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Ep 50 The Girl That Didn’t Have It End


◆Avangard Kingdom: Training Grounds◆

For an instant, I felt like I saw the Spear Ritta was holding glow. All us were taken aback, but before long, Kirkton started doing his thing and stood before Ritta.

「Ritta, where did you get that spear?」

「Yes? Oh, who cares where I got it~」

「Answer me.」

「I forgot~」

She rubbed her spear with her cheeks, making it feel like Kirkton’s questions were secondary. Irin and Shuri wanted to say something while carefully observing this situation. I wonder if there was something wrong with that spear….and how did Kirkton notice it?

「Surrender your spear to me.」

「No way!」

「Give it to me, that’s an order!」

Kirkton put his hand out, but Ritta stuck out her tongue and took a mocking attitude–she is not complying at all. When Kirkton took one step closer, Ritta’s facial expression suddenly changed, and she took a defensive stance using her spear as a shield (holding her spear out diagonally).

Her eyes felt pitch black, making me unable to feel life within it. Even though she was laughing earlier, her expression changed as if her soul had been extracted, and she began screening Kirkton (blocking his movements).

「Ritta, what does this mean?」

「Captain Kirkton, taking this spear from me, what are you planning? Are you saying that I should go back to being Ritta the weakling again? 」

「Didn’t you know about weapons that give its owner power in exchange for their body and soul? You may not notice it, but after yesterday, this morning, and right now, you are worn out. If this goes on, you will die, you know? So pass that spear over now!」

「Captain Kirton, you don’t like me, right? That’s why you slapped me with all strength yesterday, right?」

Only after she said that did I notice that one side of her cheeks looks like it has thinned a bit.

Kirkton, who noticed this slight, felt his expression change slightly.

Shuri fixed her glasses into position, and once again stared at Ritta.


「Ritta-chan, it’s best to follow what Kirkton sai-」(Roel)

「Shut up!! Everyone is just making fun of me!」

Even Roel, who timidly talked to her, was also rejected.

Those lightless eyes dully drifted past me, Kirkton, and the other soldiers. She rotated her spear with one-hand like it was part of her arm. It’s a battle stance, a position that says she won’t let anyone take one step closer to her.

Kirkton sighed as he gave up, and then drew his two swords from his waist.

「If you are going to continue in this stubbornness, then even if it’s unreasonable, I will snatch it away.」

「Just as I thought, Captain hates me. Even though I am desperately doing my best, no one would recognize me for it. I’m not that much of an idiot; I know what that everyone was laughing at me secretly. Even Captain thinks that I have no prospects, so he considers me a nuisance. That’s why you are going to kill me here, right?」


The atmosphere in the tunnel froze abruptly while the spear sucked in a black aura from Ritta’s body.

The soldier who had backed away, and those soldier who had mocked her in low voices–uneasiness spread through their ranks.

Roel and Ritta’s two friends worriedly rushed over to Ritta, but Kirkton obstructed them with his hand.

That Ritta over there is not normal. Even if it’s people close to her, she might still kill them. I felt her bloodthirst swell beyond even what I could muster at the moment.

「If you don’t have power, you can’t protect anything–you can’t do anything. Do you understand how I feel?」

「I’ll listen to everything you want to say later. Pass over that spear now, or else you will really die, you know!」


Ritta screeched in a voice like that of a different person and thrust her spear towards Kirkton with the intent to kill. Easily evading it, Kirkton counter-attacked by pulling on the spear shaft. And, using that opening, her closed in on her…….but the spear mowed through the air towards him again, driving him away.

Kirkton evaded with a back step while Ritta slowly approached him, closing their distance.


That black aura — I felt like I’ve seen it somewhere before.  

But, even more than my suspicion toward the spear, I can’t help but feel uneasy about this situation. There’s Ritta’s sudden change…..but above all, there are her two friends who are watching her, looking very worried. Irin was getting teary eyed while not letting Ritta out of her sight.

From Kirkton words, it seems that the spear is driving Ritta mad.

I’ll stop it then.

I’ll be taking that spear.


「Kirkton, back down.」

「I don’t need you help.」

「Listen to me.」

Kirkton seemed to have given up fighting since I’m not going to back down. He put his sword down and stepped back.

Even while looking at me, Ritta is still expressionless, lifeless, as she focused her dead eyes towards me.

「Ritta, let’s stop this okay. Your friends are getting worried.」

「Ryua-san, are you also making fun of me? Even though the only one I believed in was you….」

「Then I want you to believe in me now.」

I know that it’s pointless to talk with her. Every time I take a step forward, Ritta steps back while still in combat stance with her spear.


In an instant, I approached her and grasped the black spear. Suddenly appearing right in front of her eyes, it was as if I had teleported, and her body quivered, unable to even attack me.

Ritta put more power in her hands and tried to wrench her spear away, but I don’t have any intentions of letting the spear go.

「Ryua-san, please let go. Why are you doing such horrible things to me?」

「Becoming strong this way has no meaning, you know.」

「I — I am not strong like you. Because I am not strong, I am treated like a fool — I wasn’t even able to defeat one monster. That day, the person from the Demonlord Army released a monster towards me — I wasn’t able to fight back, you know. If Onii-chan didn’t rescue me, who knows what would have happened…..Ryua-san, you don’t have any experiences like this…you can’t understand how I feel. And yet, you are obstructing me — I am already……I don’t know what I should do anymore, you know! I’m a girl that doesn’t have anything!!」(9: Well, I think Ryua had it worse, though…)


Tears started to accumulate in Ritta’s eyes while trying to get me away from her spear.

I have a lot of things to say, but I want her to understand this one thing. But to teach her that..this spear is a hindrance.

「Ritta, even without this, you can become strong, you know. This spear won’t be able to do anything for Ritta. And, even if I’m unable to understand, I think that the two people behind me are different…after all, they are crying for you to that extent.」

I put clenched hard with the hand holding the spear. As the spear started to crack, it bent.

And shattered.

The blade tip rolled onto the tunnel floor, and Ritta, who has parted with the black spear, was released from the black aura.

A strong wind pulsed outward from Ritta, and the soldiers carrying their weapons were blown backward. And in an instant, as if something inside her was released, the light in Ritta’s eyes returned.

Ritta collapsed onto the ground like a puppet whose strings snapped.


Irin and Shuri rushed toward Ritta who stood up weakly. And just as she was about to fall over again, I rushed over and supported her with the other two.

The miasma she had earlier had disappeared, and the Ritta I knew had returned.

「U-um, I….」

「Ritta, I’m sorry. After this, we will share your problems together! 」

「Analysis….doing it seems to have made me lose sight of what’s important. I too shall apologize, Ritta.」

「I — I made trouble for everyone….」

Spilling large tears from her eyes, Ritta was supported by her two friends. And no one there could poke fun at the sobbing Ritta.


◆Avangard Kingdom: Sickbay◆


「For a while, just give her some time to rest and then there will be no problems.」

It seems that because Ritta was released from the spear at an early stage, there is nothing particularly wrong with her body.

I thought Ruru would need to use Recovery Magic, but she didn’t do anything. It looks like Ritta only needs to eat 3 meals a day and rest to recover her vitality….but, overall, it seems that the damage was limited because of their daily training.

Ritta sat on the bed inside the sickbay while Irin and Shuri attend Ritta. If these 2 are here, then there will probably be no problems. (9: no, they will have a threesome when everyone is gone)

「Ritta, are you awake?」

The one who entered the sickbay was Kirkton. By no means he would come over to her to scold Ritta, but I’m a bit worried…

「Captain, I’m sorry, I’m fired, right?」

「Originally with the violations of orders, I would have reported it in the conference, but I shall ignore it. I didn’t see anything. 」

「Is it fine…? To do that much for a failure like me…..」

「Right now, focus on recovering. Our conversation can continue after that.」

Saying only that, Kirkton started walking out, but as he approached the door, held onto the door knob.

「When you are perfectly healed, don’t overdo it. Hold back especially with your individual training.」

「C-Captain….um, did you know about it?」

Without answering Ritta’s question, Kirkton left the room. He didn’t get mad at all….on the contrary, I felt like Kirkton recognized Ritta’s effort.

「Captain is usually ultra strict, but he looks out properly for us, you know.」

「According to my analysis, if Ritta didn’t really have the qualities he wanted, then he would have already driven you out.」

「I-I see….and yet, I even said such words……」

Ritta, who started blushing, once again wiped away her overflowing tears. Irin gently brushed Ritta’s head—-seeing made me realize how nice it was to have friends. If there is such a person I could call friend, then it would probably Roel who was crying, touched by this scene.

「*sniffs*, I’m so gwad. Rweally, I’m so gwad.」

「You don’t really have to cry that much….」

She is even sniffing her nose.

「According to my analysis, you could say that Captain knows everyone up to their underwear.」

「Geh! That’s disgusting! Stop it!」


Leaving those two’s jokes aside, I feel like Kirkton was somewhat desperate to do this much. Even without the Floor Monster, thinking about the difference in abilities between each soldier, I think that dungeon is too dangerous for them.

From my impression of their movements, most of them lack combat experience with monsters. Even though, they could just fight the monsters around the castle…..

「Let’s go.」

「Yeah, ah, that’s right. What about training after this?」

「On the quest document, there is no written time period, you know? The important parts are omitted.」

「Geez, if you know your subordinates’ underwear, I’d at least expect him to write it out properly.」

「T-that was a lie for sure….」

For some reason, Roel seems really embarrassed and was holding down her robe.

If he had just left the sickbay, then he should still be around here.

We left the place to search for Kirkton


◆Avangard Kingdom: Prime Minister’s room◆ (3rd person)


「Fumu, is this that spear? Well then, I shall keep it under my custody.」

Bermund picked up the fragment of the spear and observed it at every angle. If you were to say that he had expertise in this area, that would be wrong. However, there is a certain matter here that must be reported to the Prime Minister first, even before the King.

While having doubts on the reason why, Kirkton abided by it.

「Let us pass this to the analysts. And even though I’m saying that, Kirkton, you have an inkling of what is going on, am I right? To be able to make such a finely crafted weapon with such a high curse, the truth is that there is only one person in the world who could make this…」

「There are many ways for this weapon to have been picked up…..I believe it is hasty to think that it was the work of the Death Weapon’s Dealer.」

「Did you not hear from Ritta’s story? Moreover, to think that for someone whose existence seemed to have vanished ten years ago, and all of a sudden, today, he showed his tail. And after the raid a few days ago. this, Isn’t it suspicious?」

「Are you saying that the Death Weapon’s Merchant is connected that bunch?」

Not answering that question, Bermund played with fragment of the spear in one of his hands and shook his head. It may had been a hasty conclusion, but Kirkton too believed that it was the case. The tournament entree Kweed–the sword he had carried too had been proven by the analysts to have been made by the Dealer.


The Death Weapon’s Merchant, a mysterious person who spread extremely dangerous weapons up until 10 years ago. His goal is unknown and his identity also. Hearing from the people who received his weapons, there were those who claimed it was a manl there were those who said it was a woman–and so not even a trail was left.

A large amount had already lost their lives due to the curses of these weapons.

To think that the person had once again appeared here, Kirkton became irritated at his own negligence.

「You are not responsible for this.」

As if seeing through Kirkton’s mind, Bermund declared so. That face full of wrinkles—-Kirkton still did not know how to face the Prime Minister. Even he, who boasts a long military career, can’t raise his head against the Prime Minister.

「Good grief. It looks like there is much more to come until the peace reigns within this kingdom. Really….」

Towards the Prime Minister who had a loathsome expression, “If you will excuse me…” Kirkton left the room.


◆Avangard Kingdom: Inside the Castle◆ (Back to Ryua)


「Ah, found him!」

No matter how much we looked for him, we couldn’t find…..I wonder which room he was in. And as he was leaving that castle, I was about to call out to him, but for an instant, I hesitated. That face was something he never showed during training–a tense face.

I wonder if something bad happened?

「Huh? Y-you girls. So you even came in here. Just when did come in?」

「J-just now. Is something the matter?」

「No, its nothing…..」

For some reason, Kirkton was flustered. Both Roel and I exchanged glances while in doubt and then asked him about the quest documents.

「I apologize; I have been careless. The training ends today. From the start, it was just a way to put life in my subordinates. I shall report it to the guild. But more than that, I want to apologize for what happened today. To be helped once again…..」

「Don’t mind it.」

「Is that so, then that is good….」

Suddenly talking so fast, and suddenly feeling relieved…..there is something weird about him. Maybe he is tired. If so, then talking to him now would be wrong. We had said our thanks and left the place.

「Didn’t Kirkton-san seem weird?」

「Yeah, but I think he is just tired, for sure. Even I was really tired after the matter with Ritta.」

「Then, let’s go back to the inn. I hope the repairs for the ship will be done soon.」

Ritta who had that black spear, and then the Kirkton today. There is something familiar about it, but thinking about it didn’t get me anywhere, so it just disappeared from my head. More importantly, we need to hurry up and go to Wizard Kingdom. I still haven’t gotten any clues about the info that I want.

If I meet this Sage Hust, would I be able learn something? I wonder if Tolppo is doing fine?

While having thoughts of the unknown land in my chest, let’s sleep on this warm bed.


◆Xin Report◆ (AKA kanji-less hell) (Brand new segment: Courtesy of the Author)

(9: Well, Xin is a character that appeared in the demonlord meeting: the clown fairy or something. She will be writing reports like this starting from this chapter. Everything is written in hiragana and kana, which is basically to a child’s handwriting, so I will translate some words as purposely misspelled to reflect that.)

(IcedTea: I refused to edit this one. That way, you can see it in its pure unadulterated glory. You can also see how hard 9 tried to keep it close to the original—-and how little sense it makes. I’ll start editing it next time?)

——Starting Here——–

showtening it to xinrepo!

Ryua’s ecorogy← i dunno (9: xin wrote i dunno not me)

Part 1


name is Ryua

name of her comwad is Roel


Roel calls Ryua Ryua-chan owlder guys cawll her with kun, maybe she is cawlled in many ways

her favowiit food is i don’t know she dericiousrly eats evewything

the food she hates is mostwy vegetavles when she puts it in Roels plate roel gets mad and say to her eat it properry Ryua get depwessed


twoday she is dowing a solders cowch training she says hyuu or shyuu she teeches them in stewpid words

i think she is not that smwart

she saw a wooman solder being scolded if they are scowlded then you shoold just liv them arown it seems Ryua has a kind pershonality.


Twoday she is gowing to boght a wepon

she chows a cheap wepon

she dos not have enough moni it seems

she is cwose friends with the wooman solder the wooman solder looks like she likey likey ryua

hyuman relayshon is good


Twoday is Misril mines

dere wer many solders

the captane with a long hed is as always mad

it sims that Ryua dos not like it

when i sii her fays she looks in bad mood

the friend wooman solder defeated the froor monsta

dat spear it is provably that guy who maid it

when we toght that he is not dere he was just hir that loiterrring guy

ryua stoppd the mad wooman solder

it wownt breik even if a hundred king elephant ryds on it that guy’s spir was brooken

she is stewpid but her power is dangerus

i kinda get it dat dows three getting defitted


「phew, i think this is gine~. really, The great Maou-sama’s right hand is why do i have to do this….just have that old man marrionatte do it.

ah, i’m tired I’m tired. good night~」

Monster Encylopedia:

【The Robust King of Caves】

It is said that vengeful spirits had possesed the rocks inside the cave and made it a monster.

It’s nature is not understood well.

It has a normal pattern of melee fighting; however, it has high physical and magical resistance, so adventurers who look down on it either have their skulls crushed or scurry home exhausted.

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  2. A slightly less kid like version how close did i come to interpreting it properly?

    Ryua’s ecology← i dunno

    Part 1
    Name is Ryua

    Name of her comrade is Roel

    Roel calls Ryua, Ryua-chan older guys call her with kun, maybe she is called in many ways.

    Her favorite food is I don’t know she deliciously eats everything.

    The food she hates is mostly vegetables when she puts it in Roels plate Roel gets mad and says to her eat it properly Ryua gets depressed.

    Today she is doing a soldiers coach training she says hyuu or shyuu she teaches them in stupid words

    I think she is not that smart

    She saw a woman soldier being scolded if they are scolded then you should just leave them alone it seems Ryua has a kind personality.

    Today she is going to buy a weapon

    She chose a cheap weapon

    She does not have enough money it seems

    She is chose friends with the woman solder the woman solder looks like she loves Ryua

    Human relationship is good

    Today is Mithril mines

    There were many solders
    The captain with a long head is as always mad

    It seams that Ryua dose not like it

    when I see her face she looks in bad mood

    The friend woman soldier defeated the floor monster

    That spear it is probably that guy who made it

    When we thought that he is not there he was just here that loitering guy

    Ryua stopped the mad woman solder

    It wont break even if a hundred king elephant rides on it that guy’s spear was broken

    She is stupid but her power is dangerous

    i kinda get it that those three got defeated

    「phew, i think this is done~. really, The great Maou-sama’s right hand is why do i have to do this….just have that old man marionette do it.

    ah, i’m tired I’m tired. good night~」

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