i know there have been a lot of updates, but you should read this one cause it’s what you can expect from the site from now on and other good stuff

Hello, Tea here. Another update from me, but this is the important one. All the others were mainly me trying to get back into it, but I think the team has pulled through. So PLEASE READ THIS SO YOU KNOW WHAT WE ARE PLANNING TO DO THANK YOU XD

…………………..there is no TL;DR, just go read it…..also, Cat coming out in a few hours, yeah

Please welcome Mado! Anyone who had been here for awhile might remember my rant about a friend some months ago, and Maddy is that friend. As mentioned in the previous post, Mado will be helping us post more regularly, hopefully increasing the rate at which we pump things out since I am not always able to post. Mado’s mission is to bring yuri to everyone, so expect more of that, since 9 is all about that too. I will still be posting ofc, I’m not allowed to go anywhere.

Along with that, we have a new editor Naivety. Here, have an intro:

I’m Naivety, a new editor. Hope I’ll be able to stick around. Was half-roped into joining under the reason “edit for us or u wont get more cute shit”

Nai will be helping out with Cat and any yuri oneshots 9 wants to do. The Cat coming out soon is one Nai worked on Kryo and I are still working on those, so with 3 people and another poster, this should help out. Expect more of the yuri and 9 and Mado promised!

Also, if you didn’t know already, my friend Cowboy has been updating the page a bit and making links and what not. Finally, we have some quality control! If you have any site or technical difficulties, throw it in the comments and he will pick it up.

As some of you may know, chapters 51 and 52 of Manowa were translated MTL by another site already, but this is not bad news. We have been in contact for some time and are working out a collaboration schedule. Hopefully, I can bring more good news on that, but for now, either go read those chapters or wait for our versions to come out. Manowa has highest priority now alongside all the other yuri, so good news for Manowa fans!

Unfortunately, the last Kansu we have is an ungodly amount of pages (8x normal Cat, 4x normal Manowa, 2.5x normal Kansu), so that will take awhile. Lel. Also, if you couldn’t tell from Mado’s post, 9 has put Gob and Kansu on hold for the moment to focus on Cat and other yuri things. We may still work on it more in the future (I still love Kansu….if we had a larger team or a collab, I would totally keep going). If others want to work on it, please please please let me knowwwwwwwww!

Thanks a lot for sticking with the small team over the past few months. I know I’ve been disappointing. However, with new members comes a breath of fresh air, and we all know what motivation does for this site lol. Expect good things!

I know most people are prolly used to the false optimism/hope that we keep trying to push, but the rest of the team seems motivated, so I’ll amp up this time as well.

Thanks for your patience as always. As we all know, that’s all I can ask for at this point.

Sincerely, Tea


  1. Hello Everyone, I’m Redneck-Alcatraz (aka Cowboy). I’m mainly here as a Website Editor although I will try to help out with chapter edits (no promises). If you find an issue on the site (such as a bad link or chapter not showing up) let me know. Easiest ways of getting hold of me are to make a comment about it or the Lazy 9 Discord server (drop me a PM).


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