New Side Project “Cat” (THIS IS YURI!!! ALL GIRLS!!! NO GUYS!!!)

9’s first surprise is this new side project called “Me and My Beloved Cat (Girlfriend)”. Simply speaking, it’s a neko yuri story.  Find the synopsis in the tab above. 9 will translate it live and I will edit it and post the chapters here.

9 and I are doing this for fun. Each chapter is really short (2x shorter than a normal Gob). To give the people (mostly yuri fans too) on the chat a little treat, 9 decided speed TL this in his spare time in the chat room. We will not be trying to go word for word, no grammatical BS like normal. And, of course, this will in no way affect the rate at which Gob or Manowa or Kansu comes out (not that it’s that fast anyway….).

Bringing it here was my decision, so if the releases lag on this title, that is completely my problem. Please don’t bother 9 about it as he will probably still be TLing it in the chat. If you wanna read ahead of the release, head to the chatroom.

If people have questions or concerns, I will answer them in the comments. Also, please tell us if you enjoy it or not!

Either way, this will give 9 and others an outlet for their yuri romance, something our site needs more of considering that’s what we’re known for…..

Enjoy! — Iced.


  1. Yuri neko…….. Not everyday I’m at a loss for words. Gonna go back to the more sensible world of big-breasted elves and walking skeletons with god-like power now.

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