Just Loving You ch13

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JLY chapter 13
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Risa – Your warmth

Yumi was sleeping soundly in my arms. I felt like it had gotten even hotter than before. I wanted to feel this warmth forever so I placed her on my bed, lied beside her, and embraced her even closer. In a fluffy way, just being at her side calmed me down, but there was still a squeezing pain inside my heart: a strange feeling.


I was fascinated by how cute Yumi’s sleeping face was on my chest. She’s someone hard to approach to, but when she smiles, she’s really cute. The only one she shows that side to is me, which makes me so happy I could fly. Even in her dreams, she also thought of me. The more I got to know Yumi, the cuter I found her to be, the more I wanted to take care and know about her.

She suddenly placed her arms around my back. A soft warmth was gently wrapping around me like a ray of sunshine. The fragrant scent from Yumi’s body told me she was there even if I closed my eyes.

Yumi, it’s warm. Before I knew it, I was pulled into the dream world. Yumi and I soared the skies like fairies, rode on a bird’s back, and took a nap on top of the clouds. Flying until the end of the world, we were always together. I sometimes chased Yumi, sometimes got chased back, and sometimes flew around together with Yumi holding hands. It felt like we were always smiling… Riiinngggg, until the alarm brought me back into the world of reality.

I had morning training so I had to go. The alarm didn’t want to stop, but I still wanted to feel this gentle warmth. In the end, I slowly brushed Yumi’s hair and made myself content with that. Yumi’s hair was so smooth my fingers glided past as I combed her hair with my hands. I really had to go now or wouldn’t make it in time.

I’ll be off now」

I whispered into her ears, changed my clothes, and exited the room. I was barely able to make it in time to the gathering place as most of the others had already begun putting their hair up. We were told that after five laps around the hotel, we could leave. When I considered stretching, we were called to gather and our run began.

It was painful to breathe. My legs felt heavy. Doing it for Yumi was the only reason I could continue; I threw anything else out of my mind. I passed the teacher who was our coach and acted as the timekeeper as she told meone more lap. I’m not good at long distance. The number of people from other clubs began to decrease. Taking the last turn, I could see the teacher’s figure vaguely shaking. I unsteadily finished the run and laid down in place exhausted.

When my breathing finally calmed, I cooled down and rushed to the hotel’s entrance. As I entered the hall, I got onto an elevator that just arrived. Once I checked that someone had already pressed the button for my floor, I felt the calm beating of my heart begin to accelerate once again.

I held my heart which was about to jump out of my chest and entered our room. I opened the door but couldn’t hear anything. Yumi, as well as Nao, were still sleeping.

Yumi was sleeping so soundly as if her soul was out. Geez. She sure is unbearably adorable. Yumi, who was not wearing her glasses, was even cuter. That’s why, definitely, Igave into temptation. I gently placed my lips on Yumi’s soft cheeks. It was soft like a marshmallow and the warmth felt good. I intentionally touched her and quietly, softly, removed my lips. My eyes met with Yumi’s and in the blink of an eye, my face heated up. It was probably as red as Yumi’s from last night.

Risa…..good morning

G-good morning, Yumi

Yumi put on glasses she had nearby and suddenly her face closed in— the warmth I felt on my lips was from Yumi. The warmth left. Before I knew it, I was being hugged and she whispered into my ears.

You see……when you said that you love me…….I was really happy

As Yumi’s words slowly unwound, I felt I could really fly. Her breath which hit my ears felt ticklish. As payback to Yumi, I whispered close to her ears.

Yumi…….I have a favor

What is it?

It was the words from inside my head, the words that I had always wanted to say since last night. Saying it needed a lot of courage — but my feelings of wanting to be closer to Yumi won.


Well……will you, go out with me……?(9: silent fist bump)(miki: about time)

My face felt so hot as if flames were going to come out. Yumi as well was red up to her ears.


With the sensation that time had stretched to infinity, I was finally able to hear her answer.

My arms which were hugging Yumi got even tighter. I would never want to go back. I wanted to be much more than friends; I wanted to surpass that step and become whatever came after.

Then, should we……go on a date?

While we were hugging, we couldn’t see each others red faces. That’s why I said it. To let her experience the innermost depths of my heart.



Geez, it could have been now but I wanted to be with Yumi some more so I said that. I couldn’t really pull away now. It was painful enough that the inside of my chest hurt.

Okay…..so, then let’s go on a date

When she said that, my body felt like it was floating. It felt like Yumi’s warmth and the beating of her heart was being transmitted to me.

We savored each other’s warmth until her phone’s alarm rang signaling the time to get up.




The Goddess Loves you!

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