we are back from our un-announced break tehee~XD

YO, 9 here!

well, we kinda took a break and kinda got lazy to announce it tehee~XD
that’s my mighty tehee so be a happy about it

anyway, as you may have know it, we got a new Editor Fuj yay!! he edited HTG which was translate quite a while ago. also i was who found him!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

for quick navigation
Kansu ch 47
Gob tensei 11
Gob tensei 12

IcedTea: Tnx for the wait

anyway we got a new banner and i will probably make a new one again, also created a new art piece. really the 9 need to work on his drawing skillz too

okaerinisai!(TL: Welcome back! Masters!)
honestly i would like to name them but can’t really think of a good name. also if you are asking “why maids?” of course it gotta be maids, this site is a house, someone gonna need to clean it up and stuff and also maids are moe!!.

also there might be a new project again in the future
tentacle Princess or about a unique type of tentacles

its basically about a story of tentacle(female) that got consciousness, its not reincarnation or transportation, just a pure tentacle that just accidentally given a consciousness. Its not really perverted and there is no sex(yet?). The MC is basically something like a new born baby that wants to go on a journey and wants to know about the world. its a bit of slice of life, cute girls doing cute stuffs(except on is a female tentacles), a bit of action, adventure, and of course Yuri. The writing is good and it has nice update speed. also it makes you think tentacles are cute. though the author just started writing it , so i will wait till its good to eat. so first i will have my dibs on this one. also current chapter number is 30+


  1. i have a really amusing mental image of someone slapping 9 and him doing a few spins in the air when he said his teehee XD and i don’t know why……

    OH WELL ill just giggle to myself at that random imagery lol

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