IcedTea’s Rant…


Rant. Read below if you want….


I lied. No chapter. Sorry for this douche move. Tho….

I’m disappointed, honestly. I know some people made an honest mistake. But still….

I spent a fair amount of my time, effort, and thought into writing the introduction post to make it short yet concise. I even bolded the important things so people wouldn’t have to read the whole thing.

I don’t want to rant, but the recent comments have made me feel that the work I put in is sorta worthless. Everything I write in these posts are thing I think you readers would like to hear. I give you guys some thoughts, future release schedules, and other information. Please at least scan over it. Especially when I bolded it for you……

I want to respect all the readers opinions and desires; however, if you do not read the information I give you to make the right choices for yourself, please do not take it out on us or the comments.

You can stop here if you wish. Sorry for tricking you guys.


Anyway, to anyone who thinks that the MC is a guy, she’s not. The characters are both girls. It’s neko yuri. I said so in the post.

NOW, to anyone who is pissed because this is yuri……sorry for making you suffer such pain, but you could have spared yourself the pain by reading the INTRO……….

To anyone who doesn’t want to read this because it’s yuri, I respect that wholeheartedly. You choose what to read, not me. But let me ask you: why are you here then? Yuri is all we do here……..

To anyone who going to pretend that the MC is a guy and keep reading…….do you have no respect for the author’s intentions? You know, I think that deep down, Anakin is still a Jedi, so I’m gonna watch Star Wars as if Darth Vader was a Jedi……..Please do not disrespect the intention and creation of the author.

Again, as we have all been taught in school, please READ THE INFORMATION CAREFULLY! This way, some of us can enjoy our yuri and the others can avoid it.

Thanks for hearing me out. IcedTea.



      1. Well, many people don’t really read the post itself and just skip to the chapter, they somehow or another don’t really understand the purpose of the post itself, just thinking that it’s for the sake of knowing there’s a new chapter or so, there’s really many of those, so well, guess there’s a need for a reminder for those…

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        1. yeah. but the one in question was the original new project post. you’d think people who read Cat would at least read the intro post to Cat………

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          1. lol. So that’s it, and here when I read it, I just thought that “oh, I wonder how this will fare” with it’s size being like that and so on, and really ~_~ that intro post is really something that can’t be ignored with it’s size and position in the site now, but well, I’ve just read it twice…

            most likely those people just came from the wordpress reader when they see the “chapter 1” “chapter 2” or something similar in it so they didn’t pay attention to the intro post.


          2. yeah. i tried to make it as short as possible. it was originally longer too……it was hard to pare it down.hopefully the new title solves everything

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  1. …I thought this whole TL group/site was operating under the idea “yuri is best” or something? I’m not quite sure why people would read a story hear and expect it to not be? Was I misunderstanding something?

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    1. Nope. You are absolutely correct. That’s literally the premise of our site. Our TLer is lazy and we do only yuri novels….thanks for noticing that.


      1. In that case, I hope you all (y’all? yaauull) keep up the great work. There will always be appreciative readers, so don’t let the others screw with your head. Aaaaand there’s a spider on my desk so damn it all.

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  2. ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..

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  3. I just found this site yesterday and absolutely love it…i’ve read everything except gob already so….thank you for the meal, sorry people are dumb :((((

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  4. I’m conflicted. I think it’s mean that you tricked me but you are a nicer person than me for being so patient with some people. Still baiting with non existent Yuri is a low blow. Please keep up the good work.

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    1. Yeah. Really feel like an asshole after pulling that one. But, you will still be getting your chapter, which is all that really matters……..


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