Shameless Advertising: “Reincarnated As a Sword”

Hello everyone, IcedTea here.

I’m not sure how many people will actually read this ’cause its not a chapter, lol.

But to anyone who does, our own mllhild, TLer of Manowa, is going to help ensign with Reincarnated As a Sword over on his blog here:

This will not slow down Manowa in any way (not that it’s that fast anyway). In fact, we have some chapters coming out in the near future.

So, please, go check it out. It’s a fun novel. And go support more of the community.




  1. i’m so glad someone will be helping out with that series. its one of my fav reincarnator stories so anything that helps more reincarnated as a sword come out is a blessing, so thank you mllhild!

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  2. A couple of weeks ago i might just have looked at the title of that novel and thought “that must be just some weird novel” but i started to read recently something similar so i might just check it out :)
    That other novel: VENDING MACHINE [I, who was Reborn as a Vending Machine, am Loitering Around in the Labyrinth]

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      1. Have you read into it yet? If not you should give it a try. Its more of a slice of life kind of novel.
        MC reincarnates as a wending machine in a labyrinth.
        That world has a swords and magic setting and he can sell there almost all the things that were sold from wending machines in Japan. He mostly sells japanese canned food and snacks at first but he can upgrade himself to sell more different products.
        He meets a cute young girl with superhuman strenght and they become friends. She will be the one carrying him around :D

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  3. Didn’t notice that my site was linked here until I finally got around to searching up Mllhild was mentioning (MaNoWa).

    As thanks for the mention, if you’re in dire need of Editors just call on me. I might be able to help (when I have time). Anyways, best regards.

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