s not like that at all ‘ssu! The gravity repelling hanging bell-type breast (an incredible description here….)–humans also rarely have it ‘ssu. It’s a miracle for such superb balance to appear on an elf with a slender body ‘ssu. No matter what male it is, it’s not an exaggeration to call it the ultimate nuclear weapon against them ‘ssu! My drool won’t stop ‘ssu!」


While I was panicking, my real intention exploded in my underlying tone and seriously made her cry. While Megami-sama was prostrating, crying out aloud, I was all shook up……..



I was kicked out of the the house of Loli-sama, all beat up.




Megami-sama had calmed down.
I, who had returned to where I sat, I was flashily bloodstained.

「Ee , ee , fue, gusu…..everyone, they don’t look inside me and only keep looking at my chest. My neighbor (2 km away) Kassim-san was so forceful in trying to make me his mistress, and the the madams at the village look at me like I am a goblin, and the children poke it with sticks….」

「That shitty norm-fag lecher ikemen~ next time I will kill that fucker」 (9: sorry i added a but of my grudge here) (9: Ikemen DIE!! you deserve to suffer in hell!!) (IcedTea: A consensus to kill has been reached.)

Tsk, even though it’s an ikemen, it’s also a lecher.
……….In the past, did that guy do something?
Well, that Kassim and those village kids, one day let’s punish them.

「Thank you. But, I’ll be happy if you would slow weaning off me now….」

「No way. Kaa-sama’s breasts are mine!」

With that, Megami-sama and I couldn’t help but give out a wry smile.

Afterwards, the Elf mother and daughter, whose mood was cured, and I ate a dinner feast with delight. All of Megami-sama’s food was superb. Loli-sama’s were a bit sour. But still, in this world, proper home cooking–it was first to me. All of them were delicious. So much so that it made me tear up.

Loli-sama (Title) = Loli elf (Character Attributes) = Sherina (name).
Megami-sama (Title) aka Goddess = Big Breasted Elf Widow, Mother of elf loli etc…(Character Attributes) = Reivell (name)


  1. what we learned today
    1, they are bad drunks
    2, they are totally on the yuri train
    3, they are in a incestuous relationship[unknown yet needs clarification in future chapters]
    4, poor mc….
    5, loli’s mother has nice boobs.

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