Gob Tensei Chapter 12 It’s Punishment Time-gob.

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9: Ikemen DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!! everyone repeat with me! ikemen DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!

Ren: I’m back!!!!!!! Prepare your anuses ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  because the train isn’t going to stop

IcedTea: WTF is wrong with everyone here……..


Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 12

It’s Punishment Time-gob.

≪Gesugob/Rusty’s perspective≫

It‘s been a month since I’ve become Master Reivell’s pupil. The magic class started with theories, but I was also taught many other things like letters, geography, and history. Sometimes, Loli-sama becomes my teacher too. Turns out I really didn’t know any common knowledge.

Since I also go hunting, the class schedule is 3 days and 1 day break. Master told me to live with them, but since I can’t contain my racial characteristic (lust), I refused. Loli-sama kept nodding and saying that I really should not. But still, at lunch and at dinner, I receive little feasts.

It was such a happy quasi-harem, but sometimes there are some uninvited guests:

「I should’ve already said that – no matter how many times you ask, I’ll refuse!」

「Please don’t say that, and why don’t you think properly about it? I won’t call you something rude, like mistress, anymore. I even got the permission from the chief to take a 2nd wife……..Even you should have lonely night as a widow, right?」(9: lonely nights? you sure? *grin*)

「Wha- That is so rude of you!」

「And even then, don’t you think that having a father will be good for Sherina-chan?」

「Please be relieved. After all, that girl hates you.」

「Gu……..」 (9: I feel so happy right now)

As I expected even that shameless person wouldn’t be able to instantly give another answer to that.

「……I-I’ll show you that sooner or later, her impression of me will get better. At any rate, it is also better for you to get along with our family line as the chiefs of the village…..」

「That’s enough! The way back to your home is in that direction! The souvenirs are a hindrance, so please carry it back with you.」

「…….Hmph….I’ll be back….」

With rough footsteps, the pervert ikemen left the house. Master seemed to be considerably offended as she started to grumble and complain. We were watching the scene through the window, but I was scared to look at the face of Loli-sama who was beside me. There was such a frightful bloodthirst.

「Rus….Let’s do that bastard.」(9: Thou shall not enrage a loli) (Ren: Loli-sama, you are forever my hero. all pervert ikemens must die!!)

「…….Y-YES MA’AM!!!」


≪Perverted ikemen’s perspective≫

Riding on my prided white horse, I’m returning to my house. Today too, persuading Reivell didn’t go so well.

Just what in the world in me is she dissatisfied with?!? I am confident with my looks, and my age is young. And as the second son of the village chief, I have a large house and field in the outskirts of town to look out for. I am not only able to support then, I can also let them live in luxury.

Well, if you ask me “am I suited to such a woman as Reivell?” , I feel like I may lose a little confidence. She has won the title Grand Magus from many neighboring countries, and her battle cries have reached not only the armies of the surrounding countries, but also the Demonlord army. Her beauty is even told in poems–the men who have become the victims of love are endless.

But, so what?
In the end, kin is everything. A high class elf can only love another of her kind.
Besides, she is a good person. If I frequently visit her, she will no doubtedly be moved from my zeal. (9: sir, you are becoming a creepy stalker) (Ren: die, die, die, die, die, die, die *continues muttering*)

Before someone lays a hand on her, I will obtain her without fail! (IcedTea: Another textbook case of wanting a trophy wife….)
A rare elf with voluptuous breasts and a Grand Magus with power rivaling an army–she will definitely be–


At the same time as the sound, there was an impact on the side of my head, and then, I instantly lost consciousness.


       ≪Gesugob/Rusty’s perspective≫

「Hey Sheri, he fell from the horse, you know. Is that guy even alive?」

「It should be okay. The point of the arrow was covered in cloth. More importantly…..just when did I allow you to call me by my nickname?」

「Eh, it’s not allowed? Though, inside my mind, I call you Loli-sama….is that way better?」

「Stop it, Hentai! Let’s see….from right now until next week, at the end of your sentences add the word ‘gob’. If you clear that trial, then I will allow you to call me that.」

「Uoo, this is so easy; I can just make it a habit. But still, challenge accepted. Thank you very much-gob! 」* “Gob” will now be attached to the last word of all of Rusty’s lines!



The ikemen elf made a grimacing face towards the side of his head where the pain was-gob. Rufufu, he quickly noticed his situation-gob. …….Aa, well, I don’t need to put ‘gob’ at the end of the sentence in my mind.

「W-what in the world is this!? Why…why am I naked! Eh? And both my hands are tied too!?」

「Fufufu, thanks for the explanation-gob.」

「Wha! You…a goblin?」

「Can’t you understand from what you’re seeing-gob?」

I was wearing a bombastic mask and an impromptu raincoat on my body. In short, it is a Namahage. (9: google Namahage)
And behind me was Loli-sama Sherina using illusion magic to become a female goblin. So it’s probably Master’s plan…….it seems that she has thoroughly drilled her young daughter in archery and illusion magic, even to the point of deceiving the elf right in front of us.

「My name is Gesugob. And behind me is my waifu Gobrina gobuh–!」(9: he received damage)

From behind me, I received a nice hit.
Gufu…but still, I was able to slip in the waifu word during the confusion.

「You people, just what do you think you are doing!? If you lay a hand on us elves…」

「Hmph, you guys are not frightening enough-gob. If we feel like it, with the power of the Demonlord army, we can easily trample you down-gob. We are not doing so because of the great Grand Magus that is here-gob.」



Well, Gobrina-chan, if it’s “gobugobu”, no one will understand, you know. And also the basis of the gob language is “gegyogagyo”. (IcedTea: Yep, I totally understood that….)
Well, from that really displeased face while pointing her finger to Cassim’s underwear, I can pretty much understand what she wants.
Are we going to go that far?

When I put my hand on his underwear, that guy went pale and started going crazy.

「Hey! Stop it! You are a man too, right!? Don’t you have any compassion as a warrior!?」

「Sorry, can’t go against my waifu-gob. But this, too, is because you have the disturbed the heart of the Great Grand Magus who was living peacefully-gob. We wish for her to stay a harmless existence-gob」

Tearing off his underwear, Cassim became completely naked, and he raised a high-pitched voice. Uwaaa, I didn’t want to hear that.

「If you can use defense magic then use it-gob.」


It seems he understood since, as I got near the white horse’s butt, Cassim began frantically chanting a spell. The rope that tied his hands was fastened to the saddle of the horse.

「With this, it should become a warning to the village-gob」

Slashing the horse with only a shallow wound, the horse was stirred into a frenzy and started running wild.


The cloud of dust rushed straight towards the village.

「………….Aa~ah, we really did it-gob.」

「Yeah…We socially obliterated him. Gobugobu♡」(Ren: Ahhhh~ when ikemen fall… now for the RL ikemen >:D ) (IcedTea: Calm down Ren. Go drink some iced tea or something to sooth your nerves….)

The next day, Master easily discovered our crime, and up until morning, both of us were scolded by her.
Loli-sama’s crying was cute.


      1. Wait. That would make the Horse Zed. Rusty would be Maynard since he did the most talking and he likes watching. So by process of elimination, Sheri is the Gimp? Weird how that sorta fits.

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