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Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your patience. I did well on most of my exams, but I failed one, so *sigh*. I’ve got 2 more important ones in the coming weeks, so I’ll only be able to get the Manowa chapter out. I’ll make sure to get a make-up one out after school is over.

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9: it seems that Rusty kinda got his harem(LOL) in this chapter


Goblin Tenseiki ~erufu youjo ni kaku de maketeru yuusha na ore~

Goblin Reincarnation Chronicles ~ I the hero, loses to an elf loli in status~

Chapter 26

I Feel like I’m Forced into Becoming an Employee


≪Rusty/The Babysitting Goblin’s Perspective≫


Ever since then, I’ve spent these hectic days with similar pacing.

It was so hectic that recently, I think I’ve felt my brain power diminish.

I wonder how many days it has been since I have been here? Honestly, I don’t really know.


Mezzrow-shi is the same as usual. He messes with me in a way that makes me wonder whether this is truly a part-time job or some type of training. Though, half of it is just teasing me, I’m sure.

Right now, I’m planning on gathering everyone in the dungeon and launching a strike against this power harassment.

Galba-jiisan, who has been passionately researching since I gave advice to him using my memories from my previous life, has been treating me as if I am a genius. He even told me that he would teach me {Forbidden Magic} and {Necromancy}, but Master might get angry at me, so I refused.

―――――――though I kinda want to see Master sulking. ( IcedTea: I do too….sulking faces are my favorite anime expressions……)


As for mastery of weapons, starting with Mitsurugi-san, I have received training from many different weapon masters. (9: History’s strongest goblin disciple……nah lets stick with bocu no goblin.)

I’ve really done well surviving!” I praised myself secretly.

Basically, they are all good people, but for some reason, they don’t know how to go easy on someone. When I wasn’t able to adapt, I was able to get through it by tricking them through various means of persuasion.

If I hadn’t, my limbs would’ve been cut off by Mitsurugi-san a long time ago, you know! That really was on impossible difficulty.


Mezzrow-shi had bought a legendary-class potion assuming that my limbs were going to be cut off. Naturally, the price of the potion was deducted from my wages.

That sadistic demon is probably still hatching plans to keep me until I die.

That bastard….someday, I’ll beat him up.

Just as I was thinking about such thing, I dozed off on Rick-kun’s (the baby dragon’s) back.

This place is in the deepest part of the dungeon: the 50th floor – Pure Magic Forest –

I’m currently babysitting in an area surrounded by springs. The nap is a true moment of relief.

…….however, due to a certain annoying pest, that ended suddenly.

「Really~ no matter how many times I see this, I can’t really believe this scene.」(Mezzrow-shi)

「Fuwaa….it totally appeared. The annoying pest…」

「Rusty-kun….you may be half-awake, but your real intentions, which should be kept hidden, have been leaked out. That kind of attitude would wound even me. I…I am this dungeon’s big-shot, you know…..」

「Oops, my bad……so, what’s the matter, ‘ssu?」

In front of Mezzrow-shi, who was in tears, I retrieved my consciousness and fixed my posture.

「On the eleventh floor, the bandit groups have been getting annoying. Can’t you please dispose of them?」

「Nnn~ sure. It’s been piling up, after all….so then, Rick-kun, Malta-chan, Benedict-kun, it’s time to eat. Boys and girls! Let’s take a walk on the 11th floor!」

「Guooooooon♡」(Rick the Dragon)

「Kaaaaaaaaa♡」(Malta the Phoenix)

「Gaaoooooon♡」(Benedict the Cumberbatch…..jk, the Storm Tiger)

Leading the children, we moved towards the employee-only magic circle.

I’ve made such cute younger brothers and sister.



≪Mezzrow/Horse-headed Demon’s Perspective≫

Watching the Legendary-Class monsters playing with each other, I had the sudden urge to sigh.  

「…….I really can’t believe this. Even though those children would usually gather here and fight like they were having a deathmatch, right now they really are friends with each other……

Rusty-kun…..can please seriously become my successor…….」



≪Rusty/The Babysitting Goblin’s Perspective≫


「Aa…uu…why the hell are these high-ranking monsters…..」

「Gufu…..this…is too….unreaso…nable……」

「It huuuurts…..I don’t wanna….die……」

So then, there are still some bandits that are groaning in pain.

Well, after the children’s rampage, they are about to die, so it would be fine to just leave them alone.

The bandits that were numbered about 30 have been annihilated.

From the start, we locked onto the leader among them, so 2 or 3 of the underlings ran away, but still, there is no problem. The annoying part is after this.

Using the great axe in my hands, I chopped of the head of a corpse nearby.



Holding the hair of the head, I threw it towards Rick-kun.

The Black Dragon Rick-kun happily caught it and crunched the skull in his mouth.



Continuing on, I tossed the next one to the Phoenix Malta-chan, who flew in at low altitude. She caught it in the air and swallowed it whole. If possible, I wish she would savour it a bit.

Ah, Benedict-kun is waiting with a heart-rending expression.



I lopped the head off of a moaning bandit without any questions and purposely threw this one higher.

The white Storm Tiger Benedict-kun instantly jumped; he caught the head, spun around, and then beautifully landed on the ground. Crunching through the skull in one bite, blood spurts even reached me.

「These guys have poison and knives, and those are quite dangerous, so don’t eat them yet, ok? I’ll quickly strip their equipment, so wait a minute.」




Yep, they’re cute.


Obviously, I was taken aback by their merciless rampage play earlier.

The high magic amount inside the dungeon is supposed to accelerate the growth of monsters, so it seems that high-ranking monsters like them are left in the care of dungeon right after they’re born.

Once in awhile, to release stress built up, we let them loiter around the lower layers as a unique boss.


Also, the stripped equipment will be reused by the management in the dungeon like enchanting it with magic and putting it inside a treasure box or giving it to a high ranking goblin or orc. They regulate the difficulty to make them serve their purpose.

Right now, on the corner of the path, there is a proper-looking goblin…..that is the official uniform for goblins tasked with miscellaneous jobs.

Those guys are scared of the kids, so they won’t get near them. Thus, I had to do their work instead.


And so, with the systematically controlled dungeon, there is not much difference between the dungeon and a corporate management system. To add onto that, it’s an excellent profits enterprise. It’s fun trying to conquer the dungeon without thinking about any of this, but the management side is way more interesting after learning about the complex system surrounding it.

Ever since I have reincarnated as a goblin, I haven’t thought about it, but to do things “so I will be able to find employment in the future”…….it’s been such a long time.


While thinking about this as I was stripping the corpse, Mezzrow-shi appeared behind me, but for some reason, he had a bitter face and seemed hesitant to talk.

「……Is there something wrong?」

「I…I am not sure whether I should tell you or not. However, if I don’t tell you, it would be oddly scary to be scorned by you……….」

「…….Please tell me.」

「…….For several days, the Hero has been exploring the dungeon looking for you. And as if he is relying only on his madness, he has been spreading death, no matter the person. And then, just a while ago…..on the 7th floor, he even bared his fangs toward his servant.」


I grasped Mezzrow-shi’s collar and shouted.

「Teleport me right now! I’ll save Rean at all costs!」(IcedTea: Proof that Rusty is a true man.)

「The Hero is not being careless this time. The hero is being very serious about your strength. And most of all, that type of servant has her certain duty…..」

「Not killing that trash at that time was my mistake! Don’t sh*t me over something useless like duty and hurry up and teleport me!」

「…….Haaaa~ understood. Even though I expected this, where did you get that mentality….you’re originally just a goblin…..」

While Mezzrow-shi was grumbling about something, he had constructed a magic circle under me.

「No matter what, survive and return, got it? You have an important promise to become my successor, after all!」

「Yea-….the heck! What the hell are you saying in this situati-….」

Midway through shouting, I was teleported.

――――Somehow, it feels like it’s become an established fact….and that’s scary.



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    1. I wish I could be like the guys at Wuxiaworld and take up this full time, but my parents would scalp me, so………thanks for reading!


    1. only rick-kun did. malta and benedict are new. but they fall within the legendary beasts usually seen in these kinds of novels, so not unexpected.


      1. not on this website, no, sorry to disappoint. but you can find 9 floating around the chats for LNs and TLers on reddit and other sites. yeah.


    1. Ah…..may have to amend my message, some strangers and some commenters I talk to every time I post. You guys are the best! Also, its funny that u call me tea-chan ’cause 9 always refers to me as Iced…..anyway, isn’t rusty great?

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      1. I think “Iced-chan” is difficult to pronounce while Tea-chan is much more cute lol but let’s not overthink this, really.. xD
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  2. The most adorable little death dealers that you’ll ever see. I only have one exam, but I have three project in various degrees of completion and a presentation along with it. I’ll pray for you if you do the same for me.

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    1. *praying really hard ’cause I really really really want more Skeleton Knight* It’s really good……….I’ll do free advertising if you want……I’ll even help edit if that would make things faster. Yeah……anyway, good luck on all the stuff….its hard to stay motivated, but hopefully we’ll all pull through!

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  3. Sorry to hear about the exam that went poorly, good luck on the remaining ones!

    Also, many thanks for the chapter, this is a really fun series!

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  4. Lmao, Rusty may not want to be your successor, but I would love to~ Unfortunately I am currently in this world…. Just wait, the power converter is almost ready~


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