Gob Tensei Chapter 11 Megami-sama was in the battle-faction

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9: If Rusty didn’t rescue loli-sama……..


Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~


Chapter 11

Megami-sama was in the battle-faction

IcedTea (With some help from 9):

“Magic” seems to refer to systems, techniques, or types of magic (which are split into modern and ancient.) The names refer to “Magic”. For example Wind Magic and Wind Bullet. Of course, there are different grades, or classes, of “Magic” depending on the power and difficulty involved in using the particular “Magic”. Low class, Advanced Class, etc….

“Spell” and “Spell Activation” seem to refer to the power and the chant length/difficulty of the magic. Spell is basically synonymous with Chant or Activation. The Spell Degree indicate how many simultaneous chants must occur. For example, a 2nd Degree Spell is chanted with 2 overlapping voices with each voice chanting a different line. Each line has different effects to enhance the “Magic”. So a 3rd Degree Wind Bullet would take longer to chant, and be more difficult to learn because it has 3 simultaneous chants. The first chant will be the Wind Bullet, the second may be a speed boost, and the third a rotational boost. It will have more power and complexity than a 2nd Degree or the normal Wind Bullet.

“Magic Essence” is sorta like Mana.

≪Gesugob*/Rusty’s perspective≫ *[Gesu(low-life) + gob = gesugob]


This place is a plains area; it’s a 10-minute walk from Loli-sama’s house. There are signs of destruction here and there, probably where they practiced magic.

It’s still right before sunrise, and I was confronting the Elf Mother-daughter beauties.

「So you came. Leader of evil, gesugob! I will protect my Mother!」(9: Gesu means low-life, sleazebag or something like that) (Ren: When coming from a loli, it’s a praise.) (IcedTea: ……………..)

「………Okay. You just want to be seen as the protecting side for once, right? But still, my name is not Gesugob, okay…….eh? Perhaps, you’re not going to say that you forgot my name, right?」

「No way~, of course I won’t forget the name of my life’s benefactor……was it Gesty*?」

[*gesu(low-life) + Rusty = Gesty]


My mental gauge decreased by half, and one of my knees dropped to the ground. (IcedTea: An arrow to the knee? Maybe? No? Ok….)
Kuh…What a splendid pre-emptive attack. To be able to damage my heart this much by just changing 2 letters……I wasn’t able to activate my Reward Sensor in time. (9: Reward Sensor is quite similar to my Yuri Sensor.)
The one who noticed my unexpectedly large damage was our own Megami-Sama.

「Sorry, Rus-kun. This child, you know, up until now hasn’t had any friends that can keep up with her, so she has no tact at all, see?」

「No…that is yet another reward for me.」


It’s fine for such a pure, natural airheaded Megami-sama to not understand it. Beside, Loli-sama, this little bit blackness is glamorous after all.

After a simple greeting, the beginning was so sudden.

「Now then, let’s start the examination. Come at me.」

「Huh? Let’s see, is it a combat system? Something like weapons or rules are—」

「No rules. You can do anything. The time limit is until Rus-kun is unable to stand up.」

「Ee……y-yes ma’am!」

Gaa! I underestimate this Goddess-sama. Something like studying under the blue skies–I had imagined something like that–a stupidly peaceful paradise.
Up until my limit….so that means I have to show everything I have.

Without hesitation, I took out the hatchet from my back and slashed at Megami-sama. But the blade was easily blocked by her staff.

「Just now, I only put hardening magic on my staff. For now, try to make me use body reinforcement.」


Kan, Gaa, gin, kakii…!  *various sfx of things hitting each other*
…………Can’t believe it. I, who has the same strength as a bear, is being pushed back by a rear unit woman. And there is no body reinforcement…really, my confidence will go down.

「No matter how much brute strength you have, Rus-kun’s body weight is still the same. If you can move the center of gravity delicately, to some extent you can take attacks face to face—」

The blade that was blocked by her staff smoothly slipped off from it.

「—you can also ward them off.」


having received a blow to the stomach, I rolled on the ground about 2 -3 meters. I immediately jumped backwards, taking my distance. Megami-sama hasn’t moved at all from where she was in the beginning.

「Taking distance from a magician is dangerous, you know. An expert magician can use simple magic skillfully. [Wind Bullet]」

「Ugu! Gii! D-daa! Gii! Guu!」

Being shot by rapid Wind Bullets and being played around with, I can’t move properly anymore.

「Rus-kun, show everything you can. If it’s you who has such a tough will that was able to even grasp that kind of mutation, you should be able to mold magic by yourself—」



While being mercilessly hit by the barrage of Wind Bullets, I thought about the significance of being able to mutate through the ingestion of magic. Certain monsters who reach their own original mutation already have magic that dwells within them. Descending from an ancient time, it can be said that they have magic essence naturally.

If that’s the case, then am I the same too? Are you saying that I myself can manifest my own magic? The transformations that I am aware of are humanization, strengthening my claws, and then…..

「H-ey, Kaa-sama…isn’t this much fine already–」

「…….Rus-kun, are you already dazed? I’m begging you, please don’t tell me that my expectations are–」


Using the sudden impact, I was able to forcefully get away from the barrage. The moment I reached the ground, I ran in a zigzag pattern as if crawling on the ground. My battle style…4 feet running + 2 feet running…makes it harder to target and hit me. It’s something like the “change-up” in baseball from my previous life.

「I ain’t gonna disappoint you!」

「……..Fufufufu, I see, that is…」

While avoiding Megami-sama’s wind bullet in the surrounding area, I jumped up while rotating and pounced at the blind spot where I pierced with my clause. However, Megami-sama immediately dealt with it. She changed her attack from a piercing bullet to a slash: An extensive kamaitachi (9:something like a wind slash)My leg was really close to being cut off, but I can only jump towards the skies to evade. And at that point, my second attack appeared.


It was the same sound of impact that happen a while ago. At that moment, I was furthermore pushed to the skies.

The origin of the sound was my tail flashing like a whip. The moment when the tail reached the speed of sound, magic essence is released. The small shockwave became wind magic, and the exploding power was amplified so much that my body was thrown. The most likely reason why Megami-sama only uses wind magic is probably to bring out this power, I think.
…….yeah, she sure is an amazing person. To repay my master….no, to be recognized, I desire one blow against her.

Confirming the direction from one rotation in the skies, I poured all of my magic essence into my tail.


I hurled my body towards Megami-sama――Grand Magus Reivell.


「Ah, to be riding that fighting spirit…..Sorry.」

*doogaasha*  (sound of hitting something hard like a wall)


My ferocious charge clashed against something like a barrier and ended unsightly. Furthermore, there was a Second Degree Spell. At the same time when I hit the barrier, a tornado appeared and spun me around until I fell to the ground.
I-I look so not cool!!

Listening to the surroundings with my ears, I could hear Loli-sama’s laughter.

「OK, with this, the treatment is done.」



「You’re exaggerating. How about this place–does it hurt? *grinding*….」

「Gua!…………what the heck is this…….it hurts and yet feels good….」

I am being nursed by Loli-sama with no kindness.
………but, that is good.

After Loli-sama played with me to her heart’s content, she exaggeratedly pointed me to the plains with her hand.

「Ee~, since the preparations are done, now I would like to start with the 2nd examination.」


At the direction of the small hands of loli-sama, Grand Magus Reivell-san bowed while being all shy and fidgety. Yeah…can’t think of her as someone who had a child. Geez, a cute elf girl is ok, isn’t it….

「Examination you say…is there still more?」

「You are too weak, and because of that, you weren’t able to see how strong Kaa-sama is, right? That’s why we decided to show you a demonstration to show you.」

So that means the one doing the grading is me. Well, as a master, she is already plenty enough. So much so that I am really grateful for her.

Reivell-san went to the middle of the plains and then prepared her staff. She the spell chant flowed clearly: it wasn’t a spell I’ve heard of up until now. They were words I totally didn’t get at all. It’s like an antique TV where you hear multiple voices at the same time…..
And then, after a significant time, the chant reached its conclusion.

「4th Degree Spell : Hell of Oblivion’s Destruction!!!」

Hell appeared in the world.

From what I heard afterwards, it was a really dangerous magic that, according to principle, created the special element of “annihilation”. I don’t understand the description, but if we describe it by image: Inside a storm of earth, fire, water, and wind, the earth collapsed and the sand turned to lava. The lava froze and shattered. The storm ground it to dust. And that cycle of annihilation occurred a hundred times in a second….the heck………just how much of overkill is that?!?

If you want a reference……I was shivering a bit from the aftermath…………because, you see, there is a 50 meter across crater right in front of me. And this amount was created instantly, just now. What if some of that power escaped and had annihilated us……it’s totally not funny at all!

Grand Magus-san turned around and bowed while wearing an embarrassed grin. It’s really cute, but….I can’t stop trembling. This is what you call awe, right?

The Loli-sama beside me turned to me, who was trembling, with a smug face.

「Advanced class magic with a perfect 4th Degree Spell activation–Kaa-sama only recently able master it, you know. Even though normally, you can be called a Grand Magus as long as you can do a perfect 2nd Degree Spell activation.」


Aah, so that’s why you can’t even find one monster around here. This plain..Reivell-san must have created it, right? If it’s like this, even a dragon would be scared to get near here.

The barrier earlier was just a low class magic with a 2nd Degree Spell, but I felt that the barrier had an overwhelming capacity. With the exception of surprise attacks, no matter what I do, I wouldn’t be to stand against her.  And to be able to use that sort of magic at the same time, in a battle. it’s just out of common sense and an extreme cheat skill. Something like a 4th Degree Spell–it’s generally a balance breaker. And when I was fighting her, this person’s amount of magic essence is Dragon class. And moreover, I’m not sure if she carries any magic tools, but her magic essence recovery is absurdly fast–it looked like it didn’t even decrease while maintaining the barrier and using powerful magic at the same time. One person is enough to become an army, a battle power rivalling that of the demonlord. Just what in the world is this person aiming for?  The elf beauty who gave off a gentle feeling and the one who created the huge destruction earlier walked towards me–even now, I can’t properly connect the two. And an honest question leaked out from my mouth.

「Y-you…why did you become that strong?」(IcedTea: To ask why, not how….this MC is more philosophical than he seems….)

「Fufu…isn’t it obvious?」

The strong woman lightly brushed the hair of her beloved daughter with her right hand, and with the other, did the same on my head.
――――my heart is shaking.

「A good Master has to be a tall wall for her pupil. And that is my duty as your Master. Rus-kun, no matter how much you break common sense, don’t think you can cross over this wall in 10 or 20 years, ok♡?」


S-so coooll!! This person is totally awesome!
Even though she is already this strong, is she going to get much stronger? For us, her pupils, for us to chase towards her back, 10-20 years is too modest, you know. Even if it’s 100 years, I don’t feel like I would be able to catch up to her…

It is said that those who meet the best master are blessed with good fortune. As her pupil, I would probably respect this person for my whole life. With a half-assed effort you won’t be able to cross over such a wall, and even more seriously, it’s a wall that will block you from your goal. This person gave me, who has no relatives, a relationship between her as Teacher and Student.

I thought over her words, and enduring a blurry sight, shouted with a shaking voice:

「I may be inexperienced, but please! I request of you to mentor me with the greatest care!!! Master Reivell! 」



  1. the disconnect between the air-headed mother and the master of annihilation magic caster … don’t know if I should praise her mental discipline or run for my life

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    1. “She the spell chant flowed clearly:” doesn’t really work? Maybe “The spell she chanted flowed clearly:”?

      Thanks for the chapter.


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