Kansutoppu Ch 47 The Girl That Didn’t Have It part 1

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Ch 47 

The Girl That Didn’t Have It Part 1

◆Avangard Kingdom: The Harbour◆

「The liner heading to the Magic Kingdom, is it? With that attack the other day, the ship was damaged–the repairs might take a bit of time.」

Roel was relieved that the liners themselves were still able to move, but we don’t know when we’ll be able to ride on it. So, for now, we can’t do anything about it. But still, it looks like you can reserve some tickets, so we did just that and left the harbour.

「Here you go, make sure you don’t lose it, ok?」

After saying that, for some reason, Roel made sure the tickets were in her hands. I know that if it’s me, you’ll get anxious, but still…………..

However, with this delay, we have too much time on our hands–we don’t know what to do ‘til then. Well….we only have one thing we can do.

◆Avangard Kingdom: Guild◆

The moment we entered the Guild, we were bathed in glances all at once.

“It’s the Tougi Taikai–!” These kinds of words….are they people who saw my matches? Anyway, their gazes hurt. Am I being praised or being trash talked? I am confused enough that it makes me uneasy.  “It’s Ryua-“, “a kid like that-” hearing those kinds of broken phrases really pierces me. Among them men wearing armor proudly walked through the crowd towards us.

「We are “Royal Knights”. Your match during the Tougi Taikai was magnificent.」


The people wearing that heavy armor stood in line–seeing that makes you hold back your breath. The 5 Royal Knights people stood tidily in one line. I’m happy that you praised me, but why so suddenly?

「Also the attack on the other day, that too was a splendid deed. By all means, we would like to welcome you to “Royal Knights”. How about it? 」

「I- don’t really have any interest in those things, so….」

「I see. However, we will always welcome you at any time. If you feel like it, you are free to come here.」

Saying that, he passed over a paper showing me the place where the Royal Knights are located in the town. From here it’s not that far, but now’s not the time to go there. Understanding that I have no interest, the Royal Knights marched out in a line, their armor making clanging sounds as they left.

「It’s somewhat….They are people that make you hold your breath……」

Roel and I basically had the same impression of them. In that brief moment of relief, another group came to us.

「Please! Come to our Forest Archers Union party! 」

「If you are with us, Black Thunder Spirits, it will really save us!」

「If thou want to knoweth how to use thy power, then thee should come with us. However, thou must aim seriously for the top, that is.」 (9: help I don’t know how to TL JP samurai talk to English samurai talk orz) (Ren: just go with old English) (IcedTea: I went with mediaeval knight’s English for the most part.)

There were people who frantically invited me, and for some reason, there were people who acted very self-important, but I simply refused them continuously. Right now, I’m quite used to it, but from the beginning, I am bad with meeting people I don’t know. It’s more stressful than fighting. Several times, I became really tense and couldn’t talk properly. Roel looked distressed from being jostled around so much, so I forcefully slip us out.

「Haa….Haa….Um, but we are already in a party, so…」

「It’s fine if you come along! After all, you’re cute! 」 (9: die!!!! die!!! Ryua cut him to pieces!!! Cut him!!!!)

「C-cute?! I’m not something like that! 」

Roel held her cheeks with both of her hands, appearing quite abashed.  More importantly, they make Roel seem like some extra bonus, and it makes me mad. (9: KILL!! KILL!! KILL!!) (Ren: GET AWAY!!! GET AWAY!!!!)

「Don’t treat Roel lik-」

「Oh, what’s this uproar about?」

Just when I was about to say something, before I knew it, Kirkton appeared in front of the entrance and looked at us. Tilting his semi-oblong head, it looked like he really didn’t know what’s happening. I wonder what the Commander of the Kingdom is doing in this place. Everyone seemed to be surprised from the unusual spotting of the man, but soon dispersed.

「Nmu? Did I happen to disturb something? 」

「Hello, Kirkton-san.」

We both greeted Kirkton together. “Oh!” Kirkton revealed a smile. It’s like he just said “I was waiting for you,” and then spread his arms wide and wrapped us in them.
I wonder if this guy uses 2 swords. There were two scabbards with their swords hanging from his waist. Though I didn’t have time to watch him fight before, for some reason, I’m getting curious.

「So Kirkton-san also comes to the guild.」

「Well, you see, I thought that maybe I should make some quests. With the accidents the other day, the training was not enough, as I thought, and reflected on it. Even though it’s the soldiers’ job to protect the country, we had to rely on the adventurers. So if we have some adventurers with good skills come join and coach their combat styles, then I think we can get better. Ah, in the end, we have to rely on the adventurers. Hahahahahahaha! 」

I understand that they want to request adventurers for their training, but still, do you really need to make a quest for that? I was curious, so I tried asking him.

「Um, won’t the Big Five do?」

「They themselves are busy, you see. Though, of course, I would be happy if they did. That’s right! You–may I ask you!? 」

「E-eh? Me? 」

「Yeah, if it’s you who brought down the Revived Demonlord Army, then I’m sure the morale of the soldiers will rise.」

「B-but I don’t know if I can do it…..」

I completely cut off the words I was about to say. For some reason, I began wondering…..I just saw Kirkton wearing his mantle now, is it a hindrance when he fights?……I ended thinking absent-mindedly. No–moving on, more importantly, coaching. In other words, is it something like teaching someone how to fight? Anyhow, since the ship is still not repaired yet, I decided.

「Hey, Roel. Is it fine if we take Kirkton’s quest? 」

「Eh? Yeah, I’m fine with it, but…..I probably can’t help you with it. Since I am not skilled enough to teach people how they can improve, and they’re soldiers and I’m a healer, soo…..」

「Ah, that’s right. It’s ‘cause Roel is a healer」

「But, if you want to do it, then don’t mind me. And I also might learn some things if I watch.」

I really feel like crying every time Roel displays her kindness. This might be exaggerating, but I really think of it like that. (9: for me every time I read that, I feel like the evil part of me is screaming in pain)

「Yes, if you are fine with me?」

「Oh, that’s great! So you are willing to do it! Well, that really helps, you know! 」(IcedTea: You know here too??? Why do people feel the need to say you know all the time…..)(9: its actually me, its just that i can’t really find another good substitution for when i am translating this kind of line)

He grasped my hands very tightly–just how happy is he?  After that, Kirkton stood beside me saying “hurry, hurry” until we finished with the quest procedures….he was so noisy. Though I haven’t really talked with this person, somehow, my image of him has changed somewhat. If I had to say it, unexpectedly, he’s a lot like a child.

「Yosh, it’s finally done. This may be sudden, but come with me.」

We went to the castle together with Kirkton. There are ruined buildings here and there, but was this part of the place not damaged? If you compare it to those, it’s pretty much clean. I’ve heard that the Big Five defeated the monsters that attacked the town. Even the monsters in the Coliseum, if it’s just me, is too much to handle. Really, those guys are awesome. (9: no, you can probably handle it one hit, just that the coliseum might get erased).

So, A rank….I want to quickly take the advancement exam. Of course, going to Ikana village is the first priority, but now that I have learned more about the world, my way of thinking has changed.

「For some reason, I feel like we are being watched……..」

Because Roel was looking around restlessly, I too turned around. Among the people we have passed, there were many who turned around to look at us.

「After all, you totally became a celebrity after winning the Tougi Taikai. Perhaps guilds too might have their attention drawn to you.」

He was right, but still I can’t agree with the final match’s outcome. I want to fight Tifelia-san again. And because of that, I want her to get better quickly. If I could do something about it, then I would’ve, but really, nothing comes to mind. If it’s Cynthia, then, does she have some kind of medicine that works?

◆Avangard Castle◆

「Now then, we’re here. The training grounds are behind the courtyard. We’ll be walking a bit more.」

「For Ryua-chan to teach someone, it’s something to look forward to.」(9: agreed….Fufufufufu)

For some reason Roel is excited. I feel nervous coming here, since for me to teach someone is a first. And more than that, it will be people I don’t know…..I might shy away.

When we came near the Castle courtyard, I suddenly got curious about Tifelia again. As I said before, I can’t do anything about it, but can’t I give her something?  Let’s try asking Kirkton-san if we can meet her later.

「This is the entrance to the training grounds.」

We opened the door. Just like the courtyard, the space had a wide open canopy. The soldiers were yelling something that I didn’t understand while exchanging blows with spears and swords. Or doing push-ups again and again. Unconcerned with the open sky, it looks like the heat is focused here. Without thinking, I started fanning myself with my hand.

「After the event a few days ago, they gained this fighting spirit. I’m really happy about this, but we can’t just neglect reconstruction. We really haven’t taken the time to train.」

「A-amazing….Um, I’m just a chaperone, so can I watch from the sides? 」

「Yeah, I don’t mind.」

I wonder if the heat from their vigour overwhelmed Roel. “Totetotetote”(footsteps) She jogged towards a suitable place and stopped there.  Then, she sat on the floor hugging her knees; I stared at her sitting in that position. It’s somewhat cute. (9: Commander! our yuri sensor had detected yuri essence!!)(9: it looks like this http://blog-imgs-23-origin.fc2.com/r/o/c/rocketsquare/080724rena.jpg)


I wonder where that voice came from; it had a volume where it resounded throughout the entire training grounds. The entire intense training grounds fell silent. They stopped sparring, and then all greeted Kirkton at the same time. Everyone did it at the same time, so it kinda felt nice.

「Yesterday, we had a talk about our training. As everyone already knows, the champion of the Tougi Taikai, Ryua-kun, has come here to coach us. And also, you should’ve also heard about her feat during the attacks the other day.」

It’s a somewhat crude explanation, but still, the soldiers’ gazes were concentrated on me. This is something that I haven’t felt, even when I was fighting during the Tougi Taikai. My heart started to throb; I thought I should say something, but the words just won’t come out. Just as I thought, I am really bad at this kind of thing. Really, I don’t know what to do.

「That child will train us? Certainly it was an amazing fight, but….」

「Wuun, so the commander got fired up too.」

「What the heck are you saying?!? Didn’t you see that fierce, god-like strength? It’s an excellent chance, you know! 」

I wonder what’s with this mood. It looks like it’s just Kirkton who is fired up about this. It may be that not everyone agreed to this, and Kirkton just forcefully advanced with this. Somehow, the situation is dubious.

「Um, coaching is….what should I do?」

「Let’s see. First make a group, and then I’ll have Ryua-kun watch over them. You will look over their movements, then if you think of something, I want you to say it freely.」

So it’s like that, I see.  So it’s the bad points….but from what I felt from their spars earlier–

「Then, why don’t we start at once! Bull and Skin! You guys are first! 」

「Y-Yes sir!」

The both of them replied at the same time and took their stances with their swords. And, as if everyone surrounded it, all of them paid attention to the match. It’s like the noise earlier was a lie, and right now, everything has fallen to silence. Looking at how all of them were seriously watching, just as I thought, everyone is serious in making an effort. I guess it’s natural.



The sound of metal of the swords clanging together and a solid shout for power. It was about an even spar. Something like fighting spirit is being passed down. Was it because of the intense training earlier? Their sweat was scattered around, and their fatigue seemed to be piling up. After a few minutes of exchanging blows, the guy called Skin won. The point of Skin’s sword is pointed right at Bull’s nose. That’s right. Since it’s just training, it would be bad if you hit them.

「Stop right there!」

「I-I lose….」

In the state of sitting on his bottom, Bull recognized his defeat. Skin didn’t become excited and was expressionless. Is he not happy with it?

「That was a good fight. Now then, Ryua-kun, how was it?」

「H-how was it?」

「The two you saw just now. Don’t hold back and say what points they should fix.」

「L-let’s see…」

The two raised their breathing and looked at me. Being watched makes me too nervous, so please look the other way. The points they should fix….can I just say it? The both of them right now…they would die on just the first floor of the Caves of Hell. I can’t express it well; I can only say good luck to them.

「Um, they are kinda slow.」

「Slow? Their movements?」

「You have to go like ‘gaa’ and when you get closer, you have to go ‘kaaan’ so you won’t be blown away.」(9: Ryua is so cute~  XD)

「G-gaa~? Kaan? 」

「And then you go shuu~」(Ren: Awww~ XD)

Everyone was dumbfounded and left their mouths hanging open. This is bad; it’s totally not being understood. Really, what should I do? How did it come to this, since you know, they are slow, you know.

「Let’s see, Stun-san’s movement….when you hit with your sword this way, it’s slow. If you have too much of an opening, Bull-san just has to thrust his sword this way, and he will win, I think.」

「……It’s Skin.」(9: I honestly think stun is better than skin….)

Skin corrected me, annoyed . Even though I just got his name wrong, he became somewhat mad. (IcedTea: Uh…I would too….)

「I see, what she was trying to say is that the two of you have too many useless movements. Be conscious of the actions between your strikes. In a battlefield, just a moment of time can make you lose your life. Especially Bull, you don’t move after you see your opponent’s move, always anticipate it. Reacting is not enough, and you were late in receiving that last blow.」

「Y-yes sir!」

In the end, Kirkton ended up explaining everything. I wonder what this is….it feels bad. Ah, that’s right, it’s awkward. Yes, this is it.

「Ok, then next! Ange and Ritta!」(9: I really wanted for Tusk to die in that explosion)


Ritta? That’s right, she too is a solder, so it would be obvious that she would be here. I didn’t notice her mixed in the crowd. Now that I look at it properly, there are quite a lot of women here. Compared to the men, they were wearing lighter armor for easier movements.  If the sword and spear is that thin, then it looks like anyone can use it.

「What’s the matter!? Hurry up! 」


「What’s with that reply!」


He was not the same Kirkton as before. He spit on the ground and was really glaring at Ritta and shouting at her. At this point, Ritta looked like she was about to cry. The hand that was holding her spear was trembling.  She looked just like a newborn deer compared to her opponent called Ange who faced Ritta with a calm attitude.


Begin or not, it was not even a match. Ange’s first thrust made Ritta’s spear fly far away. And furthermore, Ritta wasn’t even able to grasp the situation. The spear she was supposed to be holding was not there, and she just stood there dumbfounded. Inside the silent training ground, laughter leaked out.

「Um, I win the match, right?」


Even Kirkton was surprised, but he can only nod from her claim. Should I also give advice here? What should I do….it’s just another thing that I don’t know. I feel so bad for Ritta, but I can’t think of something.

「…….Ritta, come here.」

Ritta walked before Kirkton with unsteady steps. Still, it was too much, so he might help her relax. I can’t give advice to her on anything, so in the end, I’ve noticed that Kirkton did everything, but that might be fine. Kirkton is the best person to understand these people. Then it came to coercive instruction; the dry sound of a slap resounded. Ritta fell to the ground with her cheek slapped.

「If you are not willing, then get the hell out of here!」


「Did you not hear me? I said get the hell out of here! 」

「W-wait a bit. Kirkton, isn’t that too cruel?」

Even though I entered between them, Kirkton’s angry face didn’t change. On the contrary, I think he didn’t even hear what I said. It looked like Kirkton was only looking at Ritta behind my back.

「Then Ryua-kun, what point should Ritta fix so that she can improve?」

「T-that is….」

「Existence.」(Ren: Can I hit this guy?)(9: yes you may)

I heard it from among the crowd of soldiers. I don’t know who said it. However, it plainly showed that some guy held malice. At that moment, Ritta threw her spear and ran towards the exit of the training grounds. Right now, I’m sure that Ritta is crying. I’m more angry at the bastard that back-bit Ritta than Kirkton who slapped her.

「Let’s continue. Next….」

「Wait a minute, what about Ritta?」

「We have no need for those who run away. Next!」

Kirkton declared it all business-like. I thought he was that interesting person we spoke with earlier. So he was this kind of person. I stopped thinking, and just kept on watching the people who Kirkton was instructing. (IcedTea: Wow….assholes the lot of them….and Ryua, stand up for her, would ya!)

◆Avangard kingdom: Back Alley◆ <Ritta’s Perspective>

Ritta, after abandoning her training, was walking alone. From the day she had enlisted, not even once did she slack off. And as a result of that, she always showed up diligently. Commander Kirkton may have gotten mad at her, and a part of the soldiers may want to make a fool of her, but she still worked hard. If you work hard, it will alway bear fruit, so she came to believe. However, it was already her limit. Something inside her had broken. Diligence….that thing was now thrown away. When you have something useless, there is nothing that can be done. After all, she herself didn’t have the qualities to begin with. From the start, the reason she became a soldier was simply because she admired the Master Knight Tifelia. More than walking the path of an Adventurer, being a soldier in the castle defense will get her closer to Tifelia. Since her motive was foolish, it was inevitable that she could not advance. After such a long time, she just had started to think poorly of herself.

「…….I want to run away.」

Having an uncertain step made her unable to walk straight, like a drunkard, and she entered into a back alley. She didn’t have any particular purpose. Ritta could only lament her powerlessness and was in shock because of it. That time too, when she, an Avangard Kingdom soldier, couldn’t even defeat one monster…..she had smeared the so-called reputation of her country. If her brother hadn’t appeared, she would certainly have died. Always relying on someone so she could live……..Ritta became unable to stop hating herself. (9: uhg… the feels) (Ren: I can relate…) (IcedTea: Truly hating, resenting, and despising yourself is some of the worst psychological torture in the world. It goes so far beyond complaining, pessimism, and even depression. To hate your own thoughts, your own existence….that’s some dark shit.)

「……I, I wonder why I became something like a soldier?」

She kicked an empty box that had been scattered around. It flew farther than what she had expected and hit a wall quite a distance away.

I wonder what kind of alley shop, some raw trash is piled up and some bucket is just left behind, you can’t really say it’s a clean place.

She didn’t come here with any purpose, so she finally started to feel disgusted by the place.

「Let’s go back.」

「The young lady right there.」

After suddenly being addressed, she searched for a bit for the owner of the voice. Who knows when the person got there, but a suspicious middle-aged person was seated cross-legged in the alley. His mouth was covered by black beard, and he wore a turban and something like a bathrobe as an suit. A barren back alley, and then suddenly, there’s this guy. Ritta decided to ignore the person and kept going.

「Young lady, don’t you want to get stronger?」

Ritta twitched while reacting to those words. The person was looking at the back of her hair; she too didn’t turn around towards the man. The middle-aged man who spoke didn’t show any signs of moving away from where he was.

「The power to protect those dear to you….I have it, you know.」

It was an unnatural honorific.  As I thought, I should just go, she thought, but for some reason her feet stopped, and she found herself listening to him intently.  It was obviously suspicious, but even though her brain understood it, the man right there has the thing she needs. If she were in a normal mental state, she would’ve avoided him by now, but the Ritta right now was not in that stable mindset, and such a thought was in the corner of her mind.

「Why don’t you take a look? Hohohoho!」(9: Santa Claus? Christmas is still next month, you know.) (IcedTea: You too 9? Why the you know….and Mysterious Man used Present: It’s Super Effective!)(9: note i translated this back on nov)

She finally turned around. And in front of the turban-wearing middle-aged man was placed a spear that shone with a black lustre―――

** IcedTea: Dun dun dun dun!! Sorry for the cliff. The chapter is just too long. This is only part one and it’s like 12 pages on the doc. Hope you enjoyed it! P.S. Lustre is such a great word….


【The Bird King Who Rules Over the Skies -Barts- HP 17900】
One of the 12 Demon Generals of the Revived Demonlord Army. He appears as a Birdman, and there are wings growing on his back. His talons can hold an entire human head and crush it. While flying in the sky freely, he uses his specialty strategy to chop up his opponents by releasing vacuum blades in all directions.

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    1. “(9: I really wanted for Tusk to die in that explosion)”
      “(IcedTea: Wow….assholes the lot of them….and Ryua, stand up for her, would ya!)”
      The TL text! Its… NAKED!!! Arrgh, rid me of my soiled eyes!!!


  1. thanks for the chapter :D

    some people in that training place need to be taught a painful lesson it seems and whoever is in the background trying to stir up a fuss is in for a painful awakening XD

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    Honestly I can’t really hate the soldiers or the commander, I mean sure, they were a bit douchy, but more than that she is a completely incompetent soldier, who doesn’t even seem like she has any awareness of her responsibilities. I mean, if she can be disarmed in an instant, without it being a surprise attack, and still can’t grasp the situation, by a normal soldier, then she has no business being there other than being suicidal.
    Also even if her impression of them worsened, I’m glad that Ryua didn’t snap at them, because even if she agreed to help them train, it is not her place to reprimand at least the commander for his harsh treatment… As for the soldier, well, she could smack him around a bit.


    1. While there are some good points in your argument about the characters motives, you can’t use them as an excuse for the characters behavior. There is no evidence in the chapter that the commander is angry for the right reasons nor do we no him well enough to infer as much. The problem comes from his method. He chose to hit and deride Ritta for not taking her job seriously, however her diligence and effort, which everyone of them should have seen given she uses even her days off to train, prove that is the one thing she cannot be looked down on for. From the few glimpses we get of the situation we know that no one has even tried to help her improve and ontop of that punish and insult he for exactly the wrong thing. Even if you give the commander the benefit of the doubt he is still at worst, human scum, and at best, incompetent.


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