Kansu Ch48 The Girl That Didn’t Have It: Part 2


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Ch 48 The Girl That Didn’t Have It: Part 2


◆Avangard Kingdom: In Front of the Castle Gate◆


The training for that day had ended, and the day turned to night. After that incident, in the end, Ritta didn’t come back. I want to chase after her, but right now, I am being entrusted to a quest which I just couldn’t neglect. Kirkton noticed my intentions and gave me this assignment.

Kirkton the Captain and the off-duty Kirkton: it’s as if they were different people.

Actually, as we were parting, Kirkton returned to the mood which I knew before.

「I’m really grateful for what you did today, and I believe it was a good stimulus for my subordinates. By the way, I would like to consult with you on something. Tomorrow afternoon, I wonder if it would be fine if you could join us for combat-training with monsters?」

「With monsters? I’m fine with it, but is it alright…?」

After all had been said, I realized that it wasn’t something to should’ve been said to a Kingdom’s soldier. But still, Kirkton smiled and ignored it.

Since he was like that towards Ritta earlier, I thought that he would get really mad at me.

It seems that Roel got bored halfway, so she was trying to bearing her drowsiness.

Letting her get bored…..I feel kinda bad about it.

「That’s right! If the monsters are our opponents, there might be someone who will get injured. Isn’t it fine for Roel to tag along and use her recovery magic?」


Roel, who had been staring at the night sky, leaked out a weird voice upon suddenly being mentioned and pointed her face towards us.

「That’s a good idea. Can I ask you to come with us?」

「I gratefully accept!!」

And then, for some reason, Roel squeezed her fire rod tightly. It kinda felt like she was going to join a fight….I wonder if it’s just my imagination?

「Kirkton-san, Ritta is….」

「…..I feel sorry for her, but I cannot always spoil her.

If she can’t recover from this, then that means she should stop.」

「Does Ritta have no talent as a soldier?」

「I cannot say that she has no talent at all. You may not believe it, but during the enlistment examination, her performance was good. Especially during the vitality test, it can be compared to a high ranker. That slender body of hers should have been through some considerable training. But, whether she is fit for being a soldier is another story entirely. I understand that she feels down about the situation of her brother, but nevertheless, I can’t let her get by with that excuse.」

I understand what Kirkton is saying, and I believe it is correct. But still, I somehow can’t just forgive how he treated her earlier. If he truly thinks of his subordinates, then he should help her. But if it was me, I wonder what I could’ve done?

Even though I am saying she should be helped, I can’t think of anything.

「Well then, it will be early in the morning, so I will be waiting for you. After all, the reward is quite an amount! Hahahaha!」

After saying that, Kirkton waved his hand as he saw us off. I wonder if that guy lives in the castle. Since he is still wearing his armor, maybe he has something to do after this. While walking with Roel, I suddenly remembered something when looking at the fire rod she was carrying.

「That’s right, if monsters are the enemy, then I have to buy a new sword.」

「Won’t the sword you’ve been carrying from the start be fine?」

「It is dangerous since it has an explosion enchantment……in the worst case, it would be very bad if someone else got rolled up in the explosion. Mmm, I wonder if there are any weapon shops open?」

「The shops in this city are open until late at night, Cynthia said, so don’t worry. It should be like she said, so wanna go and see?」

If I remember it correctly, Kozow’s shop in Kwimwill would be closed at this time. In the past, after we finished a quest, we tried going to his shop at night, but by then, it was already closed.

I remember Roel complaining “This is why rural shops are–” back then.

It may be a bit late to say so, but compared to Kwimwill, it is more crowded here. When I first went to that town, I was surprised by the amount of people there, but now it’s not that big a deal anymore, I think. Though, after thinking about it, I wonder if I have gotten used to the outside world.


◆Avangard Kingdom: Weapons Shop◆


「Looks like it’s still open. How should I put it….it’s really different to Kozow-san’s shop….」

Peeking inside, there were various kinds of weapons and protectors lined up. There are a lot them even just on the wall. It’s totally different to Kozow-san’s shop, which is like a narrow, indoor storage room.

Kozow-san is a good person, so I don’t think badly of him at all, but still I can’t help but compare this shop to his.

I thought that I should just get whatever there is and then leave, but with this much, I just don’t know what is what. And they’re expensive….even the cheapest falchion–a weapon with a slightly curved blade–is 2,200 gold.

「The sword on that wall, it seems to be 40,000 gold…I don’t really know much about it, but what’s the difference between that one and that cheap one over there.」

「That defender can be substituted as a shield because of the width of its blade. And most of all, when you position it a certain way, it has an enchantment effect of increasing the party’s defense.」

The one who answered Roel’s question was Aude. Why is this guy here as if it’s normal?! Even though up until now, I completely forgot about his existence…… (9: Ouch.) (IcedTea: I mean, I forgot too….)

「Yo, you two. Long time no see.」

「Ah, Aude-san! When did you come here to Avangard?」

「Just a while ago. Well, on the way here, a group of monkeys attacked me and I also got pecked by some birds, it was so troublesome. Though, thanks to my partner, I was somehow able to get through ‘em.」

I know it’s not good, but for some reason, I just can’t come to like Aude. He acts too familiar, and watching him tap Roel’s shoulder just makes me more irritated.

「Since I’m C Rank, it was not all that hard. Ah! Did you hear that? It’s C Rank. Haha, how troubling…」

「So Aude-san became a Rank C.」

「It sure was hard, but because I have talent, it was destined to happen. The two of you too, there is no need to be too affected by your rank. The result for each person depends on their effort. Just do it at your own pace.」

「We are rank B, you know…」

「Yeah, yeah. Oh, that’s right. I wonder if there is something good here?」

Aude showed off his money to us, bought a spear in a good mood, and then went out.

What in the world is with that guy….I don’t have the time to deal with him–I came here to buy my own sword.

「Hmmm, I wonder which is good….」

While pointing at each one of them with my finger, I noticed some unusual presences. And then once again, there was a crowd in our surrounding.

It seems like they are even observing what weapon I’m going to chose…really, what stubborn stares.

「So it’s the kid who won the Tougi Taikai…..I think the weapon she will choose will also be top grade.」

「If it was me, I would probably choose that defender. With that strength of hers, she wouldn’t be satisfied with a half-assed weapon.」

I was just about to take out a sword that I did’nt even know the name of in the unsold products corner. Do I really have to buy that defender? I’ve pretty much used up all of the money on hand, and the rest won’t even reach half of the price of the weapon. I wonder what this detestable feeling is.

「Ryua-chan, don’t mind them. So how about this?」

What Roel pointed at was not in the unsold products corner, but a bit above the falchion. It was a bit big, but the price is reasonable, so let’s go with this.

「A b-bastard sword?!」

「No, it’s an indication that this shop doesn’t have an appropriate weapon for her. So that’s just a simple defender-it has no merit for her to pay for it.」

Ignoring the noisy gallery, I bought the bastard sword. Compared to the mithril sword, the blade is longer and broader…it kinda feels powerful. This might be similar to the sword that Seigel lent me that time. After we left the shop, I once again stopped to test the sword.

「Hey, look at that. She is swinging that big sword with just one hand….」

「That sure is outrageous strength…..I wonder how high her Lvl is?」

Peeking out from the shop entrance, I could see that the gallery was still noisy. Let’s go back quickly to the inn. I wonder what’s on the menu for today….I hope there aren’t any strange, bitter vegetables. If there is something like that, then I’ll have Roel eat it.

「Those people are still looking at us…….hey, Ryua-chan. You mentioned it earlier, what is an enchanted effect?」

「From inside a weapon, there is something that attacks along the weapon, and furthermore, there is an effect that follows it, though I don’t really know how a weapon becomes like that. That person said so. 」

Yes, that person. This, as well as the abnormal statuses, were taught by that person. On that day, it was that swordsman who saved me. And besides that, he taught me a lot of things. Thinking about it now, it was thanks to that person that I, who didn’t know that anything goes in the outside world, have enough knowledge to survive.

I know it won’t come true, but just once more, I’d like to meet with that person. When we meet, I’ll give my thanks, and once again, talk about various things.

「I–I wonder what’s happening there?」

On the street, there were 2 adventurer-like people fighting. Something like this has also happened before, even though this rarely happens at Kwimill. While I was absentmindedly looking at them, suddenly someone entered between the both of them. That ahoge protruding out of her hair…looking from behind, I’m sure that’s Ritta.

「Put those weapons down right now!」

「Shut the hell up! That bastard stole the weapon that I was aiming for! 」

「Did you even reserve it? Wasn’t it first-come-first-serve?」

「Both of you are guilty! Please, put down weapons!」

I don’t know who the excessively angry one is, but I know the other one. I think it was Griiman from the final match of the preliminary round. That extravagant equipment stands out even in the night. More importantly, Ritta, who I thought was gone, showed up. I wonder what she was doing. Even though just recently, she tried to stop someone and then failed. “If I don’t stop her again, she might really get injured this time” is what I thought, but Ritta is a soldier of the castle. I’m not going as far as Kirkton, but if she can’t handle this much, then she is not suited to be a soldier. Maybe I should just be a demon at heart for the moment. But still, if I can’t watch anymore, I’ll immediately help her.

Yosh, let’s go with this.

But, if I remember it correctly, Griiman should be an A-rank Adventurer. If he got serious, not just Ritta, but even the other person will be in danger.

「Weren’t you hesitating over whether to buy it or not? A poor plebeian who hesitates at that price should just obediently buy a simple iron sword.」

「You bastard, I know about it, you know. If I’m not mistaken, you’re the guy who lost in the preliminary round of the Tougi Taikai to a kid. You even had a hole punched into your armor and got blown away—that was so funny, hihihi!」

「What the hell did you just say….? If I just had a better equipment, such things won’t happen again. Don’t ever open that mouth again.」

Finally, Griiman drew out his sword. It was a different weapon than when he fought against me. There was a gem-like stone embedded in the edge of the sword–it was a rapier. Is he also going to boast about that, too?

「This sword is what you would call the Sunshine Sword. It has an enchantment effect of adding the light attribute to your attack. And it’s also light, so everyone can handle it–so even supporting jobs like healers want it. Well, I knew about that, so I monopolized it! How is it? Is it too dazzling to the poor plebeian like you? Nn? After all, a simple 15 thousand gold is trivial to me. Even if you spent your whole life, you won’t get it with your income.」

“15 thousand!” Both me and Roel shouted at the same time. And because of that, the two of them noticed us, but Riita interrupted with a warning and then they faced towards her.

「That’s enough!」

「Get out of the way! I can’t take it anymore!」

Riita, who was warning them, was thrust away, and then finally, the guy violently pointed his sword at Griiman.

「Making a fool out of the me Hell-Bear Killer Darz? I’ll beat the hell out of ya!」

「Killing a hell bear? Ah I see, anyone can kill a bear cub.」

As I thought Riita can’t do it….giving up on ritta, just when I was about to stop them, Ritta grasped both of their hands. “Oh?” the two raised their voices and in a moment, a scream resounded on the street.

「Ooooooooooow! L-let goooo!」

「If you have reflected on your actions, then I will let go.」

「It’s gonna break, please staaahp!」

Their weapons fell from their hands. And yet Riita was still not loosening her grip. For Ritta to have that kind of strength, maybe what Kirkton said was true. Even though they are not that strong, they are still soldiers. Saying such a thing in front of them may make them angry at me, but I just unknowingly received a better opinion of them. But still, she should really let go of them right about now.

「Ritta, I think it would be fine to let go of the-」

「Eh, Ryua-san?」

Ritta brightened up when she saw us, and at the same time, she release the two. And then Griiman saw me. He had face like he was holding something back, and he let out a hysteric voice.

「Y-you are-! Damn it, that armor was expensive, you know!! Pay me back!!」

「Ritta, that was amazing. Just as I thought, you are training habitually, right」

「Don’t f**king ignore me, DAMN IT!」

She is smiling–it seems she is in a good mood. I can’t think of her as the same person as in the morning. I wonder if something good happened to her.

「I’m sorry for showing an unsightly side of me. Also, I also have to apologize to Captain Kirkton. I….ever since that happened, I have been thinking.

If I always stand down, nothing will happen. If I run away from this, I am disqualified as this Country’s soldier…..」

Ritta scratched her head and embarrassingly smiled. I’m glad, I was thinking over what happened after that, but it looks like she is fine.

「And so Ryua-san, please coach me well tomorrow!」

Is she that energetic? I thought as she sprinted towards the dark night. I wonder if her house is somewhere around here? She said the she will apologize, but I wonder if that scary Kirkton will forgive her….I’m only a little worried about that.

Watching her appearance, I suddenly noticed it.

「It sure is reassuring that Ritta-chan is fine.」(Roel)

「I wonder if Ritta bought a new spear?」

「A new spear? Why?」

「Because she is carrying a different spear before. It was a pitch black spear.」

「I didn’t notice that–it’s surprising that Ryua-chan observes those things.」

「What’s wrong with that…」

Roel giggles as she smiled. Roel was kinda annoying so I grabbed her cheeks.

「Wuhat are yu dyuing!?」

「I was kinda annoyed.」

「Oi. Ryua, was it? I haven’t forgotten the resentment over the armor, ok?」

Griiman put a hand on my shoulder. It was annoying, so I shook it off, but it seems that I did more damage than I expected it to.

「Oooooooooow! This time it really brokeeeeeeee! Damn that strength!!!!!」

「……somehow this situation’s become kinda stupid. Let’s go home」

Darz was shocked to see Griiman unnaturally rolling over. From that start, I wasn’t even talking to him. So, Roel and I walked towards the inn. There were still shouts behind us, but sooner or later, he will probably get embarrassed and stop. After all, we are already out of the crowd.

So that we wouldn’t see that embarrassing figure, we didn’t look back and walked towards the inn to heal the fatigue of the day.


Monster Encyclopedia

【Great Boar HP 933】

A wild boar that was brutalized by adapting with the severe environment. Because it can even break the trees it charged through, it’s strong and might often surprise middle ranked adventurers.

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