Cat Ch6

Note: A speed TL. Done in a chat. May not be completely accurate.

Me and My Cat (Girlfriend)

Your Warmth
Day 2 Part 3

When Mina was still a cat, she had always been in my room, so right now, when we returned home, she always came here too.

Sitting on the bed at the same time…she sat in the same place she did when she was a cat.

The only difference now was that Mina wasn’t on my lap but besides me instead.

When I asked her why: 「it’s because I feel the best inside Kasumi’s room, you know?」…giving that as an explanation…for some reason, my heart seemed ready to leap out of my chest… s

「Me too……when I am with Mina, I feel the best too, you know?」

Trying to say that made the heat of my cheeks rise again.

「Mooou~ So cuute!」

She rubbed her cheek against my stomach.

The same way she did when we first met like this.

Unintentionally patting her head, our eyes met each other’s.

「Sorry, it’s just that when you do that, I….」(Kasumi)

「No, it’s alright, you know? And also-」….I wanted you to see you happy (Mina left out).

Mina, don’t just say it so smoothly like that.

Because inside my chest, I feel the sweet pain of something squeezing.

And before I knew it, we even embraced closer. Our sights lined up, staring right at one another, our faces so close….

「Hey…..recently, Kasumi seems strange…is there something wrong?」

 Watching Mina’s eyes, I could see a trace of worry.

Even though I tried to escape by wriggling out, Mina was unexpectedly strong and I was stopped by her arms.

「If you don’t properly say it, I’ll kiss you, okay?」

Mina saying it in seriousness, I stopped the struggling inside my heart.

「You see….I think I’m turning weird. At school, you see, I can only think of Mina.」

I didn’t say the rest because I don’t want Mina to misunderstand me.

But then again, if that made Mina worried, then not saying so might hurt her.

If so, let’s properly tell her, is what I thought.

The fact that when Mina talks to someone other than me, I get into an odd mood.

The fact that if it’s just not the two of us, I can’t not be anxious.

After saying all of that, the things that had been stacking inside my chest, I felt the feeling of loss removed in large drops.

「Mou~….I will forever be besides Kasumi, you know?」

Mina’s right hand hugged around my back, and tenderly patted my head.

…..her voice and her heart, even the way she pats me, was kind.

Without thinking it, I embraced Mina back. Feeling her soft warmth on my hands and our chests hitting one another with a soft squeezy sensation.

Our faces drew near.

And as a reflex, I closed my eyes.

「Kasumi…..can I kiss you?」

In a moment, I opened my eyes. I saw Mina’s face closer than before.

「Yeah… can, Mina.」

Closing my eyes once more, I tilted my head a little bit.

And at the moment, it felt like time slowed.

A time that felt like eternity,  waiting for Mina’s lips to separate.

It was longer than the time my lips touched hers.

Opening my eyes, I saw Mina’s wet eyes.

「That, now, was a kiss to seal a vow.」


T-that is…just like…a marriage…just thinking about it, my body heated up.

Mina’s words just now….I wonder why, why does it make my heart beat so hard that I feel like I might break?

I ended up thinking it felt really good.

「……Hehe, just kidding…」

Hearing those words, I felt a little bit disappointed.

「…….But still, I am, and I will, forever be with Kasumi, ok?」

「Yeah…thank you, Mina.」

Just when I was going to say I love you, I stopped. Because something inside my heart, something I didn’t understand, was about to overflow.

But in exchange, I embrace Mina even harder.

She feels warm and that calms me down.

I wanted to stay like this longer, but hearing “Mom already made dinner, you know”,” I separated from her.

===========Chapter 6 End (Hopefully Kasumi’s hesitation will end too…..)==========

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  1. I’m sure soon they’ll be in a relationship, and I’m sure there’ll be a load of cute yuri scenes like this but with less hesitation to do things. hmmm. yes. thanks for the translation.

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