New Editor and the Gob crunch =)

IcedTea: Hey y’all. Good news, we have a new editor who will be relieving my burden a bit. He will be primarily working on Gob Tensei and here is his short introduction: “Hello, rreelentless here, editor extraordinaire and all round fan of anime/manga and LN’s!” He is from England and has joined us just in time for our Gob crunch.

Now, onto said Gob crunch: Gob 20 and Gob 21 are here!!!!!!

Gob 20 and 21 are the end of the Holy Maiden arc. Please enjoy!!

After these 2, there are 4 more chapters for the next week (hopefully):

The next chapter, Chapter 22, is the start of Volume/Arc 3: A Goblin’s Part-time Dungeon Job! This will be published within the day.

Gob 23 is f**king boss, so that will come soon separately. Great chapter, so hype……

Gob 24 and 25 are in the works as well.

Thanks for your patience!

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