Just Loving You ch12

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JLY chapter 12


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Yumi – connected feeling


「Good night~」


I replied with a good night back to Nao-san, but my body felt so hot I couldn’t fall asleep. It wasn’t from a cold, nor was it from the bath as I entered an hour ago. It was just from Risa, who slept right beside me.

The footlights were on and a pale, brown light hung in the vicinity. Risa was already sleeping soundly. I wasn’t sure why, but I felt a sudden urge to see Risa’s face. I was too impatient to get my glasses and just turned sideways to look at her.

—So close; so much so we could feel each other’s warmth. I was sure my body was getting hotter from this.

As I was looking at her pretty and cute face, Risa’s eyelids trembled.


「N….. Yumi……? 」


It seems I woke her up. From looking at my phone earlier, it should be around 12 right now.


「Sorry, did I wake you up?」


「Mmm?…..it’s because it smelled like Yumi.」


I was sure it was because of the orange like glow that I could see Risa’s red face who just said those words. But 「my smell」…?  My thoughts spun round and round, like a coffee cup being stirred and I couldn’t understand what was going on. My body couldn’t move at all. I could only feel Risa’s soft arm embracing my back.




I was about to ask, but thinking of the situation made my head grow so hot it could have made a kettle boil.


「What~? 」

I was turning my head inside-out looking for an excuse but in my current condition, there was none to be found.


「Um…let’s see…….it’s already late so, let’s sleep? I’m excited for tomorrow. 」


In a hurry, I tried to hide in my bed but stopped midway. Rather, I was pulled even closer to Risa.


「Ah, wait.」


「W-what……? 」


Risa who was in front of me hardened up as I embraced Risa’s back and waited for her words. We were so close that our breaths hit each other; the moment felt so long yet passed in an instant.


「Yumi…….I love you」


The time… it felt like it stopped. Before I could notice it, I was tightly embraced and wrapped in a soft warmth. I didn’t know if the heat was from my rapidly beating heart or Risa warming up my body; all I knew was that I tightened my embrace of Risa so I wouldn’t let go of this warmth.

However, there was something I must say. I had to say my feelings too.


「Risa…….right before the summer vacation, do you remember the letter in your shoe box……? 」


「Of course…I do.」


「That was.. mine. I was so scared that I couldn’t say it……」

I couldn’t hold back my tearful voice. Even though I tried to bear it, warm tears flowed, flowed like the river and soaked the bed.


「Mmm. I’m glad.」


For an instant, Risa’s hand left. Just when I took notice, I felt her patting my back and wanted to drown in the pleasantness.


「I….that person who sent that letter…also thought that it was from Yumi」


Eh? That’s. My head blanked out. Every thought I had was blown away. Just Risa and I, it was a world with just the two of us.


「I noticed that it was from Yumi, and even though I noticed that I love Yumi too.」


Her voice sounded like she was about to cry— I couldn’t take it anymore. Somewhere in me snapped and before I noticed it, my lips were touching something soft. When I opened my eyes, I was so close to Risa I could see her long eyelashes.

I just fully understood what I have just done. Why did I do it? I separated my arms from her and leapt to my bed.


「S-sorry……it’s not like that.」


I was surprised and stunned while giving out excuses. Risa didn’t look angry or anything. She just crawled towards me and whispered into my ears.


「Can I….do it too? 」

Naturally, my right to refuse was taken away and I nodded. I closed my eyes and noticed a sweet scent. By the time I realized it was from Risa, our lips had already touched.

Risa’s kiss was… sweet… and gentle. It was not like mine, stolen, but rather a something that wraps around me. 

Our fingers entangled each other further as if we would never be separated for eternity. The heart inside my chest hurt but also felt so much better.

Before long, our lips separated. I lost strength and my body curled up. Thus, I was gently embraced.


「Risa…..I love you…」

Something heated up inside my heart, something I couldn’t describe with just words. However, Risa who hugged me just like how a mother bird heats up her eggs, made me feel as if I understood anything and everything.

It was so warm that my consciousness flew away. I buried my head in Risa’s soft chest and surrendered to the aroma that drifted around her body.



9: I wanna cry



The Goddess Loves you.

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