Just Loving You ch10

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JLY chapter 10


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Yumi – Expanding within my heart

The first day was spent purely traveling to the hotel.
Inside the bus slowly advancing through traffic, the guide demonstrated to us a small psychological test. By doing various things, I could learn a lot more about Risa, who sat beside me. Mentally mature, honest in her mind but unable to show it, and wanted to be seen as cool, I unexpectedly didn’t know a lot about her.

However, what I really wanted to know was how Risa thought of me. If I could learn that, everything would be so much better.

The bus parked in the hotel’s parking lot, and we finally entered the hotel. I searched for my luggage in the lobby, rode the elevator, then arrived at the eighth floor in our room.

「Whoa~, It’s nice~」


After we organized our luggage and explored the things inside our room, it was already time to head for the dining hall.

「Risa, Yumi, it’s already time for dinner」

Nao-san called out to us the same time Risa’s stomach groaned.

「C’mon, let’s go」

Risa nodded with a red face to my words.

I unconsciously thought that I liked that cute part of her.

「Phew~, we sure ate a lot!」

「Eh? I wasn’t able to eat that much you know! 」

The food was delicious, but was quickly finished by everyone so I couldn’t eat that much.

「Eh? Really? 」

Risa ate four servings herself; her cheeks were cutely swelled up like a squirrel’s. Remembering that made my cheeks slack off.

「When we go back to the room, the others said that they wanted play UNO. What should we do? 」

We were asked that, but I wasn’t really interested.

「I want to look at the souvenirs with Risa…..」

Before I knew it, I said those words out of my wish to be alone with her.

「Yeah, we should do it early because we might forget it later after all」

And so we visited the shop inside the hotel. Risa, who would usually walk faster than me, for some reason, lagged behind; so much so that if I didn’t slow down, I would be the one leaving her behind. I asked if her stomach was hurting but that was not the case. As I moved in front of her—

「With Yumi, I want to be alone with Yumi some more…..」

She said that while looking downwards. My face flushed with heat, almost as if it was burning; Risa was probably the same.

「C-c-come on, let’s go already!」

She grabbed my wrist and began to quickly walk.

As the time I spent with Risa increased, I learned various things about her. Yet here I was, thinking “I wanted to know even more about her.”





The Goddess Loves you!

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