Kansu Ch49

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Ep 49–The Girl That Didn’t Have It–Part 3

◆Avangard Kingdom: Training Grounds◆

Today was the day Kirkton had told us about: from morning onwards, there would be real training.

It seems that they have a shift system with their training and their usual jobs, so they’re pretty tough compared to how they look. Obviously, there needs to be a night shift, so Ritta had been complaining about something like that since it’s hard on the skin.

But right now, Rishia was approaching her 3rd consecutive training match.


「Stop the match!」

「I-It’s a lie right? For me to lose to Ritta….」

「Ehehe, I won!」

Ritta was expressing her joy while hopping. And before her was a female soldier who stood there holding her spear and staring vexingly at Ritta as if she couldn’t believe it.


「Ritta, aren’t you in  great shape today!」


Those 2 girls, who I believe are friends of Ritta, celebrated her happiness together. It’s not that her opponent is weak……rather, Rishia was stronger than Ange whom Ritta lost to yesterday. And against that opponent, Ritta easily stopped her spear–and in another instant, Ritta’s spear was pointed at her throat.

Kirkton was expressionless, but unlike yesterday, he didn’t shout. Though he requested some criticism of their movements from me like yesterday, but today, he said something else to Ritta.

With that difference in ability, scolding the other one would make it too pitiful. (IcedTea: Really….’cause that’s what he did to Ritta………)

「Fumu, looks like you’re in excellent condition. However, it’s almost as if you are a different person…」

「No way~, it’s gotta be the result of my everyday effort, you know~」

Ritta winked at Kirkton……….Somehow, she really does seem like a different person.

It seems that Kirkton faltered because of that since his yell didn’t come out right.


「That Ritta–are you sure she didn’t cheat just now?」

「Like having the weakness of her opponent?」

「Pfft. That’s a bit too much…..wait, it is possible….」

A group of the soldiers was talking trash about Ritta. Those soldiers haven’t even won a single spar……..Their swings are uselessly wide and all of their movements are messy. Most of all, their war-cry-like yell is too noisy.

Their speed is not nearly good enough–the monsters might even yawn from it. But when I try to point it out, they secretly click their tongues *tch*.  If they’re like that, then I’m going to go home. (9: Ryua is being toxic, kinda cute)


「Ryua-san, did you see it? Is there something I have to look out for?」

「L-let’s see…」

I was surprised when Ritta suddenly appeared right before me. She is happily wagging left and right, waiting for my reaction.

Something to look out for is it? There are a lot of things, but if say that, I hope she won’t be down. I’ll just say something nice while her mood is good today…I don’t want to see her down.

「It’s dangerous when you *gaaaaa*, so sometimes, you should quickly *hyuuu* to change from offense to defense.」

「Understooood! Thank you very much! Ufufu~」

「E-eh. Starting in the afternoon, we will be having training outside the fields. Until that time, I grant you an hour for break.」(Kirkton) 


I’m confident about this: Ritta absolutely did not understand it. After all, Kirkton was a little bit surprised too.

Ritta only thinks about attacking, and that is dangerous. And because of that, she often makes herself open. And if that opening was take advantage of, then in a blink of an eye, she might lose her life. But still, I think that the style somehow suited her thanks to her ridiculous physical strength.

Ritta being that amazing–I can’t think that she is the same Ritta from yesterday’s spars.


「So this afternoon, we will be having an actual combat with a monster. I’m looking forward to it, right, Ryua-san!?」

Ritta hugged my arm. I seem to be seeing more than one of Ritta’s unexpected sides today. And, for some reason, I’m more curious about Roel who is glaring at us with puffed cheeks. And then, like a sore loser, she hugged my other arm. Both sides are getting heated….. (9: my yuri sensors detected something!! T-this is…yuri!!)

Please excuse me from eating lunch in this condition.



「Avangard Restaurant’s food is so tasty that people talk about it all over. After all, various famous people even came here to eat.」

The restaurant that Ritta showed us was a place with inorganic (not wooden) tables and chairs arranged in a fixed distance from one another. I imagined that it would be something similar to Pablo’s shop, but it was totally different. For meals, you can only choose from A and B; there isn’t anything like a menu.


「Umm, would it be fine to eat with you?」

The one who said it was one of the 2 girl friends of Ritta. It looks like their ages are about the same as Ritta’s. When I imagine a soldier, it would be a brawny person, but it seems that there are girls like this too.

Irin and Shuri, from the story I heard, seemed to have joined around the same time Ritta did.  It seems that, one way or another, its thanks to these 2 that the slow Ritta was able to make it to where she is now. Certainly when they are here, Ritta frequently smiles. No, somehow, it feels like she’s been having fun ever since.


「Ryua-san, I saw your fight, you know! Even though you are about the same age as us, to be fighting with Tifelia on equal terms–we weren’t able to believe it!」

「From my analysis, neither of them were serious in that fight. It is hasty to conclude that they are on par.」

The thoughtlessly loud voice came from Irin, a pink, plump sheep-haired girl. The one who seemed to analyze things was a girl with green hair and glasses and looked like a serious person, Shuri. The more I look at them, the more I wonder why such normal girls became soldiers. Though, the girl who analyzes is not quite normal…….


「When the Demonlord army attacked, it seems that you played a big role. Captain Kirkton told us to step back, so we seriously stepped bac-」

「Irin, from my analysis, that conversation should be prohibited in front of Ritta.」


Ritta who sat besides them got a little dark. However, that was only for an instant, and then Ritta laughed exaggeratedly, which gathered the attention of the entire restaurant

「C’mon, I don’t really care about it anymore, ok? In the end, I survived, so it’s not counted! Not counted!」

Watching Ritta laugh, the 2 friends looked like they had noticed something different. Even me, looking at Ritta, there is something weird about her.

「Now, now, let’s eat. Let’s eat four sets like Roel-san!」



There were plates in front of Roel enough for 4 people and she got embarrassed about it a little too late. It seems that she hasn’t swallowed the food inside her mouth, and she ended up making a strange sound. With this much, I won’t be able to cover for her…even the 2 friends of Ritta’s were lost for words. After all, while we were talking, without any of us noticing it, she had already eaten 4 persons’ worth. (9: I somehow keep forgetting that Roel is a glutton, though it’s kinda cute.)


「A-as expected from someone who made a party with Ryua-san….」

「From my analysis, that is rude to Ryua-san.」

Even if you don’t analyze it, I already understood that it’s rude…though, I can’t bring myself to say it…. 


◆The Mithril Mines◆

A dungeon not far from the Avangard Kingdom castle town, the mithril mines. In the past, it seems that it was a series of mithril mines that functioned properly, but right now, you can’t find any more mithril, and so it was abandoned. It also looks like this place relied on imports of mithril-made weapons and armor.

<Danger Level 21>

More dangerous than the monsters, the dungeon has a series of complicated tunnels that make it easy to get lost…it’s a place where, if you are not B-rank or higher, you are not permitted to enter.

And in this dangerous place we were walking through was the training grounds for field combat. Among the soldiers, there were people who looked obviously uneasy. For sure, compared to Kizel Valley, the presence of dangerous monsters was greater by far.

I wonder why Kirkton chose this place for training? There won’t be any worries of getting lost near the entrance, but even so, considering of the abilities of the soldiers, it’s too dangerous.


「Are there any cowards here? If so ,then you should go back quickly. Only those who seriously want to become strong should remain. Don’t worry, I won’t condemn anyone who returns.」

In a strict voice, Kirkton declared this to all the soldiers. What remained was the silence of the abandoned mines and that of the soldiers.

The silence was the expression of their will; no one was running away from here.  


「Good, then let us begin. Few days ago, the monsters that attacked the kingdom were, it goes without saying, all strong monsters. And most of them are worthy of being as strong as a floor monster with a danger level of 20.

Fights against the monsters with the soldier’s skill level became fultie, and many of them died in the line of duty. I’ll have you men and women receive their wills. Of course, I am not saying that I need you to be able to fight them immediately. However, I’ll have you at least able to defeat the monsters here easily.」

「Th-that’s good. I thought that our opponents would be the floor monsters here. I was really having chills over my life….」

The soldiers who made a stir received a sharp glare from Kirkton. It was as if the glare told them that complaints were prohibited. But still, no matter how severe it is, I think that this is too strict. But I can’t really say that to Kirkton right now.


「Even if we don’t include the strength of the floor monster here, you would still be in a bad spot. However-」

Kirkton cut off his words and once again glared at the soldiers. And the soldiers held their breaths….

「We are the ones who will protect this Country.」

The importance of those words—I think everyone here understood its meaning. There is not even a single person who leaked his/her dissatisfaction anymore. So, that means they have decided to put all their effort into it, huh.


「In this narrow passage, monsters won’t be able to surround you. That means, you can safely fight one on one to a certain degree. Though, just as I was talking about it, it looks they have already appeared.」


【Goblin x 2 appeared! HP 153】 (9: yay goblin finally appeared!!)

It’s a monster with the same height as a human kid. In their hands, one held a club, and the other a rusty sword. They sprinted full speed out of the inner part of the tunnel.

「Hou, a goblin is it? An opponent with good timing. In this passage, they won’t be able to attack at the same time. Now then, who will go?」

「I will do it!」

The one who came forward was one of the soldiers who talked about Ritta behind her back. This may just be my intuition, but with that person’s ability, he won’t be able to handle that speed. Hopping left and right, the goblin toyed with the person using movements completely different from a humans.

It splendidly evaded the soldier’s wide blow, and the goblin struck out with its rusty sword. It wasn’t enough to severely injure him, but still it was enough to make blood fly out.


The human soldier who wasn’t able to react to the counterattack endured the pain and, in a panic, the soldier randomly swung his sword around. And jumping backwards without delay….and towards the goblin head, the one who thrust her spear precisely at it was Irin.

【Irin Attacked! the Goblin received 170 damage! The goblin was defeated! HP 0/153】

「According to my analysis, the nimble movement may easily puzzle you, but if you look carefully, it’s monotonous and full of openings.」

「Why are you the one explaining, Shuri….」

“Ooh” the soldiers were in admiration. I see…as soldiers, their skills are sparse, and so, I starting to understand Kirkton’s worries. In the attack a few days ago, there were soldiers who were able to fight back and soldiers who couldn’t. Even though she joined at the same time as Ritta, I can only say that that one hit is splendidly done.

「So, depending on the spot you aim, and not depending on the power you put into it, you can give it a serious blow, right?」

「Eh? Yeah, yes, that’s right! Ehehe~, I got praised by Ryua-san.」

Irin seemed to blush shyly.

There is no time for that though, as the other goblin had jumped towards her—their distance is close to nil.

However, it was only up till there. The Goblin’s head was caught by Kirkton and was slammed on the wall. And then, without delay, he dealt a final thrust into its stomach.

「Fuaa…..that was shocking~」

「Don’t be negligent! Just now, you might have died one time already, you know!」

「I-I’m sorry…..」

Inside the narrow cave, Kirkton’ angry roar resounded. It is a reasonable point, but that right now was also my responsibility. Still, I didn’t know that she would be so happy and end up that defenseless.

「You guys too, don’t think you are not involved! Those monsters are always aiming for your lives, you know! Just like that!」

While Kirkton was facing the soldiers, he sliced a goblin which had drew near behind him into 2 pieces with the sword in his hand. The other sword stayed as is in its scabbard.

After those 2 goblins, it seems that one more appeared. At any rate….why is this Cave so full of goblins? 

「Before we knew it, it looks like the cave became a den of goblins. The big shots are probably inside the inner part.」


「Roel, please heal that person.」

「Ah, O-ok.」

With Roel’s heal, the wound that the soldier had closed. The groaning person–was he feeling mortified or miserable?–he didn’t even say thank you.


「Is there someone here who’s afraid? If there are, then you should go back immediately!」

「Me me! Please let me fight them!」

The one who energetically raised her hand was Ritta. The quiet soldiers suddenly became noisy.

Kirkton and her 2 friends too–no one wasn’t able to say anything for a while.


「Ritta, are you sane?」

「If we fail at only this much, then the name of our Avangard Kingdom will die out, you know?」Ritta cheerfully smiled at the worried Irin.

Kirkton silently nodded and stepped back, leaving the vanguard to Ritta.

From the vast floor of the entrance and the continuing narrow passageways, we watched Ritta’s fight on the wide floor.


However, the monster that appeared was more than what we imagined.

The rock monster advanced towards us in the narrow passage while bending over. Every time one of its two feet took a step foward, a rumbling shook the cave. The uneasy soldiers, with their weapons on hand, backed off.

Kirkton, seeing that monster, grabbed Ritta’s shoulders and hurled her backwards. Ritta, who raised a tiny scream “Kya”, rolled over on the ground.

I immediately understood what kind of opponent it was that he had to do that.

【The Robust King of Caves has appeared! HP 2850】

「I-It’s a floor monster!」

Someone shouted it and at the same time, everyone readied their weapons.

A Rock humanoid–an expression that suited such monster. It’s not like a beast which pants in excitement, but rather trudges forward in an inhuman matter, passing forward through the narrow passage.

「Retreat outside! This monster’s opponent is me!」

「Kirkton, it’s fine. I will-….」

「It’s not something that I need your help!」

「Captain, I told you to let me do it.」

「Didn’t I tell you to retire back, didn’t you hear that, Ritta!?」

Not listening to Kirkton’s order, Ritta, carrying her spear, walked towards the rocky monsters with unsteady steps. Once again, Kirkton tried to throw Ritta back, but at that time, Ritta had already attacked the monster.

【Ritta attacked! The Robust King of Caves received 588 damage! HP 2262/2850】

With Ritta’s attack, the monster’s shoulder was easily pulverized, dropping one arm onto the ground. Not giving the monster any chance of fighting back, Ritta thrusts with rapid movements.


【Ritta attacked! The Robust King of Caves received 421 damage! HP 1841/2850】

【Ritta attacked! The Robust King of Caves received 579 damage! HP 1262/2850】

【Ritta attacked! The Robust King of Caves received 390 damage! HP 872/2850】

【Ritta attacked! The Robust King of Caves received 488 damage! HP 384/2850】

The whole body of the monster was scraped off by Ritta. Now, it’s was barely standing on its 2 legs. The one whose mouth had dropped opened wasn’t only me. Everyone here had no words towards that fight.

「Oh my? Is this possibly the atmosphere it gives off when it isdying? Captain~ please look at me, ok?」(IcedTea: F**king notice me SENPAI!!!!!!!!!)

With her back facing the dying monster, Ritta stuck out a peace sign towards Kirkton, who was still holding onto his two swords,  astonished. Then, she turned around, and at the same time, the monster’s head was smashed in as if being mowed down.

The fight ended.

【Ritta attacked! The Robust King of Caves received 401 damage! The Robust King of Caves has been defeated! HP 0/2850】

The leftover body crumbled down, and then it became sand, leaving no trace of its presence.

「Yay~ I did itttt! Aren’t I really strong!? Ehehehehehehehehehehehe~」

Holding onto her spear and spinning around on one foot, Ritta was drunk on victory, but no one was able to offer her any words of congratulations.

As she rotated her spear and took various poses, Ritta soaked in the hymn of her victory.

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