Just Loving You ch11

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JLY chapter 11


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Risa – Boiling urge


「Hey, should we go ahead and wear them now?」

She held the plastic bag with the sky-blue shirt inside it, and seemed so happy that she looked like she wanted to skip. All because she bought the same things as me……… I hope.


「Hey! Hey! Isn’t this one cute? 」


From the jungle-like line up of shirts, Yumi picked out a shirt with many cute animal characters from the warm southern countries as the design.


「Oh, that’s cute!」

「I know, right? Maybe I should buy this one.」

I wondered if there is another of the same thing, and searched nearby. I grabbed the hanger of one with exactly the same color and design. The size was right, too.

「Hey, does this suit me?」

Asked Yumi, holding the shirt against herself. (9: ugh can’t find the right words, it’s basically the stuff you do in front of the mirror to check if things suit you without actually wearing it)

「Yeah! It really suits you!」

I wonder how it could be? She is cuter than I have ever seen her. As if I was uplifted by Yumi’s good mood and excitement, I too was elated.

「That’s great~. Then I’ll go buy this.」

「Ah, wait. Does this one suit me too?」

I hurriedly put on the shirt that matched with Miyu’s against my body.

「Risa is also cute~!」

Hearing that, I was slightly relieved. Having matching shirts is a bit embarrassing, but I was many times happier than embarrassed.

「Then I will choose this~」

「Yeah, let’s get it!」

I’m sure that my smile naturally overflowed from getting more connected to Yumi.

We walked slowly, and headed to the elevator hall. The 2 elevators took quite some time to come, but during that time, we talked a lot.

「Tomorrow, we are going to the beach right? How about then?」

「Eh! But that would be embarrassing….」

We already bought the same shirt, so it’s a bit too late to say it, but imagining the both of us wearing the same shirt――as I thought my heart is beating fast.

「Moreover, we might mix up our clothes….」

「You’re right…」

Yumi thoughtfully held her head. At just the right time, the elevator arrived, and we boarded it. I thought that it would only be us, but there were 4-5 people riding on it already. If it was just us 2, then we could’ve talked more.

In this slightly narrow elevator, my hand touched Yumi’s. It made me remember when I held Yumi’s wrist during the course of events. It was soft and warm……I shook my head to shake off just what I was just thinking about.

If I kept thinking of that, my heart might not be able to take it. Just like if I had been running, my chest throbbed in pain.

I wanted to touch Yumi more. An urge suddenly grew.

Since we were not alone in a closed room, I was desperate to hold my urge back.



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The Goddess loves you!

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